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  • August 26, 2022 4 min read


    CBD oils can be obtained from a supplement shop located near your or online on sites like Amazon. Beware of Excess heat which ruins the effectiveness of CBD. Heat alters the composition too. When frying using CBD, heat them until they become palatable, then sprinkle the oil on the food for a limited time.

    CBD is gradually becoming the mainstream. It’s a good way to exploit this cannabidiol. This supplement has been mind-blowing to most users. Cooking is great since you don't have a problem ingesting the earthy taste of hemp when it’s incorporated into a favorite meal. Here is a comprehensive compilation about how to cook and use CBD.

    Where to Obtain CBD Oil

    CBD oils can be obtained from a supplement shop located near your or online on sites such as Amazon. Although it is not a task to get a CBD outlet, research the quality of the purchased product. Unlike other supplements, CBD is quite expensive. Go for a product that has undergone certification by the Food and Drug Act. Check the reviews of the CBD in case you want to purchase the oil online. Here is a smart way to determine the best product; Check for real raw materials that make it as well as the extraction process, which should be hygienic. Then determine whether there are other additional ingredients and which ones are they. Finally, do a spot check if the product has undergone lab testing. Products that have undergone lab testing are issued with certificates that are always attached to the product's container or bottle labels.

    What Can Be Made Using CBD Oil

    CBD oil can give different products; Soaps, smoothies, baked goods such as cakes, biscuits, and burns among others. Whipped cream can also be made using CBD oils. According to De Briyne, et al. (2021), CBD can be used to make a type of oil called honey oil. Try adding a few drops of the oil to a beverage or smoothie recipe. While baking, consider that CBD oil effectiveness can be lowered by excess heat. Therefore, add CBD oil when baking foods that require less than 350 F. To avoid heating CBD, add it to homemade cream and protein bites.

    Things to Note while Cooking With CBD

    Beware of Excess Heat

    Excess heat often ruins the effectiveness of CBD. Heat alters the composition too. When frying with CBD, heat them until they become palatable, then sprinkle the oil on the food for a limited time.

    Mix CBD Oil with Cooking Oil

    This makes cooking more effective because CBD is soluble in fat. The solubility in fat insinuates that the body will absorb it better alongside other fats like coconut or avocado oil.      

    Be Cautious when Mixing CBD with Alcohol

    When mixing alcohol with CBD oil in any way, don’t drive.  Get the doctor's advice if you take other medications to avoid negative interaction with CBD. One study by Crockett, et al. (2020), showed the effects of mixing CBD with alcohol.

    Mind What You Consume

    When consuming food containing CBD with others, let them know as some may be having medication that can negatively interact with CBD to bring about bad effects.

    Be Patient with the Effects

    This is because when consuming food, it takes longer to be digested than a tincture under the tongue. Due to the first-pass effect, it has to pass through the digestive tract before getting into the bloodstream. Therefore, one is likely to feel the effects after a certain period. Probably30- 1 hour after ingestion.

    Let CBDs Natural Taste Flow

    As much as flavor varies from one brand to another, it has a common earthy flavor that might not be pleasing. However, it should not be fully masked by the flavor of the food. Create a balance in an entire dish. Think of CBD as an ingredient to add taste to a meal while using it for cooking.

    What Amount of CBD Oil Should You Use?

    Research by Callaway, (2008), showed the estimated proportion for using CBD oil. Like any other cooking, begin with a small amount of CBD oil and add more if you feel it’s not enough in your meal. For a beginner, start low as you add gradually. Start small with either 5 or 10 mg at most. Check the effects if you don't notice any effects, and you are at liberty to add since the main aim is to feel the effects.

    How to Store CBD

    Due to the exposure to light, the CBD bottle will either come in a blue or amber-colored bottle. The reason is that when CBD is exposed to light, it loses cannabinoids, becoming ineffective. It is wise to store the CBD oil bottle in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing it to air by keeping it airtight when not in use. It is said that when stored carefully and appropriately, CBD oil can stay up to 2 years on the shelf. However, depending on the source, according to Moltke, & Hindocha, (2021), it should always be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight and out of reach of children.


    There are various ways of exploiting CBD, but cooking is the best. Having a wide range of foods that use CBD to cook enables you to try different recipes. However, use minimal heating to avoid wastage of oil. Too much heat renders the oil inactive. Use less than 350F while cooking to get the effects required. Consider asking for advice from your doctor before initiating this journey.   


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