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Body lotions are one of the best topical products for a skincare routine. The effectiveness of CBD lotions depends on various factors, including the ingredients and the purity levels.

 People are now going for organic ingredients since it seems a permanent solution. Artificial ingredients will likely lead to skin damage instead of improving complexity. Therefore, the ingredients of your lotions are important. Besides, manufacturing lotions involves a lot of chemicals, which might interfere with purity and potency levels. Before buying body lotions, confirm their purity levels to prevent harmful chemicals from coming in contact with your skin. If you are looking for the best results, try CBD lotions.

What are CBD Lotions?

The hemp plant keeps gaining popularity due to its potential health benefits. CBD is obtained from either cannabis sativa, hemp plant, or marijuana. The plants have numerous elements besides cannabidiol (CBD). Some include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), flavonoids, and terpenes.  Baswan et al. (2020) suggested CBD is one of the top elements in either of the plants, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties suitable for regulating the production of hormones and shielding it from UV light.

CBD has potential risks when used in high amounts. Although most people might neglect the potency levels since they are topical products, CBD gets absorbed in the blood, causing the suggested health risks. According to Liu (2019), too much CBD in the body can cause diarrhea, anxiety, dizziness, and dry lips. Therefore, it should be used responsibly.

How To Apply Lotions

The best time to apply lotions, including CBD, is after a shower, preferably a hot shower. However, for the best results, consider applying the lotion twice daily, in the morning and evening. Applying CBD lotions after a shower is important because it helps remove other oils or sweat covering the pores on your skin. Consider the following four steps of applying a lotion for maximum results;

Four Tips for applying a lotion

Step 1: Dry Your Body

After coming out of a shower, dry your body using a clean towel to avoid water coming in contact. Put considerable amounts of CBD oil on your palm and rub it as it spreads evenly on your hands.

Step 2: Rub It in Your Hands

Rub the lotion in your hands for about 10 seconds before applying it. This always keeps it moisturized, allowing it to be absorbed rapidly into the skin.

Step 3: Apply it

Apply the lotion to the desired body part to keep it moisturized. Avoid applying the lotion to open wounds since it might trigger irritation.

Step 4: Massage it

Massage the body lotion gently in a circular motion to maximize its impact. This should be done repeatedly for maximum benefit.

These steps can be repeated often whenever you want to keep your skin moisturized. Notably, the quantity of the lotion depends on the type and the ingredients used. If the lotion has CBD, confirm the potency levels to avoid the potential side effects of too much of it. Lastly, consider areas such as knees and elbows and apply more since they are thick skin.

Why Should You Use Body Lotions Regularly?

If your skin is fond of drying, consider using lotions more often to keep it moisturized. Some of the top benefits of skin lotions are;

Solution For Rough Spots

Some people find it difficult to deal with rough skin spots such as knees and elbows. However, the perfect solution for making these parts have a better appearance is to keep them moisturized. CBD lotions, among other products, serve best since they are organic and minimize damaging cells around these regions.

Soothing The Skin

Martinelli et al.  (2021) showed that for people who often experience itching, CBD lotions might be the ultimate solution for reducing itching or acne. CBD has an antioxidant effect that minimizes the impact of free radicals that cause acne. Therefore, if you plan to spend your day outdoors, applying lotions keeps the skin supple and soft.

Gives the Skin a Radiant and Glowing Appearance

Skin damage can affect your interaction with other people. Using the above procedure for skincare routine deals with dead cells leading to the generation of new ones. Kowalska et al.  (2017) stated that to prevent your skin from early aging, hemp-based lotions will work best due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of CBD, which prevent wrinkles. Lotions also nourish skin cells allowing adequate blood supply. Ingredients such as arnica and vitamin C included in most body lotions are suitable for preventing early aging of the skin due to their anti-aging properties.

Best Times To Use Body Lotions

Consider using lotions after;


Shaving is one of the most effective ways of exfoliating. It helps remove the top layer of the skin opening up pores on your skin for maximum effect. However, it exposes a new part of your skin to dryness. Either use an after-shave moisturizer or apply body lotion to prevent the skin from cracking and soothing it from the razor irritation.


Exfoliation leaves the skin vulnerable because the pores are open. However, using a scrub during showering requires moisturizing to minimize irritation. A lotion helps in soothing any irritation and acts as a moisture barrier.

Before Exercising

Applying a non-comedogenic, lightweight moisturizer is important before going for outdoor exercise. It helps in reducing skin dryness, especially during cold weather.


Body lotions are important for keeping the skin moisturized at all times. The best time to apply lotions is after shaving, exercising, in bed, washing and sanitizing your hands, and after showering. However, for maximum benefit, you need to b careful about how you apply it and its quality. Consider organic lotions since they minimize the risk of skin damage, unlike artificial ingredients. Consider CBD lotions because they have active ingredients that improve your skin's general health and appearance, making it look more vibrant. The amount of CBD lotion depends on the potency levels and the experience. For first-time users of CBD lotions, apply around the elbow in small amounts and wait 30 minutes to determine the possible outcome.


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