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How to Deal with the Side Effects of Facial CBD Toners

Facial CBD toners are safe, but they still have some side effects. Read this article to know more about CBD, the types of facial CBD toners, the side effects of the facial CBD toner, the reasons why you may have facial CBD toner side effects, and how to choose a facial CBD toner.

Before using a facial CBD toner, it may be best for a first-time user of CBD to visit a doctor for consultation because while facial CBD toners are safe to use, that does not mean they do not have side effects. The side effects of using a facial toner may not only affect the face but also you physically because the CBD gets into the bloodstream, and its effects are felt all over the body. The side effects are usually mild and will end when you fix the underlying causes of the side effects.

What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, e.g., hemp and marijuana. Grotenhermen & Russo (2002) explained the difference between hemp and marijuana. Hemp and marijuana may seem to have the same qualities to some people but are not the same because of the THC composition. THC gives a plant the psychoactive property, meaning THC is the component that makes you feel "high". Hemp has only 0.3% THC, while marijuana has 50% -90% THC. Marijuana will make you feel euphoric because of THC. Therefore, CBD from hemp is more accepted in most countries because the amount of THC in it is negligible. Evans (2020) highlighted that CBD could be purchased in the market in various products such as lotions, soap, and even toners.

What Is A Facial CBD Toner?

A toner is a liquid used to remove residue on the skin after cleansing. The residue may be dirt, sebum, or make-up. Therefore, a facial CBD toner is a toner that comes laced with CBD and is specifically meant for the face.

Types of Facial CBD Toners

Facial CBD toners are not the same and are categorized in categories known as spectrums depending on the number of components they contain; it is worth noting that the more the components in a particular spectrum, the more effective the CBD product. When you use a product with various components, it is known as the entourage effect. According to Torngren et al. (2005), the general belief in CBD is that the more the components, the more effective the product. Your facial CBD toner may belong in any one of the following main categories;

The Broad Spectrum

The broad-spectrum has some other compounds, such as terpenes and flavonoids. It is important to note that CBD in the broad spectrum lacks THC and can therefore not make you euphoric. People who want to enjoy relaxation and be calm in what is known as the entourage effect may use facial CBD toner in the broad spectrum. An entourage effect refers to the fact that you gain more from more components than when you use one component only, meaning that more components working together in CBD are better than one component working in isolation.

CBD Isolate

This product in the CBD isolate spectrum is the purest form of CBD and does not contain other compounds of the cannabis plant.  A CBD isolate is considered the least effective of all the spectrums because it contains one component only. All the other compounds are removed except CBD. CBD isolates are usually 99% pure, making them the best when you want products that do not have other components.


The full spectrum includes THC, CBD, flavonoids, and terpenes. The flavor may be perfect for you when looking for a facial CBD toner with some natural scent and earthy flavor. The full spectrum is considered the most effective among all the spectrums because it contains the most components. However, the full spectrum may be unavailable in some countries because of the presence of THC, which is the component responsible for making a plant have psychoactive properties.  THC is illegal in some countries because of its psychoactive effects.

The Side-Effects of the Facial CBD Toner

Facial CBD toners may be safe for your skin, but they have side effects, and if you notice them, you may have to rush to the doctor for further assessment so that you may be guided on the next step. Some of the common side effects that you may experience from CBD use are;


The skin is usually the first indicator of a side-effect of the facial CBD toner. You may notice some inflamed rashes, and they will probably be painful.


You will feel some drowsiness and feel sedated. While feeling drowsy may be a side effect, it is also a benefit in that it may be useful towards improving a sleep disorder, for instance, insomnia.

Dry Mouth Symptom

This is a common symptom among users who use THC, but it may also happen to users of CBD. The dry mouth symptom is also known as “cotton mouth”. Your mouth and eyes will feel very dry.

Reasons Why You May Have Facial CBD Toner Side Effects

Impure Products

You may have suffered a side effect towards a facial CBD toner if it has an ingredient or component you are allergic to. The side effects are more common among first-time users of CBD products, people who are very sensitive to CBD, and people who are sensitive to an additive in the facial CBD toner.

Incompatible With The Medication You Are Using

You may be using a medication that is incompatible with facial CBD toner. You must seek the doctor's opinion on whether to use the facial CBD toner while on a certain medication.

Incompatible with You

Some people may not be able to cope with the facial CBD toner for whichever reason. CBD may be a natural and safe product but has side effects. If you suffer a side-effect from it, it’s a hint that it is not good for everybody.


It would be best if you sought a professional medical opinion to be advised on the amount of facial CBD toner that you can use and how frequently you can use the facial CBD toner because some side effects are caused when we overuse the skin toner.

Reacting To Other Components of Cannabis

You may be reacting to other components. For instance, some people may suffer side effects when their product has THC and other terpenes.

How To Choose A Facial CBD Toner

When purchasing a facial CBD toner, identify the best place to purchase it, the frequency of use, and the components and ingredients in the facial CBD toner so that you may not experience serious side effects, e.g., a damaged liver. First-timers should seek a medical opinion.


Facial CBD toners are good for your skin, and you need not reserve them for use only when you suffer from a skin condition. It would help if you visited a doctor for advice and green light in using the facial CBD toner. You must read the ingredients and look for the ingredients and components you may be allergic to. The doctor can tell you the amount of facial CBD toner to use and also may recommend that you stop using the facial CBD toner if you can cope with the product. If the facial CBD toner leaves your skin and body worse than it was, you should stop using it.


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