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  • August 24, 2022 5 min read


    Cannabidiol (CBD) body butter contains various ingredients, including coconut oil. Cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis plant and comes with numerous health benefits. Homemade CBD body butter is better than purchasing readymade one because one can improve its quality by using premium ingredients. Therefore, learn how to prepare homemade butter using coconut oil.

    Cannabidiol (CBD) products have penetrated the skincare industry with incredible benefits. CBD is sourced from hemp or cannabis sativa (marijuana) plants, two major cannabis strains. It has antifungal, antibacterial, ant-oxidative, and anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, manufacturers have incorporated it into topical products, including CBD body butter. Also, this product contains other ingredients which come with various benefits. However, purchasing readymade CBD body butter is expensive. Many tropical products have entered the market and choosing a high-quality and appropriate product is difficult. Hence, having homemade CBD body butter is better because you can improve its quality by using high-quality ingredients. Know how to make one using coconut oil.

    CBD skincare benefits of homemade body butter

    Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring cannabinoid derived from hemp or cannabis sativa (marijuana) plants, the two major cannabis varieties. The compound has numerous therapeutic benefits. Homemade cannabidiol body butter and hand creams improve the human skincare routine. Ingredients affect the end products and determine their quality. Everyone anticipates a high-quality cannabidiol body butter that delivers maximum results. The skincare market is dominated by products that have varying qualities. Unfortunately, certain unscrupulous companies have introduced their fly-by-night items. For this reason, consumers find it difficult to acquire their desirable products. In this regard, homemade CBD body butter is cheap to prepare, and its quality corresponds to one’s desire. Li et al. (1999) showed that preparing local products is better than purchasing them online or from skincare shops.

    Can CBD Oil be Applied Topically?

    According to Oleinik (2021), people can utilize cannabidiol oil topically relatively as an ointment, balm, cream, lotion, body butter, and salves. Usually, consumers use it orally or sublingually, but its versatility makes it usable topically. Sublingually, individuals, consume their desired drops and hold them under the tongue for about one minute for optimum effects. Its effects manifest quickly since the cannabinoid enters the bloodstream to yield the required effects. Topical application is an alternative method to taking one’s daily cannabidiol dose. Consumers massage products like CBD body butters, creams, and lotions to deliver ingredients into the body through the skin. Specifically, CBD body butters are applied after showering to seal in moisture. This counteracts the skin dehydration and dryness problem. Also, it keeps the skin moisturized and nourished, thus improving its health. CBD oil is sourced through de-waxation, winterization, extraction, and processing. You can conveniently take your daily dose by using CBD topicals. Learn more about how often should i use cbd body butter

    Carrier Oil for CBD Body Butter

    What Are Carrier Oils?

    Carrier oils are organic herbal derivatives. These extracts are essential in manufacturing cannabidiol body butter. They function as bases for the CBD delivery system. Spindle et al. (2019) discovered that cannabidiol is an extremely concentrated derivative and should be conducted for consumers to administer topical formulation. Carrier oils are incredibly beneficial in improving absorption when applying topical products.

    The premium Carrier Oils to Utilize

    According to Montoya et al. (2020), carrier oils help the human body absorb maximum cannabidiol content. Different effective carrier oils produce cannabidiol body butter. The section below discusses them exhaustively. Learn more about cbd topicals carrier oils

    Coconut Oil (medium-chain triglycerides)

    Alamgir (2017) noted that the Arnica plant produces an herbal compound called arnica oil. The major chemicals constituting this plant supplement are praised being antibiotics. Additionally, this compound is extremely concentrated, and experts recommend them for topical carrier bases specifically for pain. Individuals have used this substance for decades. Learn more about ultimate guide to using coconut oil in massage therapy

    Pomegranate Oil

    Pomegranates oil is excellent when utilized for therapeutic purposes in cannabidiol body butter. Pomegranate fruits contain juicy red seeds that produce pomegranate oil. The oil is the preferred carrier oil in producing skincare products. Some people love taking pomegranate fruits which becomes easier to incorporate them into CBD body butter. Learn more about how to make blueberry cbd body butter

    Avocados Galore

    Avocado oil operates as heavy and thick skin healthy base oil. Moldovan et al. (2021) showed that avocados contain high oleic acid amounts beneficial for rejuvenating dry skin. Human skin synthesizes sebum, an inherent oil that moisturizes and protects our skin. Likewise, avocado oil functions develop a skin-nourishing and protective layer. Learn more about how to make cbd body butter bar cocoa butter


    Measure the ingredients available in the correct proportions. Boil water using a saucepan and fix a heatproof container or double boiler in a saucepan. Combine, match, and mix base oils with your favorite. Observe the consistency while incorporating additional ingredients and oils. Melt one-half glass per oil option with between one-half and three quarters glass butter superior inside a double boiler. After this, stir continually until you acquire anticipated consistency. Take your product from heat and allow oil combo/ butter to cool in a cup or heat inside a safe bowl for one hour minimum or till remotely cool. Incorporate CBD amount, vegetable glycerine, alternative essential oil, and aloe vera gel into the cooled blend. Whip together until they become smooth. Preserve them in a corked container or jar. Learn more about how do i make my own cbd body butter

    Troubleshooting the CBD Body Butter

    Have you experienced difficulty in creating the topical product? Sometimes, acquiring appropriate consistency is challenging. One can thin out CBD body butter by adding extra aloe vera gel using a tablespoon and whipping continually. The product is thickened by folding in a uniform oil and butter distribution. Adding more cannabidiol for greater effectiveness increases product potency. Add vegetable glycerine using a tablespoon to reduce the CBD oil grittiness. Learn more about what do you use cbd body butter for


    CBD body butter is effective in boosting skin health. It contains cannabidiol, a cannabinoid compound constituting numerous therapeutic benefits. The skincare industry is flooded with different products, and some have poor quality. Choosing your favorite cannabidiol body butter is challenging in such a domain. Therefore, homemade body butter products are excellent alternatives that deliver the intended results effectively. The cannabidiol body butter is applied topically to deliver the essential ingredients in the body. Professionals recommend consumers utilize premium carrier oils like avocado galore, coconut oil, and pomegranate oil. After this, use the procedure above to make your CBD body butter and troubleshoot to ensure your product is premium. Learn more about why should you use cbd body butter


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