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Using CBD bath bombs in the bathtub creates a great bath experience, but you can still enjoy the bath bombs without a bathtub. For instance, you can tie the CBD bath bomb in a breathable bag or cheesecloth and hang it on the showerhead, where the humid environment makes it fizz to produce fizz, color transformations, and fragrance.

Cheesecloth or a breathable bag like an organza bag is crucial in using a CBD bath bomb without a tub. You only need to tie the bath bomb with the cheesecloth or organza bag and hang it on the showerhead, where the humid environment should be enough to cause the fizzing action of baking soda and citric acid in the CBD bath bomb. Of course, the color transformations, fragrances, and embellishments may not come out with much intensity, but you will still enjoy them. Besides, these methods prevent your drains from spoiling and clogging since the bags prevent flare-ups and other sticky ingredients from going down the drain. Here is all you need to know about using CBD bath bombs without a bathtub, as in the shower.

An Introduction to the CBD Bath Bombs

CBD and bath bombs have been in the market for the longest time. When the two are combined to form CBD bath bombs, it takes the bath experience to another level. According to Watt & Karl (2017), CBD has therapeutic effects, and many who believe in the claimed therapeutic properties of CBD opt for CBD bath bombs to tap on them without letting the cannabinoid get to the bloodstream

According to García-Gutiérrez et al. (2020) and Shannon et al. (2019), CBD can help fight stress, anxiety, and depression. Of course, more studies are needed to prove these claims true, but many already believe in the anxiolytic properties of CBD.

Why Are CBD Bath Bombs Popular?

As stated, bath bombs have been on the market for long, and many like these unique bath products. Why, though, are CBD bath bombs more popular? First, they are versatile, i.e., they fit different uses. You can use them for a whole-body bath as in the bathtubs, but if you want localized baths like foot baths, you can still incorporate CBD bath bombs using basins. CBD bath bombs are a great option, whether you use a bathtub or a basin for a whole-body or foot bath. According to Djilani & Dicko (2012), essential oils have medicinal and therapeutic benefits, and CBD bath bombs are a great way to explore such values.

How to Use CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath products are easy to use, and you only need to follow the procedure below;

  1. Fill the bathtub with warm water. Although you can also use cold water, warm water is better for the fizzing action and for the bath bomb to dissolve fast.
  2. With the bathtub filled with water, dip the CBD bath bomb into it.
  • Allow 6- 8 minutes to pass for the CBD bath bomb to dissolve since this is the typical dissolution period for the slow-release CBD bath bombs.
  1. With the CBD bath bomb fully dissolved, climb the bathtub and get into the warm bath.
  2. Soak yourself in the warm bath for 20- 30 minutes

This method is ideal when you have a bathtub. How about using CBD bath bombs without a bathtub? Can you use the bath product with the shower? The two ideas below are all you need to enjoy using CBD bath bombs with a shower.

Idea 1: Use Cheesecloth with the CBD Bath Bomb

The first way you can explore a CBD bath bomb with a shower is using a cheesecloth. You can buy or make one from old materials. With a cheesecloth, all you need to enjoy the CBD bath bomb is to tie the bath product in the cloth and hang it on the showerhead. The environment is humid and will allow the bath bomb to fizz, bringing the excitement of using the CBD bath bomb with a bathtub. The intensity of color transformation, fragrance, and flare-ups might be reduced, but you are sure to enjoy them anyway.

Idea 2: Use a Breathable Bag

Did you know that you can also use a breathable bag to enjoy the benefits of CBD bath bombs without a bathtub? The procedure is similar to what you do with a cheesecloth. All you need to do is place the CBD bath bomb inside the breathable bag, hang it on the showerhead or shower floor, and let the humid environment set up the fizzing action for fragrance, color transformations, and flare-ups to be released. Meanwhile, you are sure to explore all the benefits linked to the bath product.

Enjoy a Foot Bath with a CBD Bath Bomb

CBD bath bombs are versatile, and you can enjoy using them for your feet. People use CBD bath bombs for aching feet or conditions like plantar fasciitis. However, studies have not approved CBD products for such uses. Here is what to do if you need a foot bath with CBD bath bomb;

  1. Fill a basin with warm water
  2. Drop the CBD bath bomb into the water
  • Allow it 6- 8 minutes of dissolving
  1. Soak your feet in the warm bath. Learn more about relaxing with cbd bath bombs

Prevent Clogging from CBD Bath Bombs

You can always enjoy using CBD bath bombs until the drains start clogging. Of course, CBD is not the problem, but the other ingredients it features are. The colorants, essential oils, and embellishments can all lead to clogging. However, putting the bath bomb inside a cheesecloth or a breathable bag like an organza bath helps you take care of clogs. The flare-ups such as glitter and confetti that would cause clogging are contained in the breathable bag, preventing them from reaching the drains.


Bathtubs allow you to enjoy using CBD bath bombs since you can relax and soak in them as long as you wish. Still, you can enjoy CBD bath bombs with a shower. You can use a cheesecloth or a breathable bag like an organza bag and put the bath bomb in them. Hanging the bag on the showerhead allows it to fizz, and the flare-ups that add to the bathing experience also come out. Besides, you prevent clogging of the drains since the flare-ups are taken care of and kept in the bag.


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