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  • August 29, 2022 5 min read

    The Pros and Cons of Salt Versus CBD Sugar Scrubs

     Skincare routines started long ago, and most products used were natural and readily available. You can take care of your skin using readily available home ingredients, such as salt and sugar. However, before using the products on your face, you should consider the pros and the cons.

    Exfoliating the skin is one of the best ways to keep youthful skin radiant and glowing since people spend much time on skin products are a care routine. Many products in the market can be used for skin care. Some use chemicals others are organic. Many exfoliating products are on the market, and the major ones are salt and sugar. Most people believe any more scrub can work and do not put emphasis on the ingredients they are made up of. Some beauty products have been infused with CBD because of its exceptional health benefits. Pure CBD products can give you the best, but like the broad spectrum, it contains all the components of the hemp plant except THC, which has psychoactive effects that alter the user's mental state.

    Sugar Scrubs

    Sugar scrubs have two main functions, which are exfoliating and hydrating. According to Romero-Zerbo et al. (2020), when a face scrub is infused with CBD, its anti-inflammatory property has led to the answers to skin conditions such as acne eczema and puffy eyes.


    Pros are used on the face because they are less abrasive on the skin. Unrefined sugar has nutrients like calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium, which are good for replenishing the skin. Un refined sugar should only be used on the body and not on the face because it is more abrasive than table sugar.

    Sugar scrubs are used with sensitive skin because it is gentle and does not sting like salt.


    Cons do not match for skin beyond manual scrubbing. Jin & Laopanupog (2021) stated that  Sugar could be used to physically exfoliate the skin, rip off the dead cells and reveal new and glowing skin but has no other benefit.

    Natural sugar is less drying; it can be bought, or you can make one.

    Salt Scrubs


    Salt scrub manually exfoliates the skin but also have detoxing benefit. According to Lui et al. (2011), salt, unlike sugar, can pull out toxins from the skin, causing an anti-inflammation effect.

    They can work best in the dry parts of the body, such as the feet, elbows, and hands.


    Salat scrubs irritate delicate and sensitive skin; therefore, they cannot be used on the face.

    Are CBD Sugar Scrubs Good?

    CBD sugar exfoliant has health benefits that help some skin conditions.

    According to the experts, the skin appears dull because of the dead skin cells. According to Agenda  & Array (2005), using CBD sugar scrub could help avoid breakouts before they start.

    Benefits Of CBD For Skin And Body Care

    CBD for the skin helps produce sebum, effectively treating acne.

    Ca (2018) revealed that CBD has an anti-inflammatory property that helps reduce redness and puffiness and calm the skin, maintaining and improving the skin elasticity and increasing moisture retention giving you healthy skin.

    Baswan et al. (2020) stated that  CBD could treat skin conditions including eczema, acne, and psoriasis because of its anti-inflammatory and calming effect. The study above also noted that CBD helps reduce muscle pain and soreness, alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress providing general body relaxation.

    The CBB Sugar Face Scrubber Can Offer You The Following Benefit;


    Face exfoliations should be gentle on the sensitive skin but scrap away the dead cells and dirt, promoting cell turnover.


    A person can scrap away the dead cell, although the scrub should not leave the skin dry. The ingredients in the product should help the skin retain moisture giving you hydrated, smooth skin.


    Puffiness occurs when fluids are built under the skin due to stress, tiredness, or sickness. This can happen to anyone, but they can use a generous amount of exfoliant and gently massage it on the skin in a circular motion. Massaging the skin enhances depuffing.


    Sugar has different nutrients such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which are good for replenishing and nourishing the skin giving it a new look by brightening the dull complexion.


    CBD and sugar can balance the skin tone and change the skin appearance.

    How To Use CBD Sugar Face Scrub

    Make the skin dump by sprinkling some water on it. Apply little but enough amount of scrub on the face. Rubs the scrub gently in a circular motion to exfoliate the dead skin and dirt from the skin. Rinse it off with water without soap to allow the ingredients to continue interacting with the skin.

    How to Choose CBD Products

    There are many CBD-infused skincare products in the market, and it can be hard to go through them all to get the one that will serve you best. Here are some things that will make it easy for you to choose CBD products.

    CBD Type

    CBD is decided into their types, and the components found in them differ. Full-spectrum CBD contains all the components of the plant, including tetrahydrocannabinol THC. Broad-spectrum CBD has all the content from the extracted plant except THC, which has psychoactive properties, thus altering the mental state and leading to a high feeling. CBD isolate is 99.9% pure; therefore, it has no other component.

    The Source of CBD

    CBD can be extracted from hemp or cannabis plant. Hemp-sourced CBD is the one that is encouraged and has a THC of less than 0.3%. It should be US-grown because it is grown under agricultural regulations.

    Place of Buying

    There are many places where you can get CBD products, including online and from other vendors. Try to check what other buyers say about the product if you are buying the product online. A person should buy CBD products from a reputable and trusted brand because most of the products are mislabelled


    Skincare products need to be chosen carefully, considering the ingredients used. People should stop immediately and rinse it off if they use any CBD product that reacts with the skin. However, since CBD can react with some medication, a person should consult a doctor before using the products. There are many ways to enjoy CBD  apart from a topical application: vaping and edibles. The mode of administration will determine how long the product can sit in the body system. CBD is a natural compound, although some reported side effects include diarrhea, increased fatigue, and skin irritation when used topically. Consult a doctor if CBD products react with your skin.


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