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Ingredients serve useful functions in skincare products. Skin issues have become problematic to most individuals. For that reason, people demand a CBD night cream that is useful, effective, convenient, safe, and affordable. Ingredients help individuals to buy a cream that is harmless for their skin. There are many elements used to produce CBD night creams. That’s why buyers have concerns about the contents because often they read long, unfamiliar terms and complex chemical compounds. Every skincare product you use, including a CBD night cream, contains chemical compounds that determine the color, texture, quality, and purpose of the product. What are the ingredients to check before buying a CBD night cream?

The Most Common CBD Night Cream Ingredients

Different ingredients are used in CBD night creams While most skincare stores offer CBD creams containing various contents, you can also customize them into a product that will meet your specific needs. The most popular contents in CBD night creams are;

  • CBD
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Peptides
  • Vitamin C, and E
  • Essential oils

Why Are Chemicals Added To CBD Night Creams?

Delta et al. (2021) explained that when buying your CBD night cream, avoid manufacturers that use chemical contents in their products. Artificial substances may cause unpleasant side effects to those using them. Some individuals have complained about acute and chronic headaches, asthma, and skin irritation after they have used certain CBD night creams. These problems are a result of the chemical substances added to the creams. Manufacturers may use chemicals like mercury and artificial fragrance oils to make their CBD night creams attractive to consumers. Here are some of the reasons why artificial substances are included in CBD night creams.

To Improve The Appearance And Texture

Artificial substances are often added to improve or maintain the product’s appearance. In addition, they give CBD night creams the consistency and colors consumers expect.

To Improve Shelf-Life

Preservatives are added to the cream to make it last longer. Such substances slow the product’s expiration date caused to exposure to air or poor storage.

Can CBD Night Cream Ingredients Make You High?

If you are hesitating to use a CBD night cream because you’re scared of getting high, rethink. Ross (2021) explained CBD night creams or CBD soap cannot make you high because these products don’t contain any psychoactive substances.

Guidelines To Help You Choose The Right Ingredients

Understanding the ingredient list is challenging for many. The complex terms used on a CBD night cream’s label may be difficult to understand.  You don’t have to struggle to try to interpret the scientific words. Not all the time do you have to understand the meaning of the content, you can use the order of ingredients to comprehend the importance of each component of the cream you intend to buy. Here is a guideline to make your understanding of labels easier;


Focus On The Order Of Ingredients

Any product, including a CBD night cream, lists ingredients starting from those that make a higher percentage of the product. If you want a good CBD night cream, choose the one that has the active ingredients starting the list. If you realize an important ingredient like vitamin C is listed at the end, that’s an indication you should avoid the product. The first ingredient on the list is usually the most active substance that penetrates the skin. Individuals should be wise to choose a CBD night cream that has powerful ingredients starting off the list.

Understand Essential Ingredients May Be Listed In Separate Places

Active ingredients are essential because they do a real job on your skin. According to Smith (2019), in a CBD night cream, the active ingredients are cannabidiol for anti-inflammatory properties and for alleviating the symptoms of some skin conditions; retinol for anti-aging; aloe vera for calming. Vitamin C for brightening skin; hyaluronic for dehydrating the skin. In a product like sunscreen, an active ingredient would be UV filters. Sometimes, manufacturers list the active ingredients of a CBD night cream separately and then other supporting ingredients come after. We love it when a company does this because it usually also shows the concentration of each active product.

Expect Ingredients With Less Concentration To Be Listed In No Order

If you are keen enough on your CBD night cream, you’ll notice the label usually lists ingredients in descending order. However, ingredients with less concentration, let’s say less than 1%, are listed randomly with no particular formula. If the ingredients are present in equal amounts, the concentration arrangement becomes useless. That’s why they are not listed in any order.

Watch Out For Filler Ingredients

Filler ingredients will help you know where the descending arrangement of ingredients stops and the random list begins. These elements may trick you into thinking the product is more natural and effective than it is. These ingredients work very well but only serve their purpose if in large concentrations just like, hyaluronic.

Is The Ingredient List The Only Thing You Should Check?

Working (2022) explained that, while what is used in the making of a CBD night cream is important, it should not be the only criteria you use to determine whether or not you will buy the product. Other factors to consider include;

Expiry Date

Often we ignore the expiry date of a skincare product. Well, food products are not the only items that are harmful if used past the expiration date. Using an expired CBD night cream may harm your skin. So, try to buy a cream that has many days before expiring.

The Concentration of CBD

McGregor et al. (2020) explained that the CBD night cream you buy must have an adequate amount of cannabidiols. CBD is an active ingredient in this product hence it should be in high concentrations.


Each skincare product, including a CBD night cream, has directions on how to use it. Make sure you check it and see if it aligns with your skincare routine. If there are procedures that may not work with your tight schedule, leave it and go to another cream.


What your CBD night cream is made of determines if you will achieve your skin goals or not. Always check the ingredients list before buying this product. The main products that should not miss in a CBD night cream include; CBD, Vitamin C and E, and essential oils. Avoid a product with chemical substances. Besides ingredients, also check factors like; the amount of CBD, expiry date, and directions for use.


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