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Most people wonder which food they should consume before using CBD to optimize CBD absorption and effectiveness. Some foods functions with cannabidiol better than others. Learn the best foods to pair with your CBD Tincture below, including nuts, avocados, fatty fish, and meat.

Reaping the best benefits from cannabidiol (CBD) is paramount. Some people desire maximum CBD to penetrate the bloodstream for optimal body benefits. Generally, taking CBD alone is expensive. Also, bioavailability and absorption are essential for cannabidiol users to feel the effects of their products. The following foods are right to pair with your CBD for optimum absorption and effectiveness.


Cannabidiol oils match best with foods containing adequate fatty chains. These unsaturated and saturated fats have structures that promote an optimum absorption rate. Avocados contain these good fats, meaning you can improve your favorite chips by mixing cannabidiol oil into guacamole.


Adding cannabidiol into oil-infused salad dressing is convenient. In addition, individuals can easily prepare a cannabidiol fortified ranch dressing, particularly when making it dairy-free. This is because non-dairy ranch utilizes almonds, a reliable wellspring of good fats.

Baked Goods

people can use cannabidiol in different baked goods, whether in squares, bars, brownies, or cookies. Usually, CBD is added directly to the batter or dough, especially when mixing wet ingredients. When using 350 degrees Celsius or below in baking, the potency of your product remains unaffected. If the temperatures are higher, you can add cannabidiol to the glaze or frosting. Whether boosting your evening cherry or starting the meal, cannabidiol is available to stimulate the body to absorb foods.

Fatty Fish and Meat

Fish and meat have enough fats and oils, ideal for cannabidiol. For instance, fish is suitable since its omega-3s might complement cannabidiol. However, take caution when incorporating cannabidiol oil into your food because if CBD Tincture is fried, it loses potency. If you add it to meat by incorporating a CBD butter or sauce after cooking your meat, you will maintain all terpenes and cannabinoids from a full spectrum tincture. Consuming fatty fish is amongst the healthiest foods available. Sardines, mackerel, herring, trout, and salmon are fish varieties with huge healthy fats. In addition, fish contains protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and other nutrients. They support better cannabidiol absorption.


Pesto is among the most popular methods of incorporating CBD oil into your foods. It is solely sweet, although its herby flavor matches with cannabidiol flavors. In addition, pesto does not require high temperatures, implying that your cannabidiol will maintain optimum potency.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is the most convenient and sweetest method to escalate bioavailability. Scientifically, approximately 65 % of dark chocolate calories comprise fats. Moreover, this food contains antioxidants loaded with similar CBD benefits.


Potentiating cannabidiol can be conducted with nuts. Walnuts and almonds are healthy foods loaded with plant-based proteins and healthy fats. Small almond amounts contain adequate fats to elevate CBD bioavailability.

Whole Eggs

Most people regard eggs as unhealthy due to their cholesterol profile. However, Kuang et al. (2018) found that eggs' cholesterol does not interfere with blood cholesterol. Eggs are loaded with healthy nutrients, protein, vitamins, and fats. They are excellent for consuming with cannabidiol if you anticipate maximum CBD oil benefits. They are suitable for people utilizing cannabidiol products to shed weight. Furthermore, eating eggs lowers appetite and makes consumers full when served with CBD. This makes them eat less, leading to a reduction in weight in overweight people.


Some people consider cheese unhealthy, but they are loaded with healthy fats and nutrients. One cheese slice contains similar protein as one glass of milk. Consuming cannabidiol with cheese optimizes bioavailability since it has healthy fats.

Coconut Oil and Coconut

Most cannabidiol oil manufacturers use coconut oil or medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oils in their cannabidiol as a carrier oil to enhance bioavailability. Coconuts are a popular source of healthy minerals, fats, and other vitamins. Cooking vegetable and butter oil using MCT oil is an essential option since it has lesser calories. Moreover, pairing MCT and CBD oil but taking an additional coconut offers elevated bioavailability and absorption levels.

Peanut Butter Yogurt parfait

A parfait is prepared by incorporating your preferred peanut butter dollops into yogurt. However, more additions increase the cannabidiol and taste buds of your parfait. Also, you can add granola accompanied with nuts and chia seeds, maple syrup, and honey.


Cannabidiol oil foods are among the common methods of consuming cannabidiol. However, buying CBD oil might be expensive for regular users. Therefore, pairing these products help to increase bioavailability and absorption and reduce daily costs. Manufacturers advise people to consume foods rich in healthy fats accompanied by sublingual cannabidiol oil. Edible cannabidiol has lower effectiveness and bioavailability than CBD oil. Ingesting cannabidiol while the stomach is full creates a conducive environment for the cannabidiol to offer potential benefits. Adopting foods rich in healthy fats and consuming cannabidiol sublingually offers the maximum absorption rates and bioavailability. Therefore, consider the foods discussed for the best CBD results.


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