August 18, 2022 5 min read


There is nothing fancy about dry and flaky skin. Most people have resulted in trying out different products so that they may be able to avoid having dry skin. The most product that has been introduced to the market as a necessity in skincare routine care is the CBD hydrating serum. When applied to the skin, they have a lot of benefits. Some of the benefits include; protecting the skin, improving the skin tone, and acting fast when need be.

Downey (2022) noted that CBD hydrating serum contains oil-based CBD topicals that are applied to the skin to hydrate it, protect it from the environment, and lock in moisture. It is most effective when it is applied to the skin. The body has endocannabinoid receptors in every part. The cannabinoid receptors on the skin react with the CBD hydrating serum when applied to the skin and then start with its work. The CBD applied to the skin is absorbed in a very high concentration. The cannabidiol oil needs to be highly concentrated to show high amounts of results.

What Is A CBD Hydrating Serum?

CBD hydrating serum is a gel-like and watery serum used on the skin to keep them hydrated and protect them from damage. It is applied on the skin, and the areas that are applied are the ones that become affected. They are rich in lightweight compositions such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin, making it possible to have hydrated and moisturized skin. Cream (2020) commented that it also helps improve the skin’s appearance and makes them plump. They are against wrinkles and anti-aging lines, which can make one have uneven and dry skin. Mist et al. (2003) established that the CBD hydrating serum gives one a wonderful and youthful glow by making the skin look radiant.    

What Does a Hydrating Serum Do?

Protects The Skin

Just like the name suggests, the hydrating serum is meant to enhance skin hydration. It prevents the skin from drying out and improves the retention of moisture in the skin. Keppner et al. (2013) noticed that most the CBD hydrating serum contains lipid-replenishing ingredients which assist in nourishing the skin. The best way to use the CBD hydrating serum is by applying it first before using the moisturizer. 

The CBD hydrating serum not only protects the skin against destroying factors like the sun's harmful rays, stress, air-conditioned rooms, and pollution but also helps treat and repair the skin that has been exposed to the damaging factors. According to Meléndez-Martínez et al. (2019), CBD hydrating serum mostly contains antioxidants that assist in fighting the free radicals and keep the skin healthy. The antioxidants in the CBD hydrating serum play a beneficial role in preventing the skin cells from getting damaged, improving the skin's elasticity, and slowing down premature aging.

CBD hydrating serum also has some agents responsible for soothing the skin and reducing irritation. They assist in strengthening the skin cells, making them a protective barrier and preventing inflammatory damage to the cells.

Improves The Skin Tone

When some pigments are not distributed uniformly, the skin tone is likely to look uneven and dull. Lifestyle choices, stress, and fatigue can also cause the skin to be imperfect. CBD hydrating serums, especially those with Vitamin C, assist in the evening with the skin tone and improve the skin's appearance in the evening. They can also be used to fight against signs of aging by improving the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles and plumping the skin. Several formulas combine with the serum and cream to aid the anti-aging and moisturizing experience. CBD hydrating serums help in making the skin look so radiant, glowing, and even fresh. They assist in stimulating the production of collagen and speed up the turnover of the skin cells, making them look more youthful and firmer.

CBD Hydrating Serum Acts Fast on The Skin

If you are one of those who look for quick results, the CBD hydrating serum will be great for you. This is because the CBD hydrating serum contains a very high concentration of active ingredients that act very fast. The molecules in the CBD hydrating serum are smaller than those s in the regular moisturizer. This makes them absorbed and penetrates through the skin deeply and faster without the pores being clogged up. This action is beneficial to the skin as when pores are blocked; they can cause acne and spots. The CBD hydrating serum is often water-based; this makes it easy for them to penetrate the skin quickly and easily and does not leave many residues compared to the oil-based moisturizer.

The CBD hydrating serum is very beneficial to the skin. The property of acting fast and the highly concentrated treatment can make it possible to protect, soothe the skin, treat and improve the appearance while hydrating the skin. It actively targets the problem areas and seems to be the perfect fit for some of the skincare routine products. It gives one a well-hydrated, glowing, and radiant skin. 


CBD hydrating serum is great because the user does not have to inhale and ingest it to serve its purpose. The best thing about the CBD hydrating serum is that you have to apply it on the skin, and the area which has been applied will respond to it. The interaction between the CBD hydrating serum and the cannabinoid receptors may be minimal, but still, the results will be powerful. It does not get into the bloodstream and thus makes it impossible for it to make one high. The CBD hydrating serum’s main purpose is to ensure that the skin is hydrated, just as the name suggests. However, it does much more than hydrate the skin. It helps protect the skin from damage and locking in moisture and prevents it from getting off the skin.


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