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  • August 24, 2022 5 min read


    Shampoo cleanses and amends your hair, hairlines, and strands, and CBD-infused CBD shampoos work better for your hair. The right CBD shampoo for your hair is your choice, but focusing on your hair type, the nature of the scalp, the CBD formulation in the CBD shampoo, and the brand's reputation helps you choose what is right for your hair.

    Nothing is as important as focusing on your hair type and the nature of your scalp when shopping for shampoo. When you want CBD-infused shampoos, you should go a step ahead and look at the brand's reputation, CBD potency, the formulation featured in the CBD shampoo, and 3rd party tests, which are critical in assessing whether a brand upholds CBD standards. This article helps you understand these points in detail, but let's first know about CBD and how it helps your hair.

    Understanding CBD

    CBD products like tinctures, oils, topicals, edibles, and capsules are readily available, showing that CBD is incredibly becoming popular as time goes by. Consequently, many people want to know what it is. Massi et al. (2006) and Bauer et al. (2020) defined CBD as the non-psychoactive chemical compound in hemp and cannabis plants. There are many cannabis products in nature, which are collectively called cannabinoids. Of the 140+ cannabinoids, CBD stands out for expressing the desired effects without making you 'high.


    CBD in Shampoo

    CBD remained illegal for a long time until 2018 when the Farm Bill was passed. It was then removed from the Schedule 1 Controlled Substances list, making it federally legal, provided it has less than 0.3% THC. Since then, many CBD products have been produced, and the cannabinoid has become part of the hair industry, with the latest achievement being the introduction of CBD hair shampoo. According to Nel et al. (2021), CBD can improve scalp conditions and fight inflammation. Besides, Gupta & Talukder (2021) found that CBD can stimulate hair growth. Even as more studies are needed to uphold these findings, many people are already embracing CBD shampoo. Do you want to buy the right shampoo for your hair type? The following sections discuss what you need to pay attention to as you shop for your CBD shampoo.

    Consider Your Hair Type

    If you want to get it right while shopping for CBD shampoo, you must understand your hair type. There are many hair types, hence many classes of shampoos that work with them. For instance, fine hair needs a volumizing CBD shampoo to increase its volume. Meanwhile, if your hair is thick, you need a moisturizing CBD shampoo to moisturize it and take care of the volume. The same shampoo will be right for curly; the moisturizing one reduces frizz in the hair without damaging it. Meanwhile, wavy hair works well with balancing shampoo, which is neither too dry nor moistened.

    Understand Your Scalp

    You should also focus on the nature of your scalp while buying the right CBD shampoo for your hair. There are two types of scalps; dry and oily, and because of the variation in texture, they need different CBD shampoos. For instance, dry scalps need moisturizing CBD shampoos to moisten them, making them supple. Meanwhile, if your scalp is oily, you need less moisturized CBD shampoos.

    Know the CBD Potency of the CBD Shampoo

    Other factors come into play when choosing the right CBD shampoo, the primary one being the potency of the product. When starting the CBD regimen and have not gotten used to CBD products, it is best to focus on low-potency CBD products. When needed, you can work your way to higher CBD potencies.

    The CBD Formulation of the CBD Shampoo

    There are 3 CBD formulations, depending on the presence or absence of other cannabinoids like CBD, terpenes, and flavonoids. Depending on your preference, you can choose one of the following classes;

    1. Isolate-based CBD shampoos; feature no other compound but CBD. No additional cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids.
    2. Full-spectrum CBD shampoos; are the opposite of isolate-based CBD shampoos, have the entire range of cannabinoids in hemp plants, and feature terpenes and flavonoids.
    • Broad-spectrum CBD shampoos; are more like full-spectrum CBD shampoos, only that they lack THC. Stull, they have terpenes and flavonoids, for which you want to use them for.

    3rd Party Tests

    Since the CBD industry is largely unregulated and many brands deal in substandard products, you need 3rd party tests to prove that the company from which you are buying the CBD shampoo upholds industrial standards. The tests should look at the cannabinoid profile of the product, indicating what products it has and their relative abundances. You can request for the CoA as proof of 3rd party testing. It should also indicate the contaminant purity of the CBD shampoo for standard contaminants like heavy metals, industrial solvents, toxins, and residues.

    CBD Brand’s Reputation and Transparency

    You need to buy your CBD shampoo from a reputable brand that upholds transparency in the hemp space. Other than the 3rd party tests, you can confirm a company's reputation by reading its reviews. You can check the product page reviews. Going beyond the obvious and looking at reviews and commentaries in reputable bodies like TrustPilot and BBB Corporation all help you know how transparent, genuine, and reputable the company is recommended.

    Focus on Brands that Use Organic Products

    Look at the ingredient list of the CBD shampoo you want to buy. Most companies use inorganic products that can slip toxic substances into the CBD shampoo. Meanwhile, brands that deal in organic CBD products are better since the chances of the hair product having toxic substances are reduced. The ingredient list should also help you know what makes the CBD shampoo and inform you whether you will react negatively to them.


    Choosing CBD shampoo for your hair type is not easy with the many CBD companies in the picture. Still, understanding the nature of your scalp and hair type is the start of making good decisions. Besides, paying attention to CBD potency, brand’s reputation, 3rd party tests, and CBD formulation increases your chances of choosing CBD shampoo well.


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