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  • August 20, 2022 5 min read


    Skincare products moisturize and hydrate the skin rather than leaving it sticky or greasy. The cannabidiol (CBD) compound face masks address certain skin conditions and maintain skin health. These products are designed to get absorbed within five minutes after application. Sticky or greasy skin effects indicate the consumer might be using inappropriate face masks. Learn more in this blog.

    Skincare products are designed to moisturize and hydrate the skin rather than leave it sticky or greasy. The consumer might be using the wrong product if they experience such effects after administering skincare items. According to radhan et al. (2020), human skin should absorb CBD face masks within 5 minutes after administration. Experts recommend consumers determine the problem and suppose they experience something different. Sadly, sticky skin attracts superfluous grime and dirt from the environment. In fact, this condition is quite disturbing, especially for oily skin variety, which already synthesizes excess oil. Therefore, individuals should find out the problem before encountering adverse side effects. Slide here for more information.

    Reasons Why the Skin Has a Sticky Feeling after Administering Skincare products

    Applying too Many products

    Portion size determines numerous things when dealing with skincare items. In agreement with Tschirren et al. (2005), utilizing excess CBD face masks will not deliver better or faster results. The human skin only absorbs enough product implying that excess amounts will remain on the skin surface, thus causing a stuck feeling. Each product in the skincare routine, such as night creams and sunscreen, should be administered in appropriate proportions.

    Utilizing the wrong products

    Each skin variety contains various concerns resulting in unique needs. For instance, having oily skin but applying products designed for dry skin increases the skin predicaments and makes absorption problematic. Utilizing the correct ingredients and formulation is essential, especially when dealing with skin care products. Therefore you should determine products with appropriate ingredients that address your skin condition before purchasing.

    Failure to follow the appropriate application order

    Administering skincare products in the correct interval seems simple to most people, but the consistency is challenging. Following the appropriate application, order ensures the product functions effectively. For instance, moisturizer is thicker than serum. Thus administering it fast inhibits serum from entering the skin pores and remaining on the skin surface, making it appear sticky. You should consult professionals on this aspect and comply with their recommendations appropriately.

    Not allocating sufficient time for absorption

    The skin spends a short duration absorbing skincare products. Layering one extract after another leaves sticky deposits on the skin surface and hinders the products from functioning maximally. Thus allocate every sufficient product time to become absorbed into the skin before applying another.

    Applying an expired product

    All fresh products function effectively as designed. However, if they stop functioning suddenly and make your skin greasy and sticky, you should confirm their expiry dates. Actually, storing skincare products in direct sunlight fluctuates its efficiency and texture. Therefore, manufacturers advise customers to keep the CBD face masks in dry and cool places.

    Essential ingredients to consider when purchasing CBD face masks

    Cannabidiol oil-infused face masks are more preferred than hemp seed oil ones. The latter is extracted from hemp plant seeds and constitutes limited cannabidiol. Also, the concentration of your CBD face mask determines its effectiveness. According to Ladha et al. (2019), experts recommend consumers choose CBD to face masks containing at least 100 milligrams of cannabidiol per ounce. Many trademarks provide above 250 milligrams per thirty milligrams creams when trading topicals. Though low cannabidiol concentration does not curtail your desire, excessive cannabidiol face masks are expanded with main constituents. They include essential oils, Manuka honey, and collagen. These ingredients are essential for skin, although each normal skincare merchandise contains the largest percentage if not the overall ingredients. However, you should not purchase a cannabidiol mask if ninety percent of its constituents are available in cheaper products. Furthermore, consider investing in items containing the ingredients below:

    Hyaluronic acid: Lowers the wrinkles and lines appearance while hydrating and plumping the skin.

    Aloe Vera Extract: Repairs and revitalizes the damaged skin.

    Glycerin: Moisturizes your skin and preserves hydration.

    Butylene Glycol: Helps in boosting the skin texture and softness.

    Licorice Root Extract: Boosts unequal skin tone

    Vitamin C: It is an antioxidant associated with anti-aging properties.

    What to consider when purchasing a cannabidiol face mask?

    According to Corroon, MacKay, & Dolphin (2020), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not monitor the cannabidiol market. For this reason, the consumers might be vulnerable to purchasing illegitimate CBD face masks. Therefore, when procuring these products, consider the following essential factors:

    • Consider cannabidiol brands that provide independent third-party laboratory results. For instance, the certificate of analysis (COA) should include the proportions for all ingredients and have a high reputation in the CBD industry.
    • Consumers should compare prices for all products. For instance, cannabidiol face masks are moderately expensive. Therefore, be cautious of products with extremely below market standard prices. Mostly, such products have low-quality ingredients that might have negative skin side effects. However, avoid those with exaggerated prices because the brand may be exploiting customers.
    • Carefully study all product tags to confirm that no common allergen compounds exist. Also, check whether contaminants, chemicals, and various toxic substances that can irritate the skin are present. Avoid any ingredients that cause negative skin side effects on your skin.
    • Research customer reviews on the products you intend to purchase. Ignore products with recurring negative customer reviews to avoid purchasing harmful CBD face masks.


    Skincare products are fashioned to moisturize and hydrate the skin rather than leaving it sticky or greasy. The cannabidiol content is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which promote skin health and wellness. Human skin is expected to absorb skincare products within a short period. However, CBD face masks are different, meaning that customers should choose wisely the variety that addresses their problems appropriately. Some factors make your skin sticky, like using excessive amounts, applying wrong products, refusing to utilize an appropriate application order, not allocating sufficient time for absorption, and applying an expired product. Therefore, ensure you follow your doctor’s prescription.


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