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  • August 18, 2022 5 min read


    CBD serum benefits include treating wrinkles and anti-aging, working on sensitive skin, and dealing with acne. But what is CBD, and what are the types of CBD? Why add CBD serum to your skincare routine.

    Different skin care products make up for different benefits on the skin, from cleaning and moisturizing the skin to helping the skin deal with different issues. They include a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, exfoliator, and serum. CBD Oil Tincture is being infused into every other product, and beauty products are also not left behind. There is also CBD oil-infused serum, believed to have numerous benefits on the skin.

    What is CBD?

    Otherwise known as Cannabidiol, CBD is a compound harnessed from the cannabis plant. CBD is the second most predominant compound in the hemp plant. This compound is legally processed because it is not a psychoactive compound like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the compound responsible for the high sensations. CBD Oil Tincture is produced from the hemp plant's leaves, flowers, and stalks. This oil is now being infused into beauty products and other products because of its beneficial value overall.

    Types of CBD oil

    The type of CBD will depend on the cannabinoid content and the method used in extraction. There are three types of CBD oil: full-spectrum CBD oil, CBD isolates, and broad-spectrum CBD.

    Full-spectrum CBD oil

    This type of CBD oil has Cannabidiol alongside other compounds of cannabis, inclusive of traces of THC. This type of CBD Oil Tincture is preferable to CBD isolates because of the entourage effect. The entourage effect theory states that taking CBD with THC and other cannabis compounds is effectual than taking CBD alone. Furthermore, each compound in the cannabis plant has its beneficial effect, so this type of CBD is preferable to people who prefer less refined products and don't mind the flavor that comes with it.

    CBD isolate

    This is the purest form of CBD because it doesn't contain any other compounds of the cannabis plant apart from cannabinoids. This is made possible by the extensive extraction process, which involves the removal of all the other compounds of cannabinoids and cannabis, leaving behind CBD in its purest. The upside about this type of CBD is that it maintains its potency even when mixed with other substances or compounds. The downside is that with this type of CBD oil, you don't get to benefit from the entourage effect due to the absence of all the other compounds of cannabis. It is preferable if you want to avoid THC. This is also another reason why it is commonly used, and it is also flavorless.

    Broad-spectrum CBD oil

    This is like the borderline of full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolates. Broad-spectrum CBD contains Cannabidiol and small amounts of other compounds of the cannabis plant. However, unlike the full spectrum, this type of CBD doesn't contain any THC. The advantage of full-spectrum is that one may also gain from the entourage effect as it produces heightened effects; it is possible because it contains additional compounds of cannabis that each have their beneficial value and works together. This is preferable for people who want to benefit from the entourage effect while avoiding THC. It also serves as a good alternative for the full spectrum in countries where THC is not allowed.

    What is serum

    Kraft& Lynde (2005) stated that serums are skin care products that deliver a high concentration of certain active ingredients to the skin. Various serums on the market perform different jobs, including hydrating and brightening the skin. In most cases, serums are clear, gel-based, or liquid and tend to be less thick than a normal moisturizer. Naturally, the serum is applied before moisturizers to help hold in the moisture. CBD serum is, therefore, CBD oil infused into other compounds to produce serum with CBD as a raw material. In plain terms, CBD serum is CBD infused into the serum to make up a new formula.

    Benefits Of CBD Serum

    Wrinkles And Anti-Aging

    According to Baral et al.  (2020), the antioxidant properties of CBD oil come in handy in dealing with wrinkles and any signs of aging by making the skin firm and smooth. By combating free-radical damage and reducing inflammation as CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties, the formula reduces any sign of skin dullness and a rough skin tone with the infusion with serum.

    Works On Sensitive Skin

    This is one of the best-selling properties of CBD skin care products; the fact that they suit all skin types regardless of whether dry or oily offers the benefits of CBD. CBD serum suits all skin tones, including sensitive skin, to provide benefits. CBD serum helps combat these issues if your skin is prone to acne, rashes, and redness.

    Dealing With Acne

    Acne may be a result of inflammation in the skin pores. There are multiple triggers of acne, but the most common is inflammation. Peyravian et al.  (2022) showed that CBD serum combats acne or acne-related redness due to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD as one of the potential benefits of CBD on the skin. The study above also showed that CBD applied to the skin reduces sebum production and balances the oil in the skin. Stella et al.  (2021) reported that CBD could potentially aid in treating eczema and psoriasis, which are also skin-related problems. However, CBD needs more study to prove the potential benefits it has.


    CBD serum provides exceptional rejuvenating, moisturizing, and relaxing effects on the skin. It also boosts collagen formation to keep the skin firmer and more elastic. Consider adding CBD to your skincare routine for productive results and refining sensitive and reactive skin appearance. CBD serum also protects the skin from environmental stressors and maintains a balance in the skin. When shopping for CBD serum, go for products that are of high quality and from reputable brands, as this will assure their effectiveness and strength.


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