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Does the consumption of CBD gummies depend on age? Do individuals need to consider age as a factor when consuming CBD gummies? What are some of the predetermining factors considered when consuming CBD Sweets? This article tries to explain whether age is a factor or is considered in CBD consumption.

CBD gummies are only sold to persons over 18 years. There are some regulations concerning CBD products like THC levels.CBD Edibles with THC levels exceeding 0.3% are illegal. There are some regulations regulating gummies CBD products usage, and different states have different regulations as some have strict regulations underlying CBD products use dwelling on age.

Age Accepted for Buying CBD Gummies

The question of how old you have to be to buy CBD gummies was stated clearly in the 2018 Farm Bill. The use of CBD gummies and entire CBD products has gained fame, especially among the youth. McGregor et al. (2020) explain that if an individual is not 18 years and above, they are not allowed to buy CBD-Infused Gummy Bears. Some states recommend at least 21 years for one to be sold CBD-Infused Gummies or any product infused with hemp.

Regulations on CBD products

Since the hemp plant was noted to have some properties that would improve the health and wellness of the users, they were legalized within USA borders. Some of the regulations on the manufacturers include;

THC levels

There are three types of CBD Infused Gummies; full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate. The three types of gummies are determined by their hemp composition. Pate (1994) explains that the common hemp elements found in CBD gummies include terpenes, flavonoids, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and cannabidiol (CBD).

Full Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum Cannabidiol Sweets are the most dominant ones within the USA market as they are manufactured with all the elements found in the hemp plant, which comprises terpenes, THC, CBD, and flavonoids. Legalizing hemp and cannabis plant leaves out marijuana because it has high THC levels. According to Berg et al. (2020), the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) was mandated to watch CBD manufacturers ensure their products don't have THC levels exceeding 0.3%. CBD gummies with THC levels exceeding 0.3% are illegal and should not be sold even to people of age.

Concentration of CBD

FDA regulates the concentration of CBD in gummies. The actual potency levels in the products are different from the ones labeled. Gribble, Chaffin, & Bryant (2009) explains that it is recommended for Cannabidiol Edibles users to assess the lab results by scanning QR codes offered on the labels to confirm that the potency levels indeed match as the FDA allows a 10% variance. Companies exceeding this variance have received warnings from the FDA, and customers have been warned against such products.

Types of CBD

Full-spectrum CBD gummies

The full spectrum gummies are crafted using all the elements found in the hemp plant. Full-spectrum gummies contain THC, CBD, terpenes, and flavonoids. Rub (2020) explains that full-spectrum gummies users are likely to benefit from the entourage effect offered by various elements, including terpenes and flavonoids. Users are recommended to assess the lab results to confirm THC levels and CBD.

Broad Spectrum CBF Gummies

Broad-spectrum is manufactured using all the elements found in the hemp plant except THC. It allows users to benefit from all useful elements found in the hemp plant except THC. Users are also advised to assess their lab results and ensure CBD variance is below 10%. Too much CBD has similar side effects to THC, including severe headaches and poor memory.

Isolate CBD

Isolate gummies are manufactured using pure CBD. They are void of THC, terpenes, and flavonoids. Isolate gummies are legal, although users are asked to take personal responsibility for ensuring CBD levels stated on the labels match the ones in the gummies. A slight variation of isolate gummies can affect the user diversely since the concentration of CBD is high, being the only element.


CBD products are legal in nearly all states in the USA. Those states who have legalized the products have strict regulations, especially for underage. Cannabidiol Gummy Bears are only sold to individuals above 18 years. If a dealer is found selling gummies to an underage, the person will be charged, and their store license will be provoked permanently. Other CBD regulations include the levels of THC. Any CBD products with THC levels exceeding 0.3% are illegal. CBD concentrations labeled should match the ones in the products as the variance occurring should not exceed 10%. 


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