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Cannabidiol contains more than 60 compounds active in cannabis, and they affect the body in various ways. CBD is non-psychoactive and effectively enhances sleep, soothing pain and inflammation, reducing anxiety, and improving heart health. When taking CBD, consider your body weight, body metabolism rate, the reason for use, and the concentration of CBD in each.

In determining the proper dosage for CBD products to be used, different factors should be considered. Since CBD is used to alleviate pains and deal with some conditions in and on the body, it should be taken infinite doses for those particular functions. There is no official recommendation for each of its specific functions, but one needs to understand the factors as a guide to the dosage and reason for taking. This may help them figure out how many CBD products they need to remedy their ailments. To eradicate severe side effects caused by an overdose of CBD products, one is recommended to assess the following before using CBD products.

Sensitivity Of One's Body System To CBD

How the body responds when someone takes CBD oil may determine the dosage for that particular drug used for a specific purpose. Different people have body systems according to how they react to certain amounts of drugs. One may take a large amount of CBD and may not experience any complications concerned with taking that amount compared to another one who may take a small amount of the same CBD product and doesn't encounter any effects caused in their body systems.

The Types Of Symptoms

Different symptoms encountered are treated differently using CBD oil. A certain test was done that proved improved sleep quality whereby a 25mg dose was used for each day. The results showed that a more or lesser amount of CBD would be used for another type of disorder or condition, although they were not consistent. From that research, it can be held that different ailments are to be treated using different amounts of CBD oil for effective results. It is, therefore, the one who uses the drug or whosoever administers it to decide on the right dosage.

Use Of A Dosage Calculator

Since there is no prescribed formulation for CBD use, some researchers have opted to use a system-developed formulation to calculate the right dosage for the administration of CBD. It has been suggested since it was designed for that purpose and increased efficient results as it is online developed though its accuracy is not guaranteed.

Individual Factors

Some factors are to be considered regarding the person using CBD products and the amount they should take. These factors include weight, age, sex, and overall health of the individual, such that heavy-bodied people are to take a larger amount than normal body-sized people to achieve the same effects. In conjunction with the individual factors, men are also advised to take a larger dose than women. At the same time, older people need to take a lesser amount than young individuals to achieve the same results.

It is also important to determine the ideal dosages for the particular conditions to be treated using CBD. There are several conditions are forms of CBD products; others by applying the gel, others by applying oil, and others are to be dealt with by taking capsules of the CBD.

Dosage For Anxiety

Anxiety, as caused by stress, may affect one's productivity since it affects the brain and hence the whole body system. According to Tran & Kavuluru (2020), CBD is said to be its best remedy since it is considered the natural way of dealing with anxiety. The product of CBD that is used is in the form of CBD oil, which is said to be a compound consistent with some other compounds found in the body system. That's why it is good for that purpose as compared to other opioids, which are addictive. The possible recommended dose as per a certain study done in 2011 is to be given in not more than 70mg per day for one to be on the safe side.

Dosage For Sleep

Everyone needs to have a good sound sleep, but it can be unfortunate for others as they may not enjoy such asleep due to chronic pains or stress derived from something else. According to Bissell, D (2018), CBD is also responsible for causing sound sleep but may lead to deep sleep or even oversleeping when taken in overdoses. It can give a healthier sleep by alleviating anxiety and pain symptoms. For one to be on the safe side when looking for a night of sound sleep, it is recommended that they take not more than 70mg of CBD per day and take it around half an hour before going to bed, according to some studies done in 2013.

Dosage For Pain And Inflammation

As pinpointed earlier above on the body’s reactions towards CBD usage as a curative measure, there's no recommendation on the dosage for treatment of pains. There is no specific dose per person as for how much of the CBD is to be applied in case of either backache, maybe after exercising, or any sports-related injuries. It depends upon oneself to decide on the right dosage as the CBD is meant for the y for management of the symptoms encountered.   


It is evidTheremere approximations of the dosage for CBD in combating different ailments or disorders. Many researchers who have indulged themselves in gathering information about CBD, refining it, and giving their own opinions, have not specifically recommended proper dosages of the different forms of CBD and instead have just estimated and projected them. It can also be vividly observed that factors determine the amount of CBD to be taken when treating the conditions, disorders, or ailments. Such factors are dependent on the body system and structure.


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