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  • August 29, 2022 5 min read


    Are you debating whether to steam your face before scrubbing or vice versa? Are any benefits of reversing the steps during your skincare routine? If that is what you want to know, this article is for you.

    Steaming the face, whether after or before scrubbing, is crucial since it opens up clogged pores. It also prevents acne by removing excess sebum and dead skin cells. However, while this comes with various advantages, one should be careful during steaming to avoid burning the soft facial tissues. For instance, water used during steaming should not be too hot because very hot steam can burn the face. You should also avoid often steaming since it can make your face rough. Skin is vital to people. Use quality CBD products on your face after steaming to attain a smooth and glowing feel.

    Face Steaming Methods to Try at Home

    Consider knowing the best methods to try at home to determine if one should steam the face before using the scrub. These methods include;

    Steaming Over a Bowl with Hot Water,

    pick a metallic bowl since hot water can burn a plastic bowl. Ensure the water is not too hot since it can negatively affect your face when steaming.

    How to Steam Over a Bowl

    When steaming before exfoliating, pour warm water into a metallic bowl. Add suitable herbs for facial treatment, although this is optional. Place the bowl in a raised place, so it is easy to bend over it. For example, place it on a stool or a table. In the case of women, ensure you remove all the makeup on the face and place a towel on your head. The towel should cover the head up to the neck, leaving the face open. Bend over the bowl, but not too close to the hot water.

    Stay in this position for some time and lift your head from the bowl. A good steaming is done at this point. After steaming, you can exfoliate your face and apply a moisturizing lotion once the face dries.

    Steaming Using a Warm Towel

    Use clean and warm water when steaming with a warm towel.

    How To Steam Using a Warm Towel

    Add moderately hot water to a bowl; water should not be too hot to avoid burning the face when steaming. Take a towel and deep it into the hot water. Remove the towel and wring to reduce the soaked water and make the towel dump. Secure a comfortable place where you can lean back or lie down. Remove all makeup present on your face and tie long hair well at the back to open up the face. Cover the whole face with the towel.

    Ensure you leave the nose open for safe breathing. Stay in this position for some time, and remove the towel. Your face is steamed at this point. You can finish by exfoliating your face and applying a suitable moisturizing lotion once the face dries.

    Steaming Using a Home Facial Steamer

    Steaming with a home facial steamer is an effective method of steaming your face at home because the steamer is digitalized to give good final results.

    How To Steam Using a Home Facial Steamer

    Fill the steamer as the manufacturer recommends and place it on a raised place, such as a table. The steamer has an outlet through which the steam comes out. Plug it in and wait for it to start emitting steam. Sit on a chair facing the outlet, but avoid touching the steamer. Stay in this position for some time and then plug it off. Exfoliation can follow to remove sebum and dead skin cells.

    How Often Should Facial Steaming Be Done

    Steaming is a vital facial care routine, although a person should not do it daily since it can slowly burn the skin. Therefore, you can steam your face once per week for better results.

    How Hot Should Be the Water Used in Steaming

    The water should not be too hot since hot water can burn your skin. The water can be warm instead. Hot water makes the skin wrinkle hence looking rough and worn out.

    Herbs Used During Steaming

    Some herbs for face steaming are available, and you can grow them at home. These herbs require little attention for them to grow. During steaming, you can place them in warm water for them to deliver their medicinal abilities to the skin. These herbs include:

    Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera is available worldwide and contains minerals and vitamins that are good for your skincare. It is also an anti-inflammatory and moisturizing agent essential for skin treatment. Aglawe et al.(2018) noted that using aloe vera during steaming removes acne, making a face glow.


    Rosemary is a plant grown to provide herbs good for the skin. Its herbs are extracted from its leaves. According to Mohammed (2020), rosemary contains minerals that protect the skin from harmful UV rays by giving it external coverage.

    Benefits Of Steaming the Face Before Using A Scrub

    It Cleanses the Skin

    Steaming opens up pores clogged by sebum and dead skin cells. Finishing the process with scrubbing makes it easy to scrape away dead skin cells, making a face lighter and shiny.

    It Removes Face Acne

    According to Kapoor & Lata Saraf (2011), steaming softens black and whiteheads on the face. This helps in removing acne, especially after exfoliation.

    It Promotes Circulation

    Since steaming opens up closed pores, enhancing oxygen circulation around the facial skin. The blood vessels around the body carry the oxygen that enters through the pores, and the skin becomes healthy.

    It Enhances Skin Hydration

    Cuiyu et al.( 2013) noted that steaming stimulates oil production, which hydrates dry skin. Physical factors and hormonal changes cause dry skin. It can cause painful cracks on the face if left unattended.

    The Bottom Line

    Steaming before scrubbing your face has several benefits, such as opening pores and making exfoliation easier. Steaming removes debris and dead skin cells that may stick behind after scrubbing. It also helps maintain oily and moisturized skin during all weather. Processes have equal benefits for the face since picking the right procedure that fits your lifestyle and skin type is recommended. A person should also limit steaming to weekly and do it gently to avoid burning the delicate facial skin. Consider using aloe vera during steaming removes acne and pimples. Use a home facial steamer to obtain better results.


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