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Shower and bath bombs are all great for enjoying fragrance in the bath products and getting some relaxation. The choice ultimately depends on a personal preference. If you like soaking in the bathtub, CBD bathtubs are great, while shower bombs are ideal if you have no time for soaking or want aromatherapy more than anything else.

Many use CBD bath bombs if they want to soak in the warm water in the bathtub for long. Shower bombs are especially great if you want aromatherapy from the special ingredients in the bomb. This means that they are all great, but a person’s choice depends on them. Besides, shower bombs are mess-free and save time, and their design allows them to release the crucial ingredients fast for aromatherapy. CBD bath bombs are special for CBD proponents, but they may mess up with drains if measures to contain the potentially labor-intensive ingredients in them are not taken precisely. Here is more information about what to go for between CBD bath bombs and shower bombs.

Bath and Shower Bombs- Bombs that Transform Your Bathroom Experience

Even before CBD bath bombs came into the picture, many were great enthusiasts of bath bombs. The same is true of shower bombs; they have been in the market for a long time. Going to the bathroom to bathe makes you feel refreshed, but you can transform the experience with bath or shower bombs. The two are great for aromatherapy; you need fragrances for bath and shower bombs, without which the ingredient list is not complete. How do the two compare?

How Do Bath Bombs and Shower Bombs Differ?

For many, bath and shower bombs may sound more or less the same. Yet, the two are different. They feature many similar ingredients, but they are not the same. For instance, both bombs have oils, plants, and essential oils. However, shower bombs do not need a lot of moisturizing oils since they don't necessarily get into contact with the skin. They rather focus on aromatherapy and feature more essential oils and scent materials to make the shower experience great. Meanwhile, bath bombs have almost the same amounts of plant and essential oils and also maximize on other ingredients to make the cumulative experience great.

CBD Bath Bombs: Why Many Prefer Them

Have you wondered why there is much hype around CBD products like CBD bath bombs? According to Bauer et al. (2020), CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical in the hemp and cannabis plants and one of the many cannabinoids in nature. Many relate to CBD products because they do not cause the ‘high’ effect, which, according to Schlienz et al. (2018), makes THC intoxicating. Bath bombs are special CBD products.

Bath proponents claim that soaking in the warm bath water with CBD bath bombs is refreshing. Watt & Karl (2017) claimed that CBD is therapeutic, but there is more to the CBD bath bombs. They are made with essential oils and plant oils that have health benefits. Djilani & Dicko (2012) mentioned the therapeutic and medicinal properties of such oils. Besides, bath bombs feature citric acid and baking soda that go into a fizzing action to make the experience great. The colorants that create pigmentation and color transformations while soaking in a bathtub with CBD bathing bombs add to the bathing experience, and many find them more refreshing than a plain bath.

How to Use a CBD Bath Bomb

Do you fancy CBD bath bombs for their claimed health benefits and want to make them part of your regimen but do not know how to go about it? The few steps below define what it takes to use a CBD bath bomb;

  • Fill the bathtub with water, preferably with warm water, to make the bath bomb dissolve faster and fizz quickly
  • With the bathtub has enough water, dip the CBD bath bomb into it
  • Give the bath bomb 6- 8 minutes to dissolve and start fizzing
  • Get into the bathtub and enjoy the soaking experience
  • Relax in the bathtub for 20 – 30 minutes, allowing the body to benefit from individual ingredients

Shower Bombs: Why Many Flock to Them

While bath bombs, including CBD bath bombs, are many people's great picks, shower bombs are equally popular. Many prefer shower bombs to bath bombs during summer. If you want something easy to use and mess-free, you might think of shower bombs. Unlike bath bombs that allow residues to build upon the bathtubs and drains, shower bombs are more efficient. They don't get into contact with the body, so they hardly release substances that would wreak havoc in drains and bathtubs. You don't use shower bombs with bathtubs, so there are no chances of messing with them. How do shower bombs work?

Understanding Shower Bombs

Since you need not use shower bombs with bathtubs, how do they work? Shower bomb creators believe in aromatherapy, which they capitalize on to make shower bombs. According to Dave & Yadav (2013), aromatherapy can relieve stress, and it’s no wonder that shower bombs incorporate ingredients that tap on it to help people relieve stress, anger, anxiety, and other potentially dangerous emotions. Bradbury (2021) commented that shower bombs helped her improve her sinuses and hay fever. Shower bombs are easy to use; you only need to put them on a breathable bag, hang them on the showerhead, and enjoy their scent. Of course, more studies are needed to prove that shower bombs are therapeutic, but anecdotal evidence has enough to offer.

Shower Bombs and CBD Bath Bombs: Which One Should You Choose?

Shower bombs and CBD bath bombs are great. Which one you will go for is an individual choice and preference about possibilities of special needs. For instance, people opt for CBD bath bombs for a long unwinding experience when they need soaking. However, if you need aromatherapy, shower bombs are ok. Remember, the two feature almost the same ingredients, with subtle differences.


CBD bath bombs make your bathing experience great because of the claimed benefits of CBD. The fizzing, color transformations, and fragrances accompanying them add to their benefits. Shower bombs are ideal when you need aromatherapy and not a long soaking experience. Besides, since shower bombs don't need bathtubs, they are easy to use and not linked to the clogging of your drains and staining your bathtubs as bath bombs.


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