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  • August 24, 2022 5 min read

    Topical CBD For Yoga

    What is topical CBD? can topical CBD products be used for yoga? How effective are the products? Are there any side effects when an individual uses Topical CBD for Yoga?

    Many people go for Yoga activities as a way of relieving stress. Movements of the body help better the nervous system and one’s state mentally. There is complementation between CBD and yoga. Several people take CBD either before or after taking part in yoga. Many Yoga activities require CBD, such as continuous muscle stretching, which leads to pain if done continuously. Also, people with anxiety who are doing yoga require CBD as a supplement. It is very true and wise to use CBD topicals when doing yoga. Here are some nuggets of wisdom one needs to know.

    The relevance of CBD in yoga

     Philpott et al. (2017) stated that people with chronic pains, sore joints, and muscle aches have at a point in time used CBD topicals. Yoga classes spice up the healing process by making it a fun venture though very productive in the healing mission of the patients.CBD  topical help relieves pain and joint inflammation, reduces soreness in the muscles, and enhances body recovery.

    Importance of Compounding CBD and Yoga

    Stress Relieving

    Different practices in yoga, such as Prana Yoga, Power Yoga, and yoga, affect our bodies. Flexibility is enhanced, stress is reduced, and the creation of awareness of what is happening around you is achieved through yoga. Store (2022)stated that merging Yoga and CBD helps one get control of stress and enables one to experience longer yoga sessions. Change in one's state of mind is achieved by enabling one to meditate too much higher levels than normal. Terpenes imbued with CBD topicals lower tension and exploit the effectiveness of yoga movements such as Vinyasa. The research argues that meditation leads to the reliance on serotonin that makes one feel happy and feel better. Medication results in a quicker formation of new brain cells and makes strong connections that lead to good feelings.

     It Enhances Regeneration After Strenuous Yoga Practices

    After a vinyasa yoga session, the body may have muscle pain or suffer from inflammation. After being absorbed in the body, CBD topicals offer a soothing effect and minimize soreness by producing properties that bring about body regeneration.

    Good for Both the Body and the Mind

    According to Tick et al. (2018), mixing Yoga and CBD elevates one’s experience and helps achieve a successful and relaxed session. One’s body can reconnect by doing away with tension due to nervousness or anxiety. Certifiable people require it to relax their minds and boost levels of concentration in an individual.

    Topicals that One should Combine with Yoga

    Different products of CBD have varying impacts on yoga sessions. Some of the uses of CBD products include relieving pain, making someone feel relaxed and calm, manage overthinking and depression. When one massages their body with a CBD topical, it gives room for them to experience anti-inflammatory effects and experience psychological balance. Note that not all of them can combine well with activities related to yoga. Other products that one can try out are Botanical topical, Elixinol CBD cream, and Bloom Hemp Topicals.

    Little to No effects After Using CBD

    When one feels pain, the last option is to go for over-the-counter drugs. However, these drugs often give the user unpleasant side effects, such as weakened immune system, drowsiness, and even diarrhea. Buchi et al. (2018)explained that cannabis performs its work with minimum to no side effects. Working hand in hand with the endocannabinoids, they help maintain the body's homeostatic state. The ESC present in the body, working hand in hand with CBD, offers no major side effects as long as they are taken in good amounts. When the body is homeostatic, it functions well because it is relaxed.

    CBD for Power Yoga  Activities

    According to Dussault (2017), CBD helps individuals become focused and improve concentration levels. Focus is absorbed by strengthening the bridge between mind and body. Bridging the gap makes both CBD and yoga perfect. 

    Examples of CBD Topicals that Help with Yoga 

    Here are some of the products that work well with yoga in CBD topicals. Individuals may also use them in other activities such as working out and winter sports. They include lotions, balms, powders,  liquids,  sprays, foam, patches,  gels, and ointments.

    How CBD Interacts with CBD during Yoga

    When experiencing either joint or muscle inflammation, it becomes difficult for them to participate in yoga actively. The reason is the tightness of the body that hinders one’s mobility. CBD is a renowned anti-oxidant that assists in nullifying free radicals that bring about inflammation. When one is not experiencing inflammation, they tend to be flexible. CBD application before or after yoga practices makes one perform yoga practices comfortably. Topicals also help maintain one's focus in performing yoga. One can benefit from the effects of cannabis without experiencing high feelings. One can do away with thoughts from outside, which are destructive at a faster rate making one focus and be mindful of what is happening at the present moment. Joint pain alleviation is also another important function of CBD topicals. The topicals also help reduce nervousness when one is nearing yoga sessions. Pain relief is offered after stretching workouts, especially the stretching session. Relief in pain makes the stretching session very fruitful. Regular use of CBD topicals makes yoga routes more enjoyable and fulfilling.


    CBD and yoga are perfect sisters. They all work handy in relieving the body and making one feel relaxed. Activities such as yoga and other workouts come with their fair share of disadvantages. Continued stretching can cause muscle inflammation. CBD topicals offer the best pain-relieving effects that are natural, unlike the drugs offered over the counter, which have effects such as drowsiness and diarrhea. CBD is also good in relieving tension during pre-yoga activities enabling one to have a fruitful yoga session. CBD is not only good for yoga classes but also for workouts and sports activities. Try using CBD topicals after or before yoga classes, and you won’t regret it.  


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