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  • August 23, 2022 5 min read


    Hemp shampoo is rapidly gaining popularity in beauty due to its remarkable benefits. It is a perfect blend of natural ingredients that are found to promote healthier hair growth and reduce hair loss. Hemp oil, as the main ingredient, is rich in fatty acids and E & C vitamins, making it an ideal ingredient for making hair products such as hemp shampoo and conditioners. Is hemp shampoo safe for kids? If yes, what makes it safe?

    There are several ways to benefit from natural ingredients. Nature gives people many healing properties that can promote healthier hair growth apart from green tea extract and olive oil. Hemp oil is particularly an extract from the hemp plant that contains many essential nutrients.

    What Is Hemp?

    Hemp is a variety of cannabis sativa plants that contains little to no THC, a psychoactive substance that drives people high. This variety of cannabis plants is used commercially to manufacture things like clothes, papers, and fabrics. It can be used as an insulation material due to its flexibility and rigidity.

    The worries are due to hemp's association with marijuana and cannabinoid substances. Many folks believe that giving or using hemp products to kids is like giving them marijuana since derived products are often interchangeably. However, the simple fact is that this is a mere belief and is not true.

    The Difference Between Hemp And Marijuana

    Marijuana and hemp belong to the same botanical family. These two cannabis plants also are somehow similar but serve different purposes. They serve almost the same purpose, benefits, and effects. Hemp is used mostly with shampoos to help in hair maintenance. Marijuana can be smoked and used in a vape pen. Marijuana has a 'high' effect while hemp does not.


     The THC level is one of the defining differences between these two. Hemp contains as low as 0.3% THC, while marijuana contains over 0.3% THC. Hemp products such as hemp shampoos and conditioners contain little to no THC. Despite being plans of the same botanical family, these two (hemp and marijuana) serve different purposes. While marijuana is used for recreational purposes due to its high THC level, hemp is used for several purposes due to its low THC level.


    Marijuana and hemp contain CBD, a compound found in cannabis plants. According to Filipiuc et al. (2021), marijuana and cannabinoids compounds are cannabinoids because they often alter receptors connected to various functions such as appetite, anxiety, depression, and pain.   

    According to Perucca (2017), CBD is a perfect solution for epilepsy. According to Moltke & Hindocha (2021), CBD can relieve pain and anxiety. Marijuana is found to contain more CBD and THC than hemp. The study above also noted that marijuana could benefit those experiencing epilepsy, nausea, glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis. However, federal law conducted medical research regarding marijuana.    

    Cannabis is categorized by The Drug Enforcement Agency as a Schedule 1 substance, meaning it can be handled like there is no allowed medical. Also, nobody knows (not even scientists) how CBD works or how it combines with similar compounds like THC to make marijuana a perfect therapeutic substance.


    How the low handles these two cannabis plants is another difference. It is still illegal according to federal law in the USA. However, recreational marijuana is legalized in 15 states. those possessing marijuana in a state that legalizes weed can still be punished federally. Federal law prohibits traveling across different states with cannabis.

    The growing and selling of hemp are legalized in the USA in the 2018 Farm Bill. 

    A person can easily assume that hemp CBD should be legalized under federal law in every state due to little to no THC level. However, CBD is still considered a schedule 1 substance in various sites like Nebraska and Idaho. Americans consider hemp and CBD retail medications and THC a prescription.

    The federal barring of marijuana doesn't align with the public's views. However, the state-based legalization indicates that the society is proceeding without politicians' blessing on Capitol Hill. U.S. retail sales of marijuana may hit $8.7 billion by the end of 2022, an increase from $6.7 billion in 2017.

    What Is Hemp Shampoo?

    Hemp shampoo is a hemp-derived hair product that stimulates hair growth and delivers other remarkable benefits, as Ca (2018) noted. Besides CBD, hemp oil is rich in omega 3-6 fatty acids. These two are unsaturated fats and contain the nine amino acids the body needs to synthesize protein. It is rich in other essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, B vitamins, and iron.  

    Hemp shampoo is an ideal hair product for itchy and dry scalp, damaged hair, and premature greying with these ingredients. Unlike other ordinary shampoos which can dry your hair, hemp shampoo is a natural moisturizer that prevents dryness.

    Is It Safe For Kids?

    A person will be amazed at how safe and essential hemp shampoo is to kid's hair. These hair products can be used on kids without any side effects. Hemp shampoo can be used on curly hair due to its fatty acid.

    All the nutrients and minerals are known to promote healthier and stronger hair growth, making it a perfect and safer hair product for your kids. Hemp oil, as the key ingredient, contains a low THC level. THC is what makes people high, but since it's low in hemp, it won't make a kid "high." Hemp shampoo and other hemp products are safe for kids.

    There is no restriction regarding the dosage or how often it should be used on kids' hair. You can use it wherever you want, and in the amount you need.  

    The Bottom Line

    Hemp products are rapidly gaining popularity. Hemp shampoo particularly is becoming the mainstream in the beauty world. Due to its essential nutrients and minerals, hemp shampoo stimulates healthy hair growth and protects the scalp from infections. Hemp shampoo contains a low THC level. THC is a psychoactive substance found in many cannabis products. That's why many parents are worried about whether hemp shampoo is safe for their kids or not. However, since it's low in THC, you no longer need to worry.


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