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  • August 24, 2022 5 min read


    What’s your favorite part of skincare? Is it cleansing, toning, or moisturizing? For most individuals, moisturizing is the last step in their skincare routine. Whether you apply it during the day or at night, using a moisturizer is a great way of caring for your skin. The goal of following a skincare routine is to tone up the complexion and make your skin function at its best. Following a beauty routine allows you to identify skin issues and seek solutions to manage these changes. The real challenge comes when an individual does not know the right time to use a moisturizer. Most people are confused if they should avoid applying CBD moisturizing at night to allow their skin to breathe. Does CBD moisturizer interfere with your skin’s ability to breathe? 

    Understand What A Moisturizer Is

    The term moisturizing is common in most skin products while a moisturizer is a skincare product applied to the body or face to keep your skin hydrated. The most basic function of moisturizing is hydrating and softening the skin. Moisturizers boost water levels in your skin. Water present in the skin is located in the keratinocyte skin cells, and it’s known as intracellular water. Moisturizer is used to raise intracellular water levels. A moisturizer can be a cream, lotion, balm, ointment, or cream emulsion prepared with emollients that ensure the skin stays hydrated. Moisturizing frequently seals the skin, and locks in nutrients and moisture, to protect your skin from irritants present in the environment.

    How Do CBD Moisturizers Work?

    Wamam et al. (2019) explained that face CBD moisturizers work by trapping moisture in your skin to create a temporary seal or restoring any lost moisture in your skin’s outer layer.

    Key Ingredients Used In CBD Moisturizer And Their Functions

    • Cannabidiol-an antioxidant
    • Sodium Hyaluronate, glycerin-skin- identical ingredient
    • Palmitoyl- Cell-communicating ingredient
    • Fruit extract, e.g., cucumber- soothing

    Other Ingredients

    • Water-solvent
    • Sweet almond oil, hemp seed oil, caprylic- emollient
    • Polysorbate- emulsifying/ cleansing
    • Phenoxyethanol- preservative
    • Carbomer and polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6- viscosity controlling

    What Do CBD Moisturizers Do?

    Swan & Colino (2022) explained that your daytime CBD moisturizer has compounds that will effectively protect you from anything that may threaten your skin’s health during the day. The cannabidiols in this product provide antioxidant protection, while the other ingredients added to it maintain hydration. Polyphenols, carotenoids, and vitamin C are also added to strengthen your skin’s ability to fight off free-radical damage. Cream (2020) explained that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD daytime moisturizer soothe the skin. In addition to all components formulated to protect your skin, the CBD daytime moisturizer is usually light in texture to make you feel comfortable and look good under your makeup. SPF is also a non-negotiable element in a daytime moisturizer.

    What Do CBD Night Moisturizers Do?

    The skin is usually busy while you’re sleeping. Night hours are the prime time for your skin’s repair, renewal, and restoration. Applying a CBD night moisturizer is an excellent skincare routine to get perfect skin. The right night moisturizer to use during the night is the one that has a rich texture and is made with enough occlusive to seal in hydration. Ingredients like exfoliating acids and retinoids are highly photosensitive. They are only added to night moisturizers. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidants help protect your skin in the daytime but are purposed for restoration at night.

    Is It Safe To Use A CBD Moisturizer At Night?

    The term ‘breathe’ has different meanings to different people. When they mention they want their skin to breathe, many individuals mean they don't want any product to block their pores. You can be sure a moisturizer will not prevent your skin from breathing. But if you’re still in doubt, use a CBD night moisturizer that has a light texture. Choose the right moisturizer that works for your skin type to avoid clogging your skin pores.

    How Can You Choose The Best CBD Night Moisturizer That Lets Your Skin Pores Breathe?

    Don’t Use A CBD Night Moisturizer That Has Sunscreen

    Paul et al. (2019) explained that some individuals use the same CBD moisturizer both night and morning. If you do that too, and your moisturizer is formulated with sunscreen, your skin is not happy when you sleep. The skin’s needs at night are not the same during the day. One needs to use a night moisturizer that has the right ingredients. Typically, moisturizers with sunscreen are not effective in helping with your skin’s reparative processes at night, and the SPF is not needed while you’re sleeping. Individuals should avoid it to let their skin relax and restore successfully at night.

    Use Oil Too

    Most individuals hesitate to use oil at night because they want their skin to breathe. You must know that not all oils are pore-clogging. GABARDO et al. (2017) explained that CBD night moisturizers contain oils to make the product easy to slip when you apply to your skin. Using a CBD moisturizer formulated with skin-friendly oils will ensure your inner pores shed properly, and protect you from pores clogging, making your skin continue to glow.

    Select The Right CBD Night Moisturizer That Fits Your Skin Type

    Everyone can benefit from CBD night moisturizers, but their texture will depend on your skin type. Finding the right moisturizer needs effort because you need to consider your skin type. It’s even more difficult if you have additional concerns like breakouts, clogged pores, or rosacea.

    Here Is How To Pick The Right Night Moisturizer

    Oily Skin Type

    Go for a CBD night moisturizer that is more water-based, lightweight, and gets absorbed in the skin quickly.

    Dry Skin Type

    Use a CBD night moisturizer that is more oil-based and heavy.

    Normal/ combination

    Go for a moisturizer that gets absorbs well and has a fair texture.

    Sensitive Skin, but not an Acne-prone Skin Type

    Needs a moisturizer with a non-comedogenic formula; it won’t clog your skin pores.


    Don’t hesitate to use a CBD night moisturizer at night. It will not prevent your skin from breathing. Your skin requires enough moisture and protection at night. Ensure you cleanse your skin before you use your CBD night moisturizer. Using a cleanser will help you get rid of bacteria, oil, dirt, and makeup. Removing them before using your CBD night moisturizer is important if you want good skin.


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