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Some people use CBD scrub and charcoal face masks simultaneously to obtain desirable skin. This article discusses how charcoal masks work, CBD scrub, and using them simultaneously.

Knowing the role of CBD scrub and charcoal face masks is vital before deciding how to use them. Most charcoal face masks have clear descriptions on their packets showing how they should be used and what they do in your daily skincare routine. Similar to scrubs, they exfoliate your skin, and it is upon you to know how frequently you apply them. Ensure you know how to use CBD scrub and charcoal face masks and the side effects before using them simultaneously. Follow instructions when exfoliating the skin with both cosmetics to obtain the desired results. Use the guide below to know how both products work:

How a Charcoal Face Mask Works

Use a scrub to exfoliate your skin twice every week to help in reducing the sensitivity of your delicate skin if your skin is not sensitive. This bi-weekly application is optimal between the time of dead cells build-up to the time of clearing the pores to reveal a smoothened skin. It is also a replenishment step that results in perfectly healthy skin after removing all the debris, including the dirt that blocks the pores. It is not far from product reception which offers great results.

According to Nilforoushzadeh et al. (2018), charcoal face masks thoroughly remove the older and dead skin cells and all the dirt, giving an extra-fine skin with no lines on your face. The study above also noted that charcoal face masks offer the skin a vital anti-oxidation property. Therefore, it is safe to use charcoal face masks twice a week for skin treatment. However, this depends on the skin type, which selects what to do and the mask to use. Mask application compared to exfoliating products and the appropriate time to use, whether before or after exfoliating or scrubbing, or simultaneously, should not be so challenging.

A person can use an identified charcoal face mask before sleeping to enhance the exfoliators. Cells replenish when sleeping; hence, applying a face mask makes your skin highly hydrated and makes the serum function even faster to give an additional boost. Masks have different textures, removal methods, and timings; some are removed using magnets. Every charcoal face mask has an optimum ingredient for specific skin conditions; therefore, instructions are put together for a person to get the appropriate dose not to overpower their skin.

When putting on a mask using fingers, ensure they are extra clean before touching a face. Follow them with a skincare product such as serums, moisturizers, or toners to cleanse the skin if the masks are not for leave-on.

How CBD Face Scrub Works

Consider scrubbing your face if your skin needs to mask it or if you need flawless, clear, and smooth skin. According to Chao (2021), scrubbing strips off the dead cells nourishes your skin and relieves you of uncomfortable and tight skin. CBD facial scrubs reveal the real value of exfoliation when used appropriately.

Cream (2020) suggested that the perfect way to get freed from daily grime through cleansing and smoothening your skin is using CBD facial scrubs to restore your skin's natural radiance. Exfoliation is the key to radiantly glowing skin with a lathered-up and great texture. Use a smoother scrub to cleanse your pores for a nice complexion with limited blackheads.

According to Low (2016), CBD facial scrubs use the fine and abrasive plum seed flour that absorbs easily into the skin. It is a plant exfoliant ideal for dry and sensitive skin and stops irritation caused by harsh scrubs. Add CBD night cream to the mix for extra smooth and clean kin. It enriches your skin with moisture for nourishment and soothing it to return you to a naturally radiant and healthy state.

No more makeup after using a luxurious cleansing tool for the skin to glow without irritation. Exfoliate the skin without experiencing the sucking out of moisture from it to give a brilliant radiance and skin tone. According to Gonzales & Fuchs (2017), dead cells make the skin look dull and lackluster. Exfoliating gently removes them to give a refreshed and dewy skin. Make cleansing an essential step in your exfoliation regime to wash all the impurities with gentle facial scrub infused with CBD.

Can You Use CBD Scrub and Charcoal Face Mask at The Same Time?

A person can use chemical and mechanical exfoliation methods if the skin is too oily. According to Packianathan & Kandasamy (2011), Chemical exfoliation helps in helping to strip off the dead cells from the skin. It is highly recommended that you apply a CBD-infused face mask immediately after exfoliation since the skin barrier tends to be low, with the active mask components getting a chance to penetrate deep. Include moisturizing products even if your skin is oily to help control sebum production.

It is not safe to use these two products on a single day. Use your charcoal face mask once a week and a CBD scrub thrice weekly. Charcoal face masks are perfect for oily skins; however, you shouldn't use them simultaneously as they may not yield the best results. The charcoal is useful in eliminating accumulated dirt and blackheads. Try steaming your face and mask it using CBD scrub to remove the blackhead. Steaming and masking help in shrinking the pores.

The Bottom Line

Most dermatologists argue that you can use these products simultaneously, provided your skin isn't sensitive. However, you should finish the routine with a moisturizer since using harsh will only cause injuries since they aren't safe and friendly to the skin. Wash the face and apply moisturizing products and toners twice daily for elegant skin with a radiant glow after scrubbing. Face masks with activated charcoal remove the whiteheads, excess sebum, blackheads, and dirt to make the skin radiant and beautiful. However, they might fail to work for you though charcoal benefits in the masks are undeniable. It is important to take an extra step and see what works for you simultaneously or with different application methods. Embrace simultaneous use of CBD scrub and charcoal face mask anytime you desire flawless skin.


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