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  • August 29, 2022 5 min read


    Acne breakouts on your skin can damage your confidence, especially when walking in public spaces. Herein is about exfoliating with face scrub for acne, including; face scrubs, types, and prevention.

    While many opt for ill-advertised mainstream cosmetic products, different skin types have different results. However, one common product can be used to remove acne from the face; a facial scrub. Acne is an inflammatory disorder of the skin that develops when sebaceous glands produce sebum and dead cells plug hair follicles. The answer as to whether or not one should exfoliate with face scrub when having acne is quite straightforward. Exfoliation is one way of fighting acne on the face. Using a facial scrub removes sebum and dead cells that accumulate on the skin surface to prevent clogging up pores and hair follicles – the root cause of acne. This article will guide you on how to go about it.

    Different Face Scrubs Used to Effectively Exfoliate Acne

    The Strawberry CBD Face Scrub

    Evans (2020) stated that strawberry CBD is a face scrub made from a mixture of strawberry powder with coconut oil, sugar, and lemon juice. Its acidity comes from strawberries. The study above also stated that the acid majorly helps prevent acne since it increases the power of removing sebum and dead cells that might have accumulated on the skin's surface.

    How To Make the Strawberry CBD Face Scrub?

    To make a strawberry CBD face scrub, a person needs dried strawberries, coconut, sugar, and lemon. Using a grinder, grind the dried strawberries into a fine powder. Whip the coconut to get its oil. Blend the lemon completely using a blender to make lemon juice. Use warm water to reduce the sugar into a sugar solution. Mix in a clean bowl until a uniform paste is made. The strawberry CBD face scrub is ready for use.

    How To Use the Strawberry CBD Face Scrub?

    Clean the face with water. Apply the scrub to the face using a cleansing brush or a bare hand. It should be done gently without rubbing it roughly to avoid worsening the condition. Give it some time for the skin to absorb the scrub. It ensures it is absorbed deep in the skin for a good final result. Rinse it using clean water and moisturize with CBD strawberry face scrub.

    The Oatmeal CBD Face Scrub

    The oatmeal CBD face scrub is made using a powder of oatmeal, milk, or honey. It is a good scrub that should be used to treat acne on the face. Natural honey or milk has a recommendation for skin care. This facial scrub is a good exfoliator. Goyal & Jerold (2021) noted that oatmeal CBD face scrub removes sebum produced under the skin by sebaceous glands and dead cells which accumulate on the skin surface.

    Making The Oatmeal CBD Face Scrub

    Ingredients used to make this face scrub include dried oatmeal and milk or honey. Grind the dried oatmeal using a grinder into fine powder. Add honey or milk to the powder and mix them until a thick paste is made. It is ready for use.

    How To Use the Oatmeal CBD Face Scrub?

    Apply the scrub on the face gently using a cleaning brush or a bare hand. The face should be cleaned before applying the scrub. Leave it on the face for some time for the skin to absorb it deeply. Rinse it with clean water. Favorite lotions can be applied after the face has dried.

    Types Of Acne


    Blackheads develop when sebum and dead skin cells accumulate around the hair follicles without closing them, making bumps form inwards. They make a face look rough due to the breakouts.


    Whiteheads develop when sebum and dead cells fill the hair follicles, closing, bulging outwards, and forming bumps that make a face rough.


    Pustules are usually pimples that form on the face. They can be reduced by performing exfoliation by using a facial scrub.

    How To Prevent Acne Naturally?

    The first step to preventing acne is to understand your skin type. The step is crucial since it allows a person to identify which face scrub or exfoliation to use. Once you have all the requirements, you can prevent acne using these tricks;

    Washing The Face Regularly

    Washing the face with clean water can be used to exfoliate oil and dead cells that accumulate on the skin. Therefore, acne is prevented by doing this.

    Using Little Make-Ups

    Using makeup should be limited because some can be allergic to the face, affecting it negatively. The chemicals in the makeup can also affect the facial skin. The chemical increases acne development.

    Using Recommended Acne Chemicals

    Acne is prevented by using chemicals recommended by a dermatologist. The manufacturer's instructions should be followed carefully, and the expiry date checked.

    Avoiding Much Exposure to The Sun Heat

    UV rays from the sun are harmful to the skin. Exposure to the sun for a long period can destroy the skin's beauty. A lot of oil is produced when exposed to the sun's heat for a long time. Yang et al.(2020) revealed that exposure to UV rays increases the development of acne.

    Which Age Is Prone to Acne?

    Anyone can develop acne, especially people with oily skin. However, youth people who are at the puberty stage are more prone to acne. At this stage, a hormone that aids in their physical change called testosterone is majorly produced in their body tissues. According to Attwood (2008), testosterone hormone aids in deepening sound, growth of beard in boys, and broadening of hips, breasts, and growth of pubic hair in girls. The hormone also stimulates the production of sebum. It means that people at this age are more prone to acne since a lot of sebum produced can lead to its development.


    Using a facial scrub can greatly help remove acne from your face. Acne is an inflammatory disorder of the skin that develops when sebum and dead skin cells plug the skin pores. Acne can worsen if a regular exfoliation using scrubs is not done. Scrubs such as the oatmeal CBD face scrub and the strawberry CBD face scrub can be used during exfoliation. During adolescence, acne is majorly experienced because testosterone, a hormone produced at this stage, stimulates the sebaceous glands' production of a lot of sebum. Avoid exposing your face to direct sunlight since Uvrays increase acnes.


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