August 24, 2022 4 min read

Tips for Giving Your Body a Healing, Relaxing  Warm Oil Massage

Once in a while, it is good to give your body a soothing feeling to relax your muscles and flex after a long period of working it out. You should include massage in your daily routine to get a perfect feeling.

It feels good to massage your body with heated oils to comfortably deal with dryness, slough your dear skin and have your joints lubricated. It would be best to have some tips on doing a fulfilling warm oil massage to achieve all this. Continue reading and discover more.

Have a Positive Mindset

Massage is a self-care treatment. In the past, it was usually performed in the morning before one takes a bath. According to Lambert (2018), some minutes before beginning Ayurvedic self-massage, it's advisable to take some time and quiet your mind. Ensure that you create contact with your inner self and give maximum attention to each massage stroke. Think of practice as a way of surrounding yourself with love. The more passionate one gets with each stroke, the more powerful results they get

Come up with a Calm Environment

Individuals are advised to give themselves extra time so that the self-massage does not feel like a chore. One creates a calm environment by cleaning the bathroom, lighting up a candle, and going a step further by putting some flowers to bring out some beauty as they experience the massage.

Select an Oil of your Choice

Consumers do not need a specific beauty oil for the massage. However, it is advisable to use food-grade oils of high quality. According to Frawley (2000), as per an international yoga organization, if the client has dry skin, you must use warm oil that is heavy such as sesame, avocado, and almond. When it comes to sensitive skin, use overheated, use a neutral oil with cooling effects, such as olive, coconut, castor, ghee, castor, and sunflower plants. In other words, clarified butter. On the other hand, those with oily skin should use a stimulating oil such as mustard seed oil, flaxseed corn, canola, or safflower oil that offers light oil.

Heat up

To achieve a warm massage result, heat the oil. Do it by placing around ½ a cup of oil into a glass jar that can withstand heat. A mason jar is good for this job. Place the oil bottle inside a pan with hot water until the oil becomes pleasantly warm.

Oil then Bath

 Make a plan of spending.

 About 10 minutes as you apply massage oil on your body if you are doing it alone. After coating the whole body with oil, rest for around ten minutes before washing the oil off. The oil also works to offer a protective shield, and this protects you from any chemicals in the water.

Give your towel a TLC

Using oil in your body before showering translates that over some time, the towel you will be using will absorb the remaining oil. To strengthen your normal laundry detergent to do away with grease, you must add one ounce of natural dish soap that is plant-based to towels.

Play smooth music

Ackerman et al. (2012) noted that playing music while massaging creates a conducive environment to work with. Playing the music creates a calm environment that creates a relaxing atmosphere for a perfect massage. Sounds from nature also create a good environment for working on yourself when massaging. Get to know the kind of music you enjoy, and in case you are also a massage therapist, get to know the preferred music for your regular clients. Avoid playing loud music. It should be playing in the background and add to the experience instead of taking away from it.

 Light candles offer that relaxing feeling. It is good to have them inside the room when doing a massage. If possible, turn off the lights, turn them low, and work using the candlelight alone. It will offer a relaxed feeling that may cause one to fall asleep. Laudamiel (2010) advised individuals who prefer scented candles, should use candles that have relaxing scents, not strong scented ones. Such candles include lavender or Seabreeze scented candles. They have a positive contribution to the overall experience.

Have Plenty of Clean Towels at Your Disposal

Ensure that you have quite a good number of towels at your disposal. They should be clean. To begin with, cover the surface of the place you are working on with towels to prevent the surface from getting stained using massage oils. Towels are needed to cover the body or the client's body as you work on it. Ideally, one should strip off, but in a client's case, allow them to be covered with towels to maintain their modesty. And also, keep them warm as you are working on each body part.

Finally, Get the Right massage Technique.

Begin with both the neck and shoulders and do the feet as you work your way up the legs. Move from the lower to the upper back. Here you are required to use the effleurage technique. Get to both the hands and arms, then wrap up with the head.


For one to experience a massage of its kind, it's good to up the game. Depending on one’s skin type, use a warm massage oil of your choice. Create a conducive environment for the whole action. Now that you are doing it yourself, you are free to do what pleases you to get maximum benefits. Ensure that you have several towels and follow the right procedure in that you are well versant with the part to begin with and the one that you should conclude with. Do not be mean to yourself; use clean towels to avoid messing up the area you are working in from becoming messy. Follow the highlighted tips, and you won't go wrong.


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