August 23, 2022 5 min read


If you are a fan of modern medicine and are always interested in breakthroughs in science, you have probably heard of CBD products.

CBD products are derived from the cannabis plant and have been recently trending due to their outstanding medicinal capabilities. These CBD products are an amazing alternative to other drugs in their many available forms, but how fast do they start to work? This article will talk about CBD products, their available forms, and how fast they take to start working.

CBD and THC                                                     

Most people confuse CBD with THC regarding how they act on the body. The cannabis plant has been used in humans' recreational lifestyle since 5000 years ago. In recent studies, over 100 compounds have been isolated from the cannabis plant; two of these are the CBD and THC compounds. Although coming from the same plant and with very similar characteristics, each of these two compounds has a different reaction to the human body.

THC can give users the 'high' effect that smokers report while CBD doesn't. That is why CBD products are ideal for those afraid of getting hooked or for athletes who are nearly tested frequently. CBD is legal only if it has a THC level lower than 0.3%; this low THC level makes CBD products not have the 'high' effect.

Are all CBD Products Safe for Use?

Research about Cannabis and CBD has been on the rise recently, and although more studies on CBD are still going on, there is no reasonable concern that has been raised about CBD products so far. Miller & Miller (2017) established that CBD had been believed to ease pain and inflammation in people with arthritis. Although some people believe the drugs used in modern medicine have more side effects than CBD, there are some risks. According to Rupasinghe et al. (2020), CBD products might react to drugs taken by people with arthritis even if CBD products are applied to the skin. If you wish to start trying out CBD products, you should openly discuss it first with your doctor for a way forward.

However, many believe CBD products have fewer side effects than other drugs used by patients with arthritis or other diseases. Liu (2019) reasoned that although most side effects are endurable, the side effects of CBD products might include dry mouth, drowsiness, fatigue, and a change in appetite. However, these side effects vary from person to person and might depend on the amount of dosage taken.

Which CBD Products are Available?

Researchers and Medical practitioners are finding more interesting discoveries about CBD products as time passes. There are mainly three types of products available; full-spectrum, Broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. Full-spectrum products contain all cannabis compounds but maintain the 0.3% THC level; however, the broad spectrum contains most cannabis compounds, and Isolates don't contain other compounds or THC.

These CBD products can be packaged and administered in oils, gummies/edibles, and topical. This variety of forms allows users to choose what they are comfortable with most while enjoying the benefits of CBD products.

Oil products are administered in drops under the user's tongue and swallowed directly. However, many brands manufacture CBD oil, so it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding dosage and administration.

Gummies or edibles are a perfect choice for those that enjoy taking medication with the luxury of having flavors. These products come in different sizes, potencies, and shapes to give the users the variety they need.

Topicals are CBD products that can be applied directly to the user's skin and enters the system when the skin absorbs them into the bloodstream. These products are a favorite for easing pain and inflammation when rubbed in on the area of discomfort.

How long do CBD Products take to Work?

If you have researched CBD products and their types, you could be thinking about trying them out, but one question remains: How long will it take for CBD products to start working? The answer is simple, as soon as possible. But first, several factors will determine the time taken for the products to start working.

Although people may want CBD products to kick in, it should be seen as a long-term effect rather than focusing on immediate effects. This is because continuous use of CBD products will gradually reduce the pain. This should be the user’s overall goal. Kogan et al. (2020) commented that the time for CBD products to start working would depend on the dosage.

There are many forms of CBD products; this also affects the time it takes for the effect to kick in. Gummies, edibles, or oil drops are ingested into the stomach through the mouth; they normally take about 45 minutes or up to 2 hours for effect to kick in. However, when tinctures are placed under the tongue for a while, they get absorbed into the bloodstream faster, and the effect might kick in after 15 minutes.

However, topical products take a shorter time for the effect to be felt; this might be because of the skin's amazing ability to absorb anything. According to McEwen (2018), topical products take about 15 minutes to feel the effect when applied to the skin. If you are a regular user of CBD products, you should expect much faster results, although the brand and quality of your CBD product might determine the time it takes for effects to kick in.


CBD products take a short while to kick in, so it is important to remember not to rush and add dosage when you feel like it's taking too long for effect to kick in. The time taken for the effect to kick in will vary from person to person, and it is important to know your dosage and overdosage quantity. You have no reason not to try CBD products; enjoy a natural remedy for your pain and inflammation.


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