August 17, 2022 4 min read


Focusing on a brand’s reputation, source of CBD, extraction processes, manufacturing processes, and the tincture’ ingredient list, potency, and formulation increases the chances of landing a good CBD oil. This article helps to see the details about each factor.

Choosing a good CBD tincture is critical since it determines whether the oil will meet personal needs or produce the desired results. You need to go beyond buying CBD tincture from just about any brand or focusing too much on the cost at the expense of other factors. Concerning a brand, some of the key factors you should not overlook are reputation, extraction method, hemp growing practices, source of CBD, transparency, and reviews. Check the tincture's CBD formulation and potency to ensure it's just what you want. See the below details for each factor.

Check the Brand’s Source of CBD Oil

CBD can come from hemp or marijuana, although most brands focus on hemp to manufacture their CBD products. Hemp-derived CBD oil has little or no THC, which is critical since it harmonizes with the 2018 Farm Bill requirements. Besides, focusing on the source of CBD Tincture helps to know the possibility of the CBD oil having THC traces.

Review the Company’s Growing Practices

Researching a brand's source of CBD Tincture is good, but it is not enough. Focus on the growing practices for the plants used to extract CBD Tincture. Does the company practice sustainable organic farming methods? Does it use chemical fertilizers or farmyard manure for growing its hemp plants? What does the brand do with the waste products from the farms, say the seeds of the plants? The more a brand presents itself as an environmental steward, the more legit it is, and the more legitimate it is, the more chances that it offers high-quality products.

Check Customers’ Reviews on the Brand

The other thing you need to pay attention to while choosing your CBD tincture is customers' reviews for the company. Not every line in the review section is true; some people may only rant out feelings on the website. However, many negative comments in the review section might show that something is a bit off with the brand. After all, you need to buy the CBD tincture from a reputable brand in the CBD industry.

Check for Third-Party Tests

Since the FDA does not monitor CBD production, CBD brands need to liaise with independent labs for 3rd party tests. Brands that conform to these requirements and present a CoA as proof for the tests are more reputable. Besides, the CoA indicates crucial information about the CBD tincture, including the cannabinoid profile, which translates to how transparent a brand is. As such, if the CoA shows that the deviation between the THC and CBD levels per the label and 3rd party tests is significant, it should issue a red flag.

Ask About the Extraction Process

The extraction process a brand employs in stripping CBD Tincture from the hemp surfaces has a bearing on the quality of the tincture. As such, while choosing the CBD tincture, focus on the company's extraction process and ask yourself if it is what you want. There are many extraction processes, but the carbon (IV) oxide extraction technique remains the gold standard since it does not unnecessarily attach solvents to the extracts' surfaces. The food-grade ethanol extraction method is another option commonly used in the CBD arena, but it destroys some volatile compounds that augment CBD roles.

Determine Whether the Brand is Transparent

The transparency of the brand of interest is also key if you want to buy a good CBD tincture. Brands that hide information about what they do, how they process CBD, grow hemp, and their manufacturing facilities should leave you worried. The more transparent a brand is, the more reputable it is and the higher the chances of it offering high-quality CBD tinctures.

Confirm the CBD Tincture’s Potency

There is much to pay attention to when it comes to the CBD tincture, and one thing is the CBD formulation or type of CBD. There are three formulations; isolate-based, full- and broad-spectrum CBD, depending on the cannabinoid profile and the presence or absence of other compounds from hemp plants. As such, determine what CBD formulation is needed and countercheck with a brand of interest to ensure that it stocks that formulation for tinctures.

The CBD Tincture Should Be Free from Heavy Metals, Mold, and Other Contaminants

When choosing CBD tinctures, choose safe products that are good for your health. Admittedly, the safety of CBD Oil Tincture is in the gray zone since studies are ongoing to determine the long-term safety of CBD Oil Tincture, and the industry is largely unregulated, meaning you can easily land substandard products. Still, you only need to buy CBD tinctures free of standard contaminants like heavy metals, filth, toxins, mold, and industrial solvents, among other products.

Confirm the Potency of the CBD Tincture

The potency of CBD tinctures and oils refers to their strength per volume (mg/ml). When buying CBD tinctures, ensure you have the right potency with you. There are different CBD needs and tolerance rates, so figure out how much CBD Oil Tincture the body can take. Much of this depends on the individual’s weight, metabolism, the reason for taking the tincture, and body chemistry. With this in mind, choose the right CBD potency and figure out the dosage.

Check the Tincture’s Ingredient List for Clean Formula

In the CBD arena, less is more, and the fewer the ingredients, the better. Before buying CBD tinctures, check the ingredient list and determine if the company sticks to clean formulas. If there are non-CBD ingredients, find out if they are organic. Organic practices are encouraged for their sustainable nature, and we cannot overemphasize their importance.


Choosing a good CBD Oil Tincture is not the easiest job with the many CBD brands in the CBD space. However, focusing on the potency, ingredient list, and formulation of the tincture helps to choose what an individual needs. Besides, pay attention to the brand's manufacturing methods, extraction practices, transparency, and 3rd party testing, among other factors. While there is no best CBD tincture, a brand that ticks the box for these factors should offer quality CBD tincture.