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  • August 26, 2022 5 min read


    CBD products have been used to treat different ailments, conditions, or disorders. It is widely known around the world as a constituent in useful compounds used, in which it performs important roles. Although, some of its vital uses are not common among many people worldwide.

    Without any doubt, CBD oil is gaining popularity due to its medicinal value, as experienced by most of its users. Many of its uses are common among users as it has been used in different forms and as an ingredient in cannabinoids. When CBD oil is extracted and used independently, it has vital functions as far as treatment is concerned. As revealed by researchers, there are some unique and unusual uses of CBD oil that are unknown to many of its users.

    High heels' pain reliever.

    For the ones interested to be in high-heeled shoes, they can, without doubt, testify to the itchy feeling or irritation they get somewhere above their heels. However persistent irritation may be, the owners may assume it and care less about it. It will eventually cause damage to the tissues beneath the skin on that part. This then introduces an abnormal pain in the affected area felt from inside, and it will need careful medication to be treated.

    According to Boyaji, Shafik, et al (2020), CBD is useful for relieving pain. The pain induced by wearing high-heeled shoes may be relieved by simply applying some CBD oil to the affected area. One feels comfortable after applying CBD oil to wearing high-heeled shoes. The oil is essential for the relaxation of the tissues beneath the skin's surface while smoothening the skin surface.

    Helps one to catch a sound sleep

    Our bodies need to rest after a tiresome day or even our brains after a busy day. Especially the active youths who are in the working class. They are ever busy during the day with all the household chores, school work, and other activities. They need to get not just long hours of sleep but a good rest for the body and the brain.

    According to Rowe, Peter, et al (2017), since CBD oil has the properties that may pose fatigue, dizziness, tiredness, or boredom, the users are likely to rest and fall asleep. The user's mind is relaxed with the effect of the CBD oil. Though the properties related to sleep come as side effects, they are also taken as contributing factors to a sound sleep at night.

    Reduces the quest for smoking.

    It's very difficult for someone who is addicted to smoking to quit. However, when they use CBD oil, it gets into their system and may get rid of the smoking habit. This happens gradually as the CBD oil slowly reduces the urge to feel smoking, and eventually, the thirst disappears. This is affected by the process whereby the CBD oil interrupts the endocannabinoid system when it is taken.

    Used for skincare and treatment.

    Seasons come with different effects on the body's skin. Say like the summer season, which may cause a break out of the skin. Regardless of the pores' sweat during this season, other people may still have dry patches. On the other hand, the winter season might cause an embarrassment to those with oily skin. In such circumstances, many people opt to use butter, lotions or other hydrating gems, which mostly do not reach the moisture level needed by the pores. According to Metwally, Sara, et al (2020), the best solution is in CBD products which can maintain optimal skin moisturization.

    Apart from being used for the healing purpose of the skin, CBD oil can also be used for nourishing the skin and beautifying it. It's used as one of the manufacturers' essential ingredients in beautification and skincare products. This is in a bid to combat conditions like skin rashes and acne. The broad-spectrum type of hemp oil contains some naturally occurring substances, vitamins, and minerals that help keep the skin looking flawless. One may even look younger than their age.

    Imposes comfort after body exercise

    Exercising is healthy for the human body since it keeps one's body fit and active. One might schedule a practicing or exercising session every day in their daily activities to keep their body active. This routine may be consistently or persistently followed in childhood up-to-the youthful age. After that, as one starts getting older, the schedule might be interrupted due to tiredness and less time for exercise. Even at a youthful age, one may work out for fewer hours than usual, maybe due to fatigue or chronic pains.

    One might experience some effects after exercising, which may be brought about by relaxation and contraction of muscles due to the unexpected movement of the muscles. This may lead to the discomfort experienced after the workout caused by pain due to muscle pull. According to Hatchet, Andrew, et al (2020), CBD oil may alleviate the pain when applied to the body after the workout. As a result, it intervenes in the endocannabinoid receptor activity for the pain to go away. The oil containing CBD and THC as its components can remove severe pain related to arthritis and muscle sclerosis.

    Help in regrowth of lost hair.

    Studies have shown that CBD is capable of making hair regrow. Not all types of CBD products can do so, but CBD is rich in hemp extracts that can be added with carrier oils. The research showed it to be more effective in men than in women when CBD oil was applied on the scalp for 6months, and there was successful regrowth. It has been observed earlier that excessive hair loss is mainly caused by stress. As CBD oil reduces anxiety and helps catch a better sleep, as seen earlier, it will eventually decrease the daily stressors and affect the regrowth of hair follicles.


    CBD products are helpful in many ways, some of which are widely known while others-like, like the above, are uncommon to people. Further research done most recently has revealed unusual uses of CBD products that have been of importance even to society, like reducing the urge to smoke. These uses are a result of the development of earlier studies done. The capability of CBD products has been drawn from the results of the previous research done, which proved their ability. E.g., the regrowth of hair was drawn from the ability of CBD oil to reduce anxiety.


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