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  • August 20, 2022 5 min read


    CBD is a substance that has taken the health, wellness, and beauty sectors by storm. Its applications are vast, and many beauty creams, lotions, and balms contain it as one of the ingredients. Its pain-relieving benefits make it important in dealing with foot pains. If this is the sole reason you bought your CBD foot cream, you may be wondering how many times a day you should use the product. Please keep reading to find an answer to this and much more.

    How Many Times a Day Should I Use CBD Foot Cream?

    Whenever individuals come across a drug or a supplement for whatever condition they want to address, the dosage pops up in their minds. How many or what quantity should you take? The other question many are most likely to ask is, "How many times a day should I use it?" The CBD foot cream is no different.

    You want to get the most out of the product; thus, it is important to know how often you should apply it on your feet. When you buy the CBD foot cream, ensure to check the information provided by the manufacturer. Does he mention the amount of CBD cream you should apply to your feet? Does he tell you how often you should use his product? This is a good starting point, so ensure you begin by looking at such information.

    However, since manufacturers and retailers of these products vary, and each user has a different body type and individual preferences, knowing the exact number of times you should use CBD cream daily can be hectic.

    The number of usage times will vary from one individual to the next. This can be affected by several other factors apart from the person's body and preference. The strenuous workout session you engage in and how often you do it will also affect the number of times one applies the CBD foot cream if they use it for pains resulting from such sessions.

    On the other hand, if you take the CBD foot cream as a fix before or after putting on high heels or being in uncomfortable shoes, the frequency of putting on the footwear will have a role to play. Therefore, you cannot directly pinpoint the number of times you can apply the cream.

    Thus, this is where an individual decision comes in. If you decide to take it in the morning or evening, you will take it once daily. On the other hand, if you apply it early in the morning and late in the evening, use it twice daily. Nonetheless, you may opt for taking it both in the morning and evening and whenever you feel pain in your feet. In this case, the number will be inconsistent.

    How Long Does the Soothing Effects of CBD Foot Cream Last?

    You may probably long for the soothing benefits of CBD foot cream. The moment you get back home, all you want is probably apply a portion of it topically on your tired, aching, and painful feet. The feeling is rejuvenating, cooling, and the like. You may want this to keep on going forever. However, how long before the soothing effects are gone?

    CBD products take different times for their effects to be felt. Numerous factors determine this. For example, the method of taking the product, the dosage, and an individual’s body. However, since we are talking about CBD foot cream, it is a topical product for external use. You apply it on your feet for pain and inflammation relief from the affected areas.

    Once you apply the foot cream to the affected area, how long will it take for you to notice the effects?  According to Letorney (2022), users will get a soothing relief after around 2 hours. It gives the feet rejuvenation. However, how long does the soothing effect last? One may experience the pain-relieving and soothing benefits for roughly 5 hours. Baswan et al.  (2020) explained that when one applies CBD products topically, such as the foot creams, they don’t get absorbed into your bloodstream. Rather, they get absorbed into your skin.

    Mecha et al.  (2013) showed that the duration one had used CBD foot cream would also play a role in determining how long the soothing effects would last. If you take it for the first time, it can stay up to 5 hours or more in your system. However, how about those using it for weeks or months? Getting a universal period is quite a task. This is because people have different bodies and lifestyles and take different amounts of CBD foot cream.

    Rocha et al.  (2020) noted that if consumers have used this product for a very long time, the CBD builds up for a while and may take a long time to subside after you stop using it. Say, for instance, you apply the CBD foot cream on your feet daily for weeks or months; the CBD effects will take longer in your system compared to one who has used the same for a few days.

    What Does Using CBD Foot Cream Feel Like?

    According to some users, they felt a feeling of calmness and a soothing effect after applying the cream. However, it wasn't instant. So, don't expect the pain to disappear after applying the cream topically to the affected area. As you have already learned, the CBD foot cream takes around 2 hours for you to get the soothing relief.

    Therefore, you can expect a calming, relieving, and rejuvenating effect once you apply the CBD foot cream. These are some of the physical effects you can look forward to.


    CBD foot cream is becoming a savior to many in the beauty and wellness sector. You can apply it in uncomfortable footwear before or after a workout or long day. However, the amount you should take and the number of times a day you should apply will vary from one user to the next. Also, you will feel the rejuvenating effects on your feet after around 2 hours; they can last for 5 or more hours.


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