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Individuals with dyslexia have challenges in processing numbers and words. This learning disability condition causes learning and reading difficulty regardless of whether victims are sharp to learn. People claim that cannabidiol (CBD) oil positively impacts dyslexia. This blog contains more information about CBD oil and dyslexia.

When a person reads anything, the brain constructs the letters into sounds and arranges them in the correct order for people to process and interpret the message. Individuals with dyslexia have challenges in processing numbers and words. Schulte-Körne  (2010) gave a preview of the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dyslexia that could help avoid the effects of the disease. This learning disability condition causes learning and reading difficulty regardless of whether victims are sharp to learn. Traditionally, cannabis was utilized for different purposes. Modern professionals have discovered numerous cannabidiol (CBD) potential health benefits. CBD is a major chemical cannabis and hemp plant compound. It does not have psychoactive or high effects. Some consumers have reported that CBD oil boosts cognitive function and calms dyslexia symptoms. This blog has more information.

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia learning condition has increased significantly, especially in most Americans. Dyslexic individuals have a great challenge with writing and reading because of a disconnection with the brain's left hemisphere. They depict significant brain activity in lower brain frontal areas versus rear brain systems. Dyslexic people have a disconnect between the visible words and the sound produced by them. These people have trouble with phonics. For instance, a dyslexic individual might see the word through but read it as though. This disconnect discourages these people from reading or writing a paragraph for other people. In addition, they become embarrassed and much reserved because some people might criticize them. This accumulates stress in their lives and makes it hard for them to cope with such situations because of increased anxiety. Dyslexic people have average great intellectual capacities. Though they might not realize this because of their limitation, Jones et al. (2009) showed that such people might become better readers than other people without this disconnect.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is obtained from hemp or cannabis plant. Nevertheless, cannabidiol is recognized for its analgesic properties and therapeutic advantages. Furthermore, this product contains 0.3% or below tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels. THC is an active cannabis compound that delivers high effects on your body. Cannabidiol is non-psychoactive or non-intoxicating. Moreover, most states in the US have legalized it. People utilize it for recreational or therapeutic purposes. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD usage because THC amounts remain at 0.3%. Therefore, consumers claim that CBD heals naturally. This product is consumable because it contains minimal side effects and is provided in abundance. However, consumers are recommended to purchase cannabidiol products or oil from reputable brands. These products should have 0.3% or less THC. Also, they must have undergone a third-party lab examination and a Certificate of Analysis (COA) available for confirmation.

What are the Recommended Ways for Dyslexic People to Consume CBD Oil?

There are numerous strategies to consume cannabidiol oil. However, the most common formulations include capsules, topicals, and tinctures.


Brenda et al.(2007) recommended using tinctures for dyslexic patients. This formulation demands pre-work since it is mixed with other liquids such as hemp seed or coconut oils. Additionally, the consumers should purchase a funnel or dropper for a tincture to fit beneath their tongue accurately. Nevertheless, tinctures have high potency implying that users should administer few drops.


Onyike & Diehl-Schmid, (2013) gave an overview of how CBD topicals may help dyslexic patients. This CBD oil formulation allows consumers to enjoy all the benefits maximally. The product should be incorporated into the bath or smeared within the affected region. This method provides the fastest relief, although it might not persist longer than other products.


This administration technique differs because it allows consumers to regulate their dose according to the number of pills consumed. If your administration interval between doses is short, capsules become the best option.

Also, there are lotions and edibles that customers can utilize to take cannabidiol. However, CBD oil might interact with other drugs, especially those broken down via the liver's cytochrome P450 enzymes system. Examples include antidepressants, antihistamines, and nose jobs. Nevertheless, ensure that your medical provider is informed about CBD usage. The doctor may give you a better prescription to avoid negative results depending on your health status.

How much Should an Individual Consume?

The CBD oil dose is determined by several factors, including pain severity and body weight. Countable regulatory agencies have recently agreed on maximum dosages since cannabidiol oil was recently discovered. If you realize serving is challenging and side effects are unbearable, try another cannabidiol oil.

Symptoms of Dyslexia

Dyslexia symptoms can manifest earlier in people's lives or might not appear old. These symptoms vary based on age groups. For instance:

Young Children (Younger and Preschool)

  • Challenge when studying new words regardless of practice
  • The problem in remembering words, even those recently read
  • Challenge memorizing the names of objects, places, and people.
  • Late language development
  • Only capable of speaking some words

Children (Secondary and Primary School)

  • Connecting familiar letters like “b”, “p”, and “d”.
  • Rearranges words in a sentence without making meaning
  • Trouble speaking articulately and fluently
  • Difficulty in reading and understanding skills
  • Difficulty spelling simple words.

Adults and Teenagers

  • Challenge in remembering words
  • Normally mispronounce words and names
  • Challenge reading aloud
  • Problem articulating the content having been read recently
  • Have a difficult time learning new words or languages

How does Cannabidiol Oil Assist with Dyslexia?

Cannabidiol causes dyslexic people to relax to levels where the anxiety does not interrupt their learning. Anxiety and nervousness of dyslexic people make it difficult to improve reading and writing skills. Dyslexic persons reported boosted reading and writing skills after consuming CBD. Others claimed stress reduction and improved sleep, implying that they would function better.


Dyslexic people feel uncomfortable because of their learning disorders. Sometimes it might lead to low self-esteem, which increases stress and anxiety. This condition affects different age groups uniquely. For instance, its effects on preschool children differ from teenagers and adults. Some studies showed that dyslexic people are better readers than normal ones, but they might not realize it because of society's stigmatization. Cannabidiol is a natural remedy for various health conditions. Some dyslexic individuals used CBD oil and showed positive effects. For instance, they experienced improved sleep and decreased anxiety and nervousness. Consequently, they improved in reading and writing skills. However, inform your doctor upon CBD oil usage.


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