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  • August 29, 2022 5 min read

    How to Get Rid Of Dry Rough Skin and How to Choose CBD Facial Scrubs

    The skin responds to its inability to sustain moisture by drying up. This often occurs due to frequent bathing, aging, harsh bathing soaps, or medical conditions.

    People living in extremely cold climates may be affected the most because dry and rough skin results from dry winter air and cold. During cold winters, people in the Northern hemisphere experience rough, itchy, red, and raw skin since this climate comes with lower humidity outdoors and indoors. This reduces the water content in the epidermis. Fortunately, this article has covered some less expensive but powerful products that you can use to relieve your body of dry skin and how to use them;

    How to Keep Your Skin Moist

    Use moisturizers to rehydrate your skin’s top layer to seal the natural moisture. These skin moisturizers contain three major kinds of ingredients: humectants that attract moisture and are made of ceramides and sorbitol, among others; the second set includes ingredients such as petroleum jelly, lanolin, silicone, and mineral oils which seal moisture inside the skin. Then lastly are emollients which include linoleic, lauric acids, and linolenic that smoothen the skin by filling the spaces between the skin cells.  

    Get Rid of Dry Skin by Protecting Yourself from Chronic Inflammatory Damage

    Furman et al. (2019) stated that chronic or low-grade inflammation could become a great silent killer and contribute to diseases such as cardiovascular, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and other serious conditions.

    Tips on How to Combat Rough and Dry Skin

    • During winters, use humidifiers set to 60% level, sufficient for replenishment of the top skin layer.
    • Take a 5 to 10 minutes bath or daily shower. Bathing more than this strips away most of the skin's layer of oil, resulting in moisture loss. Don't use hot water; lukewarm is the best since it doesn’t wash away the oils.
    • Limit your soap usage; if necessary, select a moisturizer to use after that. You can apply Olay, dove, basis, or use soap-free cleansers like aqua nil and oilatum-AD. Stay away from deodorant soaps, alcoholic products, and scented soaps since they can take away your skin’s natural oils.
    • Avoid damaging the skin and remove the scrub brushes, bath sponges, and washcloth. If you can’t stop using all these once, then use light touches, and for a similar reason, blot or pat your skin as you towel it to dry.
    • Immediately use a moisturizing product after a bath or washing hands to help plug the spaces between the skin cells to seal the moisture when the skin is damp.
    • Reduce that greasy feel from petroleum jelly or thicker creams by rubbing a little amount on the hands and then on the affected part till the feeling disappears.
    • Don’t scratch your skin; use a moisturizer to control the itching effect, or use a cold pack or even compress for relief.
    • Use washing detergents free from scent, and also do not use fabric softeners.
    • Don’t wear woolen fabrics which can irritate you.
    • Keep your skin healthy and check on skincare and repair with experts.

    Tips On Choosing CBD Facial Scrubs

    According to Teräsvalli (2020), all skincare products infused with cannabidiol are made from full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate oils. Full-spectrum oil has all hemp compounds including THC traces. Broad-spectrum has a range of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, with no THC. Isolates are the purest CBD version which contains no other compounds found in hemp plants. This is the best CBD version for your skin since it doesn’t stick to the pores and is packed with rejuvenating skin antioxidants. Here are some things to consider when choosing your best CBD exfoliator;

    Amount of CBD in the Product

    Checking the CBD contents is an essential step to consider before making your purchase. Cream (2020) suggested that if you want CBD body lotions for exfoliation, go for those with slightly higher CBD amounts.

    Quality of the CBD Product You Want to Purchase

    Consider the quality of the product or buy from a trusted brand that delivers quality CBD exfoliates to be confident. The products should always be tested by a third-party lab for confirmation.

    Check On the Product’s Legality

    From the 2008 Farm Bill, CBD products formulated from industrial hemp with less than 0.3% THC are considered legal for mass use. CBD is also legal in more than 50 states and is used as a supplement by infusing it in foods and different products.

    Choose the Product That Matches Your Lifestyle

    This is a crucial factor to consider as it determines how to rate CBD products in your daily routine. Gulbransen et al. (2020) argued that every CBD usage gives it a unique set of benefits and results. Some effects are seen instantly while others need some time to show results.

    You can use CBD exfoliates before bed and when you wake up. For this case, oil tinctures work perfectly since the bottles can be stored in a medicine cabinet. You can also infuse CBD in meals, especially when taking breakfast. Moreover, you may like the idea of soaking in bathing water, in this case, use warm water in your bath bombs to pamper you with different benefits.

    Check on the THC Level

    Not all hemp products cause the ‘high’ feeling. Most of these products contain little THC, making them less intoxicated; thus, legalized in many states. However, many CBD products in the market make it challenging to know the most reliable ones. Therefore, only buy your CBD exfoliates from trusted brands to avoid cases of insignificant THC levels. You can also check the specifications given by the supplier and the information from third-party labs to ascertain.

    Bottom Line

    Making your dry skin soft and moist demands taking a little step: from knowing how to exfoliate using different products to how to choose the best CBD exfoliators. These ingredients are within your reach and can even be made from the comfort of your home. Dry skin could rob you of the comfort you need or even distract your daily activities. Try out these hacks to get smooth and relaxed skin. For better results, make sure you follow all the steps as advised by an expert. Make your skin look great, shiny, energetic, and healthy using CBD exfoliates.


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