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  • August 29, 2022 5 min read

    How to choose the best natural toner for your skin type

    When you buy a CBD toner, you should consider the benefits of a CBD toner on the skin. Read this article to learn more about how to choose a toner and a toner that is great for the skin.

    CBD toners are good for all skin types because it naturally has lipids that will hydrate and moisturize your skin. Like any other toner, it will unblock the skin pores clogged with dirt. The CBD toners will also balance your skin's pH level. You must check the ingredients of your CBD so that you do not use a toner that will harm your skin. Some toners have additives that may damage your skin; for example, witch hazel and alcohol make your skin drier. Read the article to know more about CBD toners and the CBD toners that are best for your skin.

    What Is CBD?

    CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are chemical components found in marijuana and hemp. Some people think that marijuana and hemp are the same, but they are different based on the amount of THC they contain, as highlighted by Grotenhermen & Russo (2002).THC is the chemical component that gives marijuana the psychoactive properties so that when you use marijuana, you may feel "high". Marijuana has 50%-90% of THC, while hemp has less than 0.3% of THC. When you purchase a CBD product, you may wonder if the product is marijuana or hemp. The amount of THC in the CBD product will hint because if it has a high amount of THC, it is CBD extracted from marijuana; if it has less than 0.3%, it has been extracted from hemp. The amount of THC in cannabis determines whether it will be legal, as most countries have made products with high amounts of THC in them illegal. Therefore, CBD extracted from hemp is available in more countries than CBD extracted from marijuana.

    Benefits Of The CBD Toner On The Skin

    Like any other toner, CBD toner has the important role of clearing the skin of any residue that the cleanser may have missed. The following are the benefits of a CBD toner to your skin;

    It Acts As A Moisturizer

    Dev et al.  (2022) explained that the CBD toner would hydrate the skin and restore the moisture that has been lost with soap and water, which rids the skin of the natural moisture.


    CBD May Be Used To Clear Acne

    Acne is a skin problem that may be caused when the sebum has been overproduced. Sebum is a substance produced by the body to keep our skin smooth and glowing, but when there is excess sebum, it may block the skin pores and cause skin problems such as acne. Dirt and hair may also cause acne. When you use the CBD toner, it will clean the pores. According to Adalja et al.  (2019), CBD toner has anti-inflammatory properties.

    CBD Is Great For Sensitive Skin

    Jastrząb et al.  (2021) showed that sensitive skin might react to soap, changing climate, and skin care products. CBD toner will be the perfect solution for you when you cannot take care of your skin because it is sensitive.


    How To Choose A CBD Toner That Is Great For Your Skin

    When you choose a CBD toner, there are some features you may want your toner to have, such as;

    How Is The CBD Toner?

    The strength of a substance is known as potency. You will calculate to know how potent your CBD toner is. If you find toners and wonder which of them may be stronger, the CBD toner with the less quantity of CBD is the weaker toner.


    You have to consider the price of the toner so that it may suit your budget. There are a variety of CBD products in the market, and the price alone cannot tell you whether the CBD toner is effective or not. The CBD toner may be expensive but full of impurities and additives. You may purchase the CBD toner you want within your preferred budget as soon as you are sure.


    Consider The Manufacturer’s And The Retailer’s Reputation

    The reputation of the manufacturer or retailer of the CBD toner will always precede their CBD products. Some companies have been around for a long while and have earned themselves a good reputation as the go-to places for buying CBD products, including the CBD toner.



    The Reviews About The CBD Toner

    According to Evans(2020),there are various products in the market. Reading the reviews about a toner may be useful in guiding you towards making your choice. Sometimes you may get the hint about a product from other people's opinions.


    Types Of CBD Toners

    Sometimes people think that CBD toners are the same, but they are not. Like other CBD products, CBD toners are also placed in categories known as spectrums. The spectrums are grouped according to the effectiveness of the CBD toner. Within the categories, it is worth noting that the more components the CBD toner has from the original plant, the more effective it is. The concept is based on the entourage effect, which means that the user benefits when several components work together than when one component works in isolation. Below are the spectrums that your CBD toner may belong;


    Full-Spectrum CBD Toner

    The full-spectrum CBD toner is the most effective because it contains almost every component of cannabis, including THC.

    The broad-spectrum CBD toner

    The broad-spectrum toner contains most of the components of cannabis except THC. It is, therefore, less effective than the CBD toner in the broad spectrum but more effective than the CBD toner in the CBD isolate spectrum.

    The CBD Isolate Toner

    As the name suggests, the CBD isolate toner will only have CBD devoid of all the other components and is, therefore, the least effective of all the CBD toners in the broad and the full spectrums.


    CBD toners are great for all types of skin. However, since CBD is unregulated, the CBD market has been invaded by unscrupulous products with impurities and added ingredients that may make the CBD harmful to your skin. First-time users should seek the doctor's advice on the best CBD toner for their skin. A toner that is harmful to the skin will be harmful will have far-reaching effects on your general health because the skin is the largest organ. Take all the necessary steps that need to be observed to use a CBD toner that is beneficial to your skin.


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