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The CBD industry is expanding as the new product are being discovered and manufactured. It is mainly accepted globally and it is primarily used for medical purposes. However, CBD is also becoming a popular ingredient for sex lube. It has been known to help women who suffer from pain during sex making them enjoy it even better. Generally, CBD has been known to have anti-inflammatory properties which can help prevent irritation as long it's made with natural coconut oil or water base. On the other hand, CBD lube can fulfill the function of traditional lubricants and make the experience much better. Its also known to help in moisturizing delicate skin, and alleviate inflammation and pain making it a help full product during sex. Unsurprisingly, CBD massage oil as a lubricant can lead to a better organism.

Can You Use CBD massage Oil as A Lube?

Kasman et al. (2020) explained that CBD oil has many advantages and one of them is that can be used as a sex lubricant. However, there are one to two things you should consider before deciding to use coconut oil as your personal lubricant . However, before using it you should know that it is not well -regulated hence this is a concerning issue when it comes to purity and also safety of this product. But if you decide to use it you should be aware that it will deteriorate latex condoms putting you and your partner at risk of unwanted pregnancy. Also, it can lead to a yeast infection or even bacterial vaginosis mostly if you are a frequent user.

If you are thinking of using CBD oil as your personal  lubricant you should purchase it from a trusted brand. It should also  not contain any additives or any type of flavorings  since they cause irritation. CBD massage oil is known to be non comedogenic meaning it won’t lead to clogging of your pores or cause any irritation. Following this it means that it is safe when it comes to external masturbation since it won't cause you any allergies or skin sensitivities. If your sex toy is made of glass, silicon, or abs plastic, you can use CBD oil, although it can cause degradation to sex toys made from rubber. Additionally, CBD massage oil can stain your fabric just like other oils, hence making it difficult to be removed from your skin after you are done using it. If you are looking for a lube alternative that is safe, you can try using the CBD oil, but it contains a few risks. Individuals should stick to the CBD lube oil that’s mainly manufactured for sexual activities alone.

Can You Use CBD Oil as Vaginal Lube?

Yes. However before using it you should put into consideration that CBD massage oil has not yet been well regulated. Nxumalo (2020) explained that if you have preferred to use your CBD massage oil for vaginal lube, you should make sure to purchase from a reliable vendor and trusted brand. You should be aware that using any massage oil for your personal lubrication can lead to a high risk of contracting bacteria and vaginosis infections. This can also apply to  pregnancy since during pregnancy there is hormonal shifts which can make one prone to contracting yeast infections.CBD massage oil can reduce the usefulness of latex condoms  hence leading to unwanted pregnancy and STI transmission. Basically, for those using diaphragm as a means  to avoiding pregnancy, it’s a bad idea to use CBD massage oil as vaginal lube. This is because it can tamper with  the diaphragms  material which in turn leads to an unplanned pregnancy. Evans (2020) explained CBD is hard to get off the skin meaning it can be hard to remove especially from the skin found in the vagina. CBD massaging oil is known to be non-comedogenic which means that it won't lead to clogging of the pores. This can make it useful in case you want to use it during external masturbation only if you are not allergic or sensitive to hemp.

Can You Use CBD Massage Oil as Anal Lube?

GABARDO et al. (2017) explained that CBD massage oil can be used as anal lube. However anal skin is not much sensitive  than other parts of the skin making it easier for you to use CBD Tincture as lube. Generally, you are not allowed to use latex condoms or polyisoprene condoms while using CBD Tincture lube because it can degrade them. You should keep in mind that if your condom accidentally breaks you become prone to contracting STI and other forms of sexually transmitted disease. However if you have not been tested or even your partner too,make sure to choose a lube that will not diminish the material of the condom. Condoms manufactured from lambskin or nitrile are safe to be used with oil although they don’t  give out the needed protection from sexually transmitted diseases.  If you want to use CBD oil for anal play suing sex toys, you should make sure that the sex toy is not made from rubber ,material since the oil can deteriorate the material.

How Does One Use CBD Massage Oil Lube and How Does It Work?

Using it is very simple because it doesn't need any experience you just apply it to the area needed. However, it depends on the individual who is applying it to be absorbed and start feeling the effects of the ingredients. You should also keep it in mind when you are applying it so you don’t expect any instant effects. This is not like the traditional lubes it's way much better and it gives you the ability to nourish and care for your body.

As explained earlier, using it is very simple you just apply it to the vulva, inside the vagina, or even on the anus. After that, you wait for the ingredient to activate and it will provide a sensual feeling. But before doing any of this you should have a little research for yourself to know the does and don’ts.


CBD oil lubricant is one of the up-and-coming products that some consumers have come to rely on for more comfortable sex. However, CBD is none intoxicating, it can help women relieve the pain they feel during sex and make it more pleasing for them.  Generally, CBD is safe and it can give the most intense orgasm ever so intense that you can’t let your partner stop using it. CBD oil lube doesn't interact well with condoms made from latex materials because it is capable of degrading them. CBD water-based lube work best and will help to have the best experience. CBD massage oil lube is not only good for sex but it can also decrease irritation and inflammation.    


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