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If your feet are aching and painful after standing for a while, walking in high heels, or doing a workout session in uncomfortable shoes, no doubt you need some relief. You may consider taking CBD butter, as CBD is suggested to help with its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. However, if you have already bought CBD foot butter, the next question would be on how you can apply it. Keep reading to find out how you can achieve this.

What is CBD Foot Butter?

The CBD foot cream is fluid, whereas the CBD foot butter is solid. Therefore, the thickness and texture of these two differ. However, the soothing effects they have on feet are quite similar.

With the continuing popularity of THC in numerous products for different uses, many manufacturers are now incorporating CBD into their products. Therefore, it is not a surprise to come across body creams, lotions, and butter with this as one of the ingredients. Moreover, the products are meant for different body parts, and the foot isn’t left out. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are beneficial to the feet as well.

CBD foot butter is a product designed to help relieve pain in the foot. It contains CBD, one of the components of the Cannabis Sativa plant, which does not make one feel “high.” It contains very low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or none. The THC is the phytoactive compound that results in feeling "high." It is mostly applied topically on an affected area to help soothe the feet in case they ache or pain. The foot pain can result from arthritis, damaged or sore muscles, or nerves. Importantly, the CBD foot butter is mostly applicable in cases when the pain is not so severe.

How Do You Apply CBD Butter?

CBD foot butter needs that direct interaction with your skin, which is why you apply it directly on the skin.

It is important to remember that most CBD products come with instructions on how best to use them. The CBD foot butter one buys will undoubtedly come with instructions on how to apply it on your feet.  Follow the given instructions. As you do this, consider that CBD has no standard dosage. Therefore, use it, beginning with smaller doses as you progress to higher ones. Use a small amount for a test patch, apply small amounts of butter on the insides of your wrist, wait for around 1 day, and see whether there are any reactions or not. If the skin becomes irritating, red, itchy, or swells, it is best to avoid the foot butter.

Additionally, one can enjoy a therapeutic massage session with CBD foot butter. Take the butter and gently massage your feet with it. This will give you extra relief. The feeling is pleasurable. When applying CBD butter, don’t just apply it to the affected area of the foot and leave it at that. Massage it and allow yourself to enjoy that extra relief.

How Effective is CBD Foot Butter?

Malfait et al.  (2000) noted that in most cases, people apply CBD foot butter because of its potential benefits in handling pain and inflammation. However, it is important to note that more research and study should be conducted to confirm and verify the truth claims.

CBD foot creams and butter have been effective to many users so far.

Who Should Use CBD Foot Butter?

The following are some of the people who can use CBD foot butter for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits;

Those with chronic pain

 According to Argueta et al.  (2020), CBD helps deal with chronic pain. Applying CBD foot butter to an affected area can help relieve the pain. However, there is no exact evidence pin-pointing CBD foot butter's effectiveness in helping with reducing chronic pain in the foot.

Those suffering from arthritis

This is one of the common foot problems people suffer from. CBD foot butter can help with relieving the pain. Miller& Miller (2017) backed this claim by conducting on rats. The results showed that CBD reduces inflammation and pain-related behaviors in rat model arthritis. Unfortunately, there is no recent research done on humans to show how effective CBD is in dealing with arthritis.

Those with Peripheral Neuropathy

 This is another condition that CBD butter can help you get relief from. According to Starkel et al.  (2020), it is damage to the nerves that may lead to numb and weak feet.

There is little evidence directly linking CBD foot butter to some potential benefits. This means that more research should be conducted to show how best it can do this and whether there are any potential side effects and the right dosage to consume.

Importantly, before using CBD foot butter to address your condition, you must first consult with your doctor. This is especially important for individuals who are already under certain medications. You wouldn’t want the CBD foot cream to interact with these drugs, so ensure you talk to your doctor first.


CBD foot butter can help in relieving painful and aching feet. The good thing is that it is a topical product that you directly apply to the affected area. Moreover, you can massage it gently to enjoy the maximum soothing and relieving effects it brings. Also, certain individuals can give the product a shot, for instance, those with arthritis. However, more research is necessary to help in validating most CBD claims.


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