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Do you know what CBD bath bombs are? What does it entail, and what are the ingredients used in making CBD bath bombs? This article explains the truth about CBD bath bombs.

CBD bath bombs are one of the most used CBD delivery forms. Although, there are many things that people do not know or will not believe about these products. If one is a CBD fan, they would likely have used CBD bath bombs. These are ball-like bath products infused with CBD Oil Drops and are designed to help one sap CBD Oil Tincture from them as they bathe. They feature other ingredients other than CBD Oil Tincture, including essential oils like ylang-ylang, lavender, olive, rosemary, geranium, and tea tree oils. Some also have extracts from lemon, lavender, and other products that will add to fragrance. While people have been convinced that CBD bath bombs are too great products, there are many surprising truths about the cannabinoid that one should know about. Learn more about 101 guide to hemp and cbd bath bombs

Understanding CBD Oil

Hazekamp (2018) explained that bath bombs are made from CBD Oil Drops, so one needs to know about CBD Oil Tincture before understanding bath bombs. CBD is an extract from cannabis and one of the many found in the plant. There are more than 113 active cannabinoids in cannabis plants, but CBD stands out for being non-psychoactive. It does not cause the 'high' effect on whoever takes it. CBD Oil Tincture is one of the many delivery methods CBD is enjoyed. It is prepared by infusing CBD compound into a carrier oil, mostly hemp seed oil or olive oil. 

Understanding CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs are like normal bath bombs that people use to better their bath experience, only that they are infused with CBD oil. Like CBD Oil Drops, Manusirivithaya & Manusirivithaya (2018) explained that CBD bath bombs have other ingredients than CBD Tincture; they may have essential oils like lavender, olive, and rosemary oils. While CBD bath bombs might be ideal for unwinding after a hard day, there is not enough evidence to prove that they might help with the many things they are claimed to help with. CBD research is limited, and so are studies on CBD bath bombs are some truths about CBD Tincture that will surprise you. Learn more about how to make a cbd bath bomb

CBD Bath Bombs Are Not Topical

You can enjoy CBD by taking the oils and tinctures, munching the edibles, or swallowing CBD capsules. Individuals can also take CBD topicals such as balms, patches, and creams that they rub on the skin. Laborada & Cohen (2022) explained that CBD bath bombs are classified as topical CBD products; they may not be topical. The whole idea of applying CBD oil on the external skin is yet to be looked into by studies since research has not verified if the cannabinoid can go beyond the top layer of the skin. Learn more about are hemp and cbd bath bombs the same

CBD Bath Bombs are Diluted

CBD fans who opt for CBD bath bombs to enjoy the purported health benefits of CBD Tincture trust that they yield all the benefits. Moser (2019) stated that CBD bath bombs are more diluted than an individual thinks. Most CBD bath bombs have 25- 100 mg CBD Tincture, which is not 100% bioavailable in the first place. When one wants to get some relaxing effects from CBD bath bombs, they let them dissolve in water and soak themselves in them. When CBD bath bombs with 50 mg CBD are diluted in 100 gallons of water, it becomes hard to find a perfect sense and composition of the content. Learn more about what are the benefits of the cbd bath bomb

CBD Oil Drops in CBD Bath Bombs Does Not Dissolve in Water

The other surprising truth one might want to know about CBD bath bombs is that CBD oil does not dissolve in water. The whole idea about CBD bath bombs is that one let them dissolve in water, soak themselves in them, and supposedly benefit from the CBD Oil Drops. However, basic science clarifies that oil and water are two immiscible compounds. But the CBD bath bomb may dissolve in water but not the oil in it. The CBD Oil Drops only stays on the water surface, barring one from enjoying its benefits. Learn more about will a cbd bath bomb work in cold water

CBD Bath Bombs Do Not Give You Time to Benefit from CBD Oil

CBD bath bomb is deemed a topical product, although it is not one for the most part. CBD topicals like balms, patches, creams, and massage oils work by allowing the CBD oil to interact with the endocannabinoid system to provide the related effects. Still, this explanation is more of a theory, and more studies are needed to prove that the system exists and has a thing to do with Sublingual CBD Oil Drops. The topicals are designed to stay on the skin surface and allow the body to benefit from them. However, since CBD bath bombs do not allow the Sublingual CBD Oil Drops in them to dissolve in water, they equally do not allow time for the body to benefit from them. Learn more about are there any health benefits to cbd bath bombs

CBD Bath Bombs May Not Work at All

CBD studies are limited and limited research has looked at the efficacy of CBD bath bombs and can make them not work at all. It is unclear whether the benefits linked to them are indeed from them or related to the additional ingredients they feature. If anything, the bath bombs are diluted, CBD oil does not dissolve in water, and the bath bombs do not allow time for the body to benefit from CBD oil. CBD bath bombs may not be productive for the many health benefits. Learn more about how do cbd bath bombs work

Alternative to CBD Bath Bombs

Since CBD bath bombs have many knowledge gaps yet to be filled, one may want to know the alternatives they can use to benefit from CBD. They can take CBD capsules that are ingested, and all they need to take is water. Alternatively, one can ingest CBD edibles that mask the taste of CBD oil while still allowing them to benefit from Sublingual CBD Oil Drops. The other alternative is CBD tinctures and drops, which are bitter and earthy but allow easy bioavailability. Learn more about ready for a cbd bath bomb


CBD bath bombs are a great way to unwind after one tough day. However, do CBD bath bombs even work? Is the science behind them true? Does the Sublingual CBD Oil Drops in the bath bombs dissolve in water? Peer into this article to get the answers to the questions which might also shock you. Learn more about the science of cbd bath bomb


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