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  • August 20, 2022 5 min read


    The CBD-infused face masks hydrate and rejuvenates human skin after application. Most people apply these products for enough period to completely dry before scrubbing off. Additionally, others sleep while wearing them to experience optimum benefits. However, overstaying with a CBD face mask is discouraged because it can cause more negative side effects than advantages. Keep reading to understand the ideal time threshold.

    Cannabidiol (CBD) face masks are facial masks infused with cannabidiol compounds. CBD is an active cannabis cannabinoid compound known for its many skin wellness and health benefits. The CBD-infused face masks hydrate and rejuvenates human skin after application. They are applied and given enough period to dry before scrubbing off completely. Also, some people sleep while wearing these products to experience optimum benefits based on the variety being used. However, overstaying with a CBD face mask is discouraged because it can cause more negative side effects than advantages. In this regard, continue reading to understand the ideal time threshold to remain with it.

    Different Face Masks and Their Threshold Time

    CBD face masks are available in various formulations such as DIY recipes, sheet masks, peel-off, and clay. Additionally, there are numerous face masks for different purposes. For instance, hydrating masks moisturize the skin, and some constitute ingredients fashioned to slough off and exfoliate lifeless skin cells or improve body complexion.

    Clay Masks

    These masks are excellent for cleansing and purifying your skin. Following its powerful absorption of contaminants, individuals should not allow clay masks to remain on their masks for an extremely long time. According to Gomes, clay masks have three phases. For instance, the damp phase causes the skin to drink from essential minerals from external sources. Secondly, a first dry phase activates blood flow and exercises the capillaries as your mask contracts and cools. Finally, a second dry phase extracts moisture from the skin surface, causing irritation and dehydration. Therefore, you should never allow a clay face mask to attain the flaky phase you begin rinsing. After this, allow the product to remain for approximately three minutes but not beyond twenty minutes.

    Gel/Cream Masks without Chemical Exfoliants

    Islam et al. (2022) discovered that cream masks have no extreme potent constituents and hydrate the skin appropriately. Therefore, individuals can allow these CBD masks to remain on their faces for a maximum period. Also, the drying period is excellent and depends on the skin goals of a person. Manufacturers indicate on certain gels and cream masks that they can remain on the skin overnight without causing negative side effects. For this reason, these products are safer to utilize, and largely, they yield better results when left for a longer period.

    Masks with Exfoliating Retinoids, Enzymes, and Acids

    Nasrollahi et al. (2019) noted that face masks containing exfoliating retinoids, enzymes, or ingredients have significant impacts on the skin until individuals comply with the guidelines appropriately. Experts encourage customers to search application time for these products online if they cannot access product cartons or when unsure of the recommended time limit. Otherwise, eliminate these CBD masks within ten minutes and below, provided you feel itchiness, tightness, or dryness. This signifies the natural skin impedance is being affected, and you might require to scrub off your mask before attaining that stage.

    Sheet masks

    Leaving these products for an extremely long period can cause reverse osmosis impacts. This means that sheet masks can reabsorb moisture back from the skin. Thus, never allow your sheet masks to dry completely because they can extract minerals and vitamins away from the skin. In this regard, restrict the period to twenty minutes and stringently not beyond thirty minutes. You can apply the extra essence to your feet, hands, and neck provided the product is available. Notably, people are discouraged from sleeping with sheet masks because they might have adverse effects. Essentially, cannabidiol face masks should improve your skin rather than hurt it. Thus, when the appropriate period elapses, the person should wash off or remove it instantly. Aragaw (2020) found that consumers should not have sheet masks on for beyond twenty minutes.

    Are There Downsides to Using Face Masks?

    A cannabidiol face mask is not an ideal remedy for human skin problems. CBD face masks cannot enter the bloodstream since they are designed to apply to the face. Actually, it gets absorbed through the skin, thus interacting with surrounding cannabinoids. Utilizing the products in such techniques imply the individuals are targeting certain body region. Generally, human skin inhibits many substances from penetrating the body. The cannabidiol absorption rate via your skin is slow. This implies that individuals can administer cannabidiol face masks and various cannabidiol topicals for better results. In this regard, you should incorporate a sufficiently thick layer to overcome dermal blockade to allow cannabidiol to enter the bloodstream. The skin pores absorb the cannabidiol depending on the accessible amount. Thus, all products selected should contain significant CBD concentration. Though a cannabidiol face mask is important, some people might not afford it since it is expensive. Therefore, some consumers cannot assimilate this product into their regular health programs. Also, certain ingredients might cause allergies. Thus people should choose suitable and safe products. Besides, cannabidiol interacts with many prescribed medications. Hence you should avoid using CBD face masks while on other medications. In fact, speak to your medical practitioner for guidance before purchasing CBD face masks. Also, choose your appropriate product to enjoy maximum benefits without compromising your skin health.


    CBD face masks are being utilized mostly to boost skin wellness and health. They rejuvenate and moisturize human skin because of the cannabidiol content present. Essentially, manufacturers have designed them to maintain skin in good health rather than causing irritation and dryness. However, CBD face masks are available in different forms like a sheet, cream/gel, clay, and masks with exfoliating retinoids, enzymes, and acids. In this regard, they have varying recommended periods to remain on the skin. For instance, some require a long period to yield maximum benefits, while others require an extremely short time. Consumers are encouraged to avoid leaving sheet masks and clay for a lengthy period.


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