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There is currently insufficient evidence to show that Sublingual CBD Oil Drops can help a person quit smoking. However, Sublingual CBD Oil Drops promises to help one curb smoking cravings, reduce smoking frequencies, and fight withdrawal syndromes. This article details information you need to know about the role of Sublingual CBD Oil Drops in fighting smoking addiction.

Smoking is not a contagious issue, but it causes many deaths globally, as contagious diseases do. Millions of people die every year because of smoking-related diseases. Besides, smoking creates two types of addiction, physical and behavioral, where the latter is more severe and leads to attachment. Meanwhile, the hype around Sublingual CBD Oil Drops keeps picking up every day, and it seems like there is literally nothing that Sublingual CBD Oil Drops cannot help with. Smoking is a serious disaster, and many wonder if they can use Sublingual CBD Oil Drops to fight it. Here is all you need to know about quitting Smoking using Sublingual CBD Oil Drops.

Smoking- Why it is a Challenge

Have you ever thought about the deaths occurring every year because of smoking? Smoking is a menace, primarily because the nicotine in it makes it addictive, and one experiences serious withdrawal syndromes as they try to quit. Besides, smoking raw tobacco and marijuana is environmentally unfriendly, bearing in mind the number of bush fires that start due to smokers' carelessness and then spread wide and far, clearing vegetation and ruining the habitat of animals. Smoking also increases one's chances for various cancers, including lung and mouth cancers, yet cancer is among the leading causes of death globally.

Can You Use Sublingual CBD Oil Drops to Fight Smoking?

There is insufficient evidence to prove that one can successfully use CB oil to quit smoking. Still, many people think that Sublingual CBD Oil Drops for quitting smoking might be somewhat productive. However, before delving into the effectiveness of CBD Tincture for quitting smoking, understand what makes it challenging to stop smoking. First, the physical addiction that smoking creates is so big an obstacle to overcome. Using cocaine and other drugs is addictive, and smoking tobacco is no exception. As if that's not enough, smoking goes beyond physical addiction and creates behavioral addition. At this rate, dopamine and other neurotransmitters are involved, and the urge to smoke is more ingrained. When you try quitting smoking, the withdrawal symptoms that follow make it even harder to break free from CBD Tincture. In fact, smoking is more addictive because of the withdrawal symptoms that follow as you try quitting it.

CBD Oil for Alleviating Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms are among the many factors that make it challenging to quit smoking. As one tries to break free from smoking by not taking it when he is supposed to, he may feel depressed, stressed, anxious, fatigued, and irritable, among other undesirable symptoms. Besides, the longer you have smoked, the stronger the urge to do it again and again, and the more severer the withdrawal symptoms get when trying to stop smoking. Can CBD Tincture treat the withdrawal symptoms? Admittedly, the withdrawal symptoms are a complex collection, and no studies have shown that CBD Tincture can treat them. Still, preliminary studies show that CBD Tincture might help with a few symptoms. For instance, Blessing et al. (2015) reported that CBD Tincture could help with many types of anxiety disorders, including pain, OCD, and PTSD disorders. As such, CBD Tincture could help with withdrawal symptoms and anxiety. Besides, Garcia-Gituierrez et al. (2020) also reported that CBD Tincture could help with depression, suggesting that it might as well help with depression related to withdrawal symptoms when one quits smoking. So far, the early studies are promising, but there is a need for case-specific studies that narrow down to CBD Tincture for fighting anxiety and depression related to quitting smoking.

CBD Oil for Reducing the Frequency of Smoking

When trying to quit smoking, one does not wake up and stop smoking altogether in an instance. Instead, a person reduces the amount of tobacco he smokes and scales down the smoking frequency. This continues consistently, and alongside cognitive behavioral therapy, may yield results and help one stop smoking. If you are trying to quit smoking, CBD Tincture might help reduce the frequency. How so? Instead of smoking tobacco, you could opt for vaping CBD Oil Tincture. Slowly, it might yield results and add to the cumulative efforts that help you quit smoking.

CBD Oil for Fighting the Craving for Smoking

Some smokers who try to quit the habit opt for nicotine gummies and edibles. Still, this may not yield many results in the long run since the addictive substance, nicotine is still intact. Although no studies have shown that CBD Oil Tincture might lower the craving for smoking, there is a possibility that it could be helpful. Instead of smoking tobacco or marijuana, you could opt for CBD gummies. They are not only sweet and flavorful but munching them keeps you busy, meaning you are left with no idle time to think about smoking and give in to it.

CBD Oil Products for Stopping Smoking

Are you thinking about using CBD Oil Tincture to stop smoking? The following deliverable methods are great, and you could opt for them when trying to quit smoking;

  • CBD tinctures; Are liquid CBD Oil Tincture administered sublingually for faster absorption.
  • CBD edibles;Including gummies and mints, can offer an alternative to smoking marijuana and tobacco.
  • CBD vapes; Vaping CBD Oil Tincture in vape cartridges, pens, and tanks can also help one fight smoking addiction.

Should You Try CBD Oil to Stop Smoking?

Using CBD Oil Tincture to stop smoking is a personal choice. Still, it is worth noting that CBD Oil Tincture has its fair share of challenges, including the limited studies on its long-term effectiveness and safety and whether it is efficacious for the benefits attached to it. Besides, the FDA has not approved CBD Oil Tincture, especially the non-prescription types, meaning you might run into a brand that offers substandard products.


CBD Oil Tincture is an extract from the cannabis plant known for its abundance and the ability to provide the desired effects without causing the 'high' effect. Although there is insufficient evidence to prove that CBD Oil Tincture can help one quit smoking, the existing studies are quite promising. It might alleviate withdrawal symptoms, reduce the smoking frequency, and provide a better alternative to smoking. Still, there are risks linked to CBD Oil Tincture use, especially because of the lack of regulation in the CBD space.


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