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  • August 24, 2022 5 min read


    Have you ever tried a refreshing bath with CBD bath bomb bubbles? Even if you’ve never, probably you have seen on social media the awesome, colorful bathwater of lifestyle vloggers. Well, the awesomeness of bath bombs is real, and those people who share the colorful fizzing bubbles are not exaggerating anything. Such a bath exists, and it’s because of the CBD bath bomb. For those who have never experienced one, CBD bath bombs become fizzy immediately after they touch the water. Why? It’s because of the chemical reaction that takes place between the various ingredients within the CBD bath bomb. So, here is the science of CBD bath bombs.

    The Background Of CBD Bath Bomb

    CBD bath bombs have a wide range of substances added to them. For example, bath salts, fragrances, dyes, fragrances, preservatives, and other ingredients. There are, however, main key components added in most CBD bath bombs; citric acid and baking soda. Citric acid and baking soda go through a chemical reaction after the two are mixed in water. This reaction releases lots of bubbles, which are visible when the CBD bath bomb dissolves in water. The bubbles produced makes the bathwater so fizzy because of the carbon dioxide gas.

    When dry, these two ingredients are stable and won’t have any reaction. The wild effervescence will only happen when water is involved. The so-satisfying bubbling usually discharges the additional ingredients that are secured inside such as cannabinoids, essential oils, and salts. Expect the fizzing to stop after the bomb dissolves completely.

    How Do You Embrace The Experience?

    If you want to enjoy the benefits of bath bombs infused with CBD, or any bath bomb, soak for 20 minutes or more. You don’t need extreme hours to grasp all the benefits each ingredient in the bath bomb offers. As little as 20 minutes will still feel like a lifetime. Although it’s safe, don’t overstay in bathwater filled with CBD bath bombs. The longer you are soaked in it, the more your body absorbs all the substances contained in the bath bomb. This may be a threat to your skin if the product contains an ingredient that is unfriendly to your skin. It can only be safer to enjoy a lifetime and uninterrupted tub time if you are sure of the components used in the bath bomb. As long as you buy the right CBD bath bomb that matches your skin type, and is manufactured with organic ingredients, the results will be skin-calming and mind-clearing; the main reason why CBD bath bombs are becoming more popular in the skincare regimen.

    Types of CBD bath bombs

    CBD bath bombs don’t undergo the same production process. Understanding the various types of CBD bath bombs will help you make good decisions when purchasing one for yourself. Here are the basics of each CBD bath bomb type;

    Broad-spectrum CBD bath bomb

    Evans (2020) explained that bath bombs containing broad-spectrum means the cannabidiol used contain all parts of the marijuana plant, apart from THC. This type still offers a complete entourage effect, which means you’ll enjoy the benefits of all the powerful ingredients.

    Full-spectrum CBD bath bomb

    Komarnytsky et al. (2021) explained that any bath bomb designed with full-spectrum CBD has all the natural phytochemicals found in the plants it was obtained from. A bath bomb purified with full-spectrum CBD contains beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils. It also includes a small amount of THC. The accepted THC level is 0.3%. Individuals that use bath bombs with high doses of full-spectrum CBD may have false positives if tested for drug tests. However, it also allows those using it to benefit from all the therapeutic properties of all the ingredients.

    CBD isolate bath bomb

    This type is the purest version of CBD. It does not contain other parts of the plant, making it 99% pure. However, it may not be the best type of CBD because the bath bomb will fail to offer the benefits other parts of the plant should offer. Although it may provide benefits of cannabinoids, it will not give the additional health benefits of other ingredients. These products are sold at cheaper prices than other CBD bath bomb types. Individuals who use CBD isolate bath bombs will realize that increasing the dosage does not enhance the therapeutic effects. The opposite is the case for broad and full-spectrum CBD bath bombs; they become more effective by increasing the amount.

    Do CBD Bath Bombs Have The Same Science As CBD Shower Bomb

    CBD shower bombs and bath bombs are both enjoyable skincare products to use in the bathroom but are not the same due to several reasons. These two have different shapes, ingredients, and amounts of CBD oil used.

    CBD Bath Bombs And CBD Shower Bombs Fizzies Contain Different Ingredients

    While both use baking soda and citric acid as the base ingredients, the ratio used is different. Bath bombs contain higher amounts of these ingredients, making them more effective than shower bombs. However, you will still get good results whether you use a CBD bath bomb or shower bomb.

    CBD Oils Are Not Used The Same Way

    Kress & Van Leeuwen (2020) explained that CBD shower bombs and bath bombs use their oils differently. In a CBD bath bomb, the oils are used moderately because direct contact with your skin can cause unpleasant irritation if too much oil is used. As for CBD shower bombs, the essential oils are in plenty to release their aromatic qualities into the air. Thus, there is no direct contact with the skin. The main purpose of a CBD shower bomb is to produce a greater number of essential oils to give you a spa-like shower time experience.

    CBD Shower Bombs Are Smaller And Not Spherical

    CBD bath bombs are spherical and have cartoon design bomb shapes. A shower bomb is not fully spherical and is small in size.


    The fascinating reaction that takes place after throwing a CBD bath bomb into the bathtub is one of the attractive qualities of this popular product. Besides the skin benefits CBD bath bombs deliver, it offers an exciting bathing experience. CBD bath both is interesting to use, and how it works for your body is more stimulating. Get yourself a CBD bath bomb and experience the best bath moment.


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