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  • August 23, 2022 5 min read


    Hemp shampoo delivers remarkable benefits to your hair. The benefits include moisturizing, strengthening, and promoting healthy hair growth. These significant benefits are essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein, omega 3-6, etc. Hemp shampoo is also rich in pure-natural ingredients such as peppermint oil, almond oil, and lavender oil. These ingredients are salt and parabens-free. Hemp shampoo can be used in many ways to promote glossy and healthier hair growth.

    Natural hair products are rapidly becoming mainstream in the beauty world. That's due to their diverse benefits and the fact that they're chemical-free. A person doesn't don't have to worry about the side effects as there are naturally formulated with these natural hair products. Hemp shampoo is one of them. It is a hemp-derived product known for its benefits to the scalp and hair.

    What is hemp shampoo?

    Hemp shampoo is a hemp product popular in beauty. Hemp shampoo uses hemp oil as the main ingredient. Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of a hemp plant. According to Miller et al. (2016), the hemp plant is a cannabis plant that contains a low amount of THC, a psychoactive substance that makes people high. Due to its low THC level, hemp is found to be a safe and ideal ingredient in making hair products.

    Hemp shampoo is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Hemp shampoo is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids like Gamma-Linolenic acid (omega 6) and alpha-Linolenic acid (omega 3), with hemp oil as the key ingredient. These fatty acids are well balanced and give the product moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects. Barve (2016) discovered that hemp helps protect and enhances hair's natural shine. This process seals the hair's ends, retaining the natural moisture, which is critical in conditioning the hair. The study above also noted that hemp shampoo relieves hair-related problems such as the itchy scalp, dry hair, hair breakage, dandruff, and more.

    People living in cold regions will benefit from this amazing hair product as it can combat the dryness caused by the climate. Vitamin E stimulates hair growth and prevents loss, optimizing capillaries and increasing blood flow. Gut (2019) stated that hemp product also prevents split ends and restores the shine of your hair color. The study above also stated that hemp shampoo nourishes your hair with zinc, preventing zinc deficiency. Zinc deficiency is one of the factors that cause hair loss.

    The natural ingredients provide the body with all the required nutrients to nourish your scalp and protect it from environmental damage.

    How to Use Hemp Shampoo

    Hemp shampoos have several benefits when applied to the skin. The following are ways to use hemp shampoo to achieve the vibrancy of your hair.

    Choose the Right Product.

    It starts with choosing the right product. Not all hemp products are ideal for hair, although hemp shampoos deliver significant benefits to the hair and the scalp. Due to hemp's benefits, there is a wide variety of hemp shampoos on the market, each serving different purposes. Therefore to ripe the benefits, choose the product that suits your condition.

    For example, with greasy hair, choose a dry hemp shampoo for it will soak up all the oil in the hair, making it fresher and healthy, as Benhaim (2000) advised. The study above suggested that a person could use moisturizing hemp shampoo to amp the moisture in their scalp for kinky hair.

    Detangle Your Hair

    Comb the hair before wetting it. It may get knotted even more when you start washing the hair while still tangled. Tangle the ends then towards the roots to avoid hair breakages. In this case, it is advisable to use a saw-tooth comb. A saw-tooth comp is smoother and can run smoothly in your hair.


    Soaking is important before applying your hemp shampoo. Soaking hair thoroughly means less hair shampoo. Applying too much hemp shampoo can dull your hair due to high fatty acids. Wet your hair using warm water – warm water opens the hair cuticles and melts the oil already in the hair.

    Rinse at least one minute to remove the gunk and make your hair receptive to nourishments. Regulate the temperature since hot water can make the scalp dry and itchy; although it's advisable to wet your hair using warm water,

    Applying Hemp Shampoo

    Don't pour hemp shampoo direct onto the scalp. Rather pour a required amount into your palm and smear the hemp shampoo over the hair. Massage the scalp using your fingers to ensure that the shampoo spreads all over the scalp. Massage for 30 seconds while running your fingers through the hair. It prevents hair from tangling again.

    Ensure to use the right amount of hemp shampoo. The amount you are using must not exceed a quarter. A person can use more than a quarter-sized amount unless they have thick and long hair. A person should never use a handful of hemp shampoo on the hair, regardless of hair thickness.


    What causes dull hair is inadequate rinsing. Ensure to rinse and rinse again to remove the shampoo from the hair.

    Benefits of Hemp Shampoo

    Hemp shampoo delivers great benefits, including:

    Stimulates Hair Growth

    Those suffering from hair loss can benefit from hemp shampoo. Wilson & Nutbrown (2021) stated that the natural ingredients in hemp improve blood flow on the scalp and follicles, promoting natural hair growth.

    A Perfect Moisturizer

    Hemp shampoo can easily be absorbed onto the scalp. It can lock in the moisture rather than settling on the surface and forming a greasy look. Hemp shampoo provides intense moisture that you may need a conditioner.

    Prevents Scalp Infections

    A dry scalp is often vulnerable to infection infections. Hemp shampoo is a perfect moisturizer that hydrates the scalp while retaining its original moisture, as Goreja (2004) showed. Fatty acids protect the scalp against external damages, maintaining the healthiness of the scalp.

    The bottom line

    Hemp shampoo is shown to deliver several remarkable benefits to the hair and the scalp. A hemp-derived product contains a high nutrition value that you'll find in normal shampoos. Regardless of its benefit, when used too much of it, hemp shampoo may leave your hair dry, dull, and even frizzed.


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