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  • August 29, 2022 5 min read


    Are you looking to add more shine and light complexion to your skin? One of the handiest solutions is using the oatmeal CBD scrub as an exfoliating tool. This article discusses

    Oatmeal is a natural skin scrub from finely grounded oats mixed with honey or milk. It acts as an exfoliator, moisturizing, or can act as a protective scrub for the skin by reducing inflammation. Oatmeal is rich in antioxidants and minerals that increase the soothing and protective power of the skin. Applying oatmeal CBD scrub on the skin and gently massaging is thought to relieve inflammation. This article will guide you on making a good oatmeal CBD scrub for your skin.

     Making Oatmeal CBD Scrub

    Oatmeal CBD scrub is made from handy household ingredients, and the procedure is quite straightforward: In a clean bowl, put a spoonful of finely grounded oats powder. Add a spoonful of honey and mix it with warm water to make a thick paste. Milk can be used instead of honey if that's what you prefer. The resulting paste is called the oatmeal CBD scrub and can be applied to the skin. Store in a cool, dry place away from dirt and dust if made for future use.

    Types Of Oatmeal CBD Scrubs

    Different oatmeal CBD scrubs can be derived depending on the type of ingredients combined with oats. They include:

    Colloidal Oatmeal CBD Scrub

    Colloidal oatmeal CBDsrub is made by mixing oats powder with water or any suitable liquid like milk or honey. It is usually in paste form. It is the perfect oatmeal CBD scrub to use as a skin care product because its surface area to volume ratio is extremely reduced, hence easy to apply.

    How To Make A Colloidal Oatmeal CBD Scrub

    Put finely grounded oats powder in a clean bowl. Ensure that the powder's texture is smooth and lacks impurities. Add a spoonful of honey or milk into the powder and warm water. The water, milk, or honey should be added in the same ratio. Blend until a thick colloidal paste is made. This final paste is the colloidal oatmeal CBD scrub.

    The Oat Flour Oatmeal CBD Scrub

    Oat flour oatmeal CBD scrub is the grounded oats powder. The brand of the oat is removed before grinding it into powder to make it easy for the oats to be grounded into a fine and smooth powder. It is used to scrub while in powder form.

    Making The Oat Flour Oatmeal CBD Scrub

    Grind the oats into a fine powder, and do so after removing the oats bran for easy grinding.

    Benefits Of the Oatmeal CDB Scrub

    Acts As A Skin Moisturizer

    Oats are rich in fats, proteins, and lipids. All these moisten the skin. They form a protective barrier on the skin surface, which traps moisture from the surrounding. It is the perfect scrub for dry skin types.

    It Acts As An Exfoliator

    Cream (2020) noted that oatmeal CBD scrub is used to exfoliate the skin; it sloughs away oil, dirt, and dead cells accumulating on the skin's surface. It gives a youthful, glowing skin that is shiny and lighter in complexion.

    It Is A Reliever Of Dry, Itchy, Or Poisoned Skin

    Oatmeal CBD scrub has antioxidants and minerals which can relieve itchy or poisoned skin. Dry skin can lead to cracking of the skin, which is dangerous. Oatmeal is a solution to this problem as it forms a protective layer on the skin that traps moisture from the surrounding, moisturizing it from dryness.

    It Protects the Skin

    Aburjai & Natsheh (2013) stated that Oatmeal scrub contains fats, proteins, and minerals which, when the scrub is applied, form a protective layer against harsh external environmental pollutants and irritants, such as UV rays. The protective layer reduces the UV rays' entrance into the skin.

    It Improves Skin Complexion

    Oatmeal CBD scrub has nutrients that are good for the skin. It teats black spots or scars on the skin to maintain its color. This improves your skin complexion.

    It Works As A Natural Cleanser

    Oats have naturally-occurring nutrients called saponins that act as cleansers to the skin. This makes the skin shiny.

    It Boosts Collagen Production

    Collagen is the structural protein found in the body tissues of mammals. This protein makes the skin look shiny. According to Goyal & Jerold (2021), Oatmeal CBD scrub benefits the skin by boosting protein production.

    How Often to Use the Oatmeal CBD Scrub on Your Skin

    Oatmeal CBD scrub is made from natural ingredients. It lacks harsh chemicals that can negatively affect the skin. It can also be applied to the skin without running into side effects. When rinsing off this scrub, remember to wash with warm water using a washcloth.

    On Which Skin Types Can the Oatmeal CBD Scrub Be Applied?

    Oatmeal CBD scrub is ideal for use on all skin types. According to O'Sullivan (2013), oatmeal CBD scrub helps treat sores and swellings on sensitive skin. The study above also stated that oatmeal scrub relieves itching, reduces inflammation, reduces redness, cleanses, moisturizes, and is used to exfoliate the skin. It is a scrub that should be used for proper skin care.

    How To Use The Oatmeal CBD Scrub Extract

    Leave it for a few minutes after making a colloidal paste from a powder of oats and a mixture of warm water and honey or milk. Apply it on the skin, like on the face, hands, and legs. It is done by gently massaging it on the skin. Leave the scrub on the skin for like 5 minutes, and then rinse it with warm water. You can apply any other skin lotion after rinsing it.


    Oatmeal CBD scrub is a skincare product from ground oats mixed with clean, warm water, milk, or honey. If it is made in excess for future use, it should be stored in a cool and dry place away from dust. It plays a big role in the skin of a human being. It acts as a cleanser, moisturizer, exfoliator, and reliever and reduces skin inflammation. The honey or milk increases its power of exfoliation, cleansing, and moisturizing the skin. It can be used in all skin types. It is recommended to be used by any person at any age since it lacks harsh chemicals.


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