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  • August 29, 2022 5 min read

    How to Exfoliate the Beard

    Beads are crucial in providing a man with the perfect masculine figure. Women also love playing with beards, especially as they cuddle during the happy couple time.

    Testosterone-driven beards can hide bigger and darker spots in a man if he does not care for them. They can bear dandruff and different sorts of dirt. When such dirt is accumulated around the facial area, it becomes unhygienic, and one could easily get infections from it. Therefore, a man needs to eliminate these flaky dead skin cells from his hair follicles and beards by exfoliating the entire face. This article discusses how to exfoliate the facial area using the cheapest but hygienic methods, including beards.

    How to Exfoliate Facial Skin for Clean and Healthy Beards

    Testosterone drives the growth of beards which form hiding places for flaky epidermal cells, dandruff, and dirt. Ensure that your beard is clean by exfoliating the face regularly to clear the hair follicles using facial exfoliators. Well-kept beards bring about a smarter look and free you from irritations, protecting your skin from aging.

    Steps on How to Exfoliate Your Facial Skin for Great-Looking Beards

    • First, wet your face using lukewarm water; avoid using hot or cold water.
    • Use a facial exfoliator, especially scrubs such as brushes all over your face emphasizing areas with problems. Much emphasis should be on your beard, then move to other facial regions.
    • Gently scrub your face in round motions for up to 15 seconds, be careful not to hurt your delicate skin.
    • Rinse your face using lukewarm water, then dry it using a washcloth or towel.
    • Apply beard oil on your facial skin, rubbing it slowly with your fingers for the skin to absorb it better.
    • You can exfoliate a week thrice if you have slow shredding. You should only exfoliate once a week if you have extremely sensitive skin.

    How to Exfoliate Your Facial Skin for Clean and Healthy Beards Using Homemade Remedies

    You may not be interested in buying exfoliating products, or maybe you have sensitive skin to exfoliating ingredients. The following are different options that you can include in your face exfoliation routine;

    How to Exfoliate Using a Beard Scrub

    Draelos (2012) suggested a clear procedure to help exfoliate with a beard scrub. Clean up your beard using a cup of jojoba oil mixed with 1 ½ cups of granulated brown sugar and ¼ cup raw Manuka honey. You can add 3 cups of oatmeal and use it in a morning coffee routine.

    Tips On How to Exfoliate Your Skin Beneath a Majestic Beard

    If you have flaky and itchy skin beneath your beard, this is how to exfoliate safely:

    How to Exfoliate by Beard Washing

    When facial hair takes away moisture, they allow evaporation, frequently causing the skin to dry up with very itchy facial skin. The facial hairs trap dirt and oil around the follicles, clogging the pores and causing acne. Don't ditch these glorious beards; follow the dermatologist’s advice to make them great. Make that skin under your facial hair very clean and smooth, and enjoy your legendary look.  

    How to Exfoliate Your Beard by Thorough Cleaning

    Mohiuddin (2019) worked on an extensive review of cosmetics and suggested steaming your skin in warm water, preferably in a shower, or using a hot washcloth to loosen the beards and soften the skin beneath. Followed by scrubbing your face with a cleanser. It is worth doing this twice daily when you wake up and before bed. Since facial hairs tend to trap gunk and oil around the hair follicles, this may lead to clogged pores and inflammation. It is safer to have many hairs to wash and tack onto your routine thoroughly, especially when using beard oils.

    How to Exfoliate Your Beard by Patching

    This is part of grooming yourself as you would your scalp, especially if you have thick and long hair. Banerjee et al. (2018) recommended using shampoo and conditioner in patching your beard to keep it clean and free from dirt and oils to reduce the risks of irritations and acne. Exfoliate your beard to help rejuvenate the skin cells on the face to enhance your complexion and minimize aging effects. With unclogged pores, the razor smoothly removes the ingrown hairs too.

    How To Regularly Exfoliate Your Beard

    Shaving removes the top skin layers. Since you might not be interested in shaving, use exfoliating scrubs up to three times a week to keep the beards clean. Exfoliation removes the older and dead skin cells which build up on the skin's surface to keep you free from clogs and enhance your circulation.

    Fortune et al. (2017) showed that to exfoliate your face and beards perfectly, use warm water, which opens the clogged pores and loosens the lingering dead and dry skin. Follow your fingers to softly scrub in smaller circular motions using a face exfoliator filled with cream and abrasive ingredients to scrape off dead skin physically.

    After exfoliating your beard, apply an SPF moisturizer, especially for light-skin individuals. This reduces wrinkles on the eyes and forehead. You can also use a smaller amount of bear’s oils for a fresh feel and reduce skin dryness and itchiness. Using larger amounts of oil adds no advantage to the skin. For better results, only scatter a few drops of the oil perfectly on the beard and the entire facial skin. Finish by using a comb to spread this oil throughout your beard.

    Bottom Line

    Take off the dead skin cells on your face and beads regularly to keep the chin non-itchy and free from clogs. This makes your skin attain a fresh feeling and greater look. Higher testosterone levels can make your hair follicles larger, and your skin grows thicker than a woman’s. If this happens, exfoliate your chin to remove excess skin and dead cells. Exfoliation also makes shaving the beards easier. However, frequent exfoliation strips off natural oils from the skin, exposing you to blemishes and skin dryness. Therefore, balance and develop a perfect exfoliating routine so as not to be unaware. For wonderful results, exfoliate your beards with scrub soaps and grit.


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