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  • August 24, 2022 5 min read


    Does CBD contain any salts? What are CBD bath salts? How are they used and made? Are they effective to users? This article explains what CBD bath salts are.

    CBD bath salts are bath products with CBD as part of the ingredient list. Like bath bombs, one puts the CBD bath salt in the bathtub, allows it to dissolve, and soaks in it for 20 minutes to explore its benefits. If one is a bath fan, they might want to explore CBD bath salts for a refreshing bath soak experience. The bath salts also have Epsom salt or alternative sea salts, which might be great for the skin. Like other CBD products, CDB bath salts occur in three formulations, depending on the CBD oil used to manufacture them. Individuals can opt for isolated CBD bath salts if they want CBD Tincture without additional compounds. Still, many CBD users prefer full- and broad-spectrum CBD bath salts with terpenes, flavonoids, and additional cannabinoids.

    Introducing CBD

    Before looking at CBD bath salts, one needs to understand CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid or one of the more than 113 active compounds in cannabis plants. Morales et al. (2017)explained that despite the huge number of cannabinoids, CBD stands out for being non-psychoactive, meaning that using it will not make you ‘high.’ CBD is most abundant in its diluted form, i.e., CBD oil, which features the compound in a carrier oil such as hemp seed or coconut oil. Also, individuals can opt for other CBD delivery methods like CBD capsules, edibles, vapes, and topicals, especially if they do not want to feel the earthy or bitter taste of CBD oil.

    What Are CBD Bath Salts?

    A good background checks on CBD preparers one to know CBD bath salts, which this section focuses on. According to Gauvin (2018), CBD bath salts are bath products in salt forms with CBD oil or isolates as part of the ingredient list. Like CBD bath bombs, one allows the CBD bath salts to dissolve in warm water and soak in the water for some time to benefit from the bath. CBD bath salts and bombs are praised for many health benefits, most of which studies are yet to confirm.

    Make Your Bath Refreshing with CBD Bath Salts

    Many individuals like soaking themselves in the bathtub as most people find it great for unwinding and destressing. Individuals can make the bathtub soaking for leisure by including some well-thought-out background music to help grace the moment. Bathing is refreshing, and it's no wonder one wants to rush into it the first thing when they get back to the house. Imagine how refreshing the experience would be if an individual added some bath salts to it.

    Do CBD Bath Salts Have Any Health Benefits?

    CBD studies are limited, and one question you might want to get its answer to is whether CBD bath salts have any health benefits. CBD oil has many health claims attached, although studies do not fully back them up, and most rely on anecdotal evidence. Baswan et al. (2020) explained that cannabidiol (or CBD) has therapeutic skin benefits and helps with skin disorders; thus, many CBD fans opt for CBD bath salts to improve their skin conditions. Also noted is that CBD oil might help with inflammation, potentially improving skin conditions. An individual should well conduct research to help prove the claims made by different authors. Nonetheless, people use CBD bath salts, hoping that it might somewhat boost their skin.

    Other Benefits Related to CBD Bath Salts

    Are there other reasons that move people into using CBD bath salts? Of course, yes. For instance;


    Hammell et al. (2016) stated that CBD bath salts are easy to use; one needs convenience while using any product, and CBD bath salts guarantee individual convenience. They have to follow the manufacturer's instructions, and they will be good to go.

    They May Benefit the Skin

    CBD bath salts have the potential to improve the skin by fighting inflammation and lowering the risks of skin disorders, and one might take advantage of these by using CBD bath salts. CBD bath salts are all-natural and ideal, following the increased emphasis on natural products.

    They may be Effective.

    Studies are ongoing to prove that CBD oil gets into the skin when using CBD bath salts. CBD bath salts will be an effective CBD delivery form if this is true.

    Concerns with CBD Salts

    Although CBD bath salts seem to promise many benefits, it is worth noting that it has concerns that one should worry about, just like any other product. For instance;

    1. The CBD industry is largely unregulated, and it is not uncommon to come across substandard products, including CBD bath salts.
    2. Dosing on CBD products, including CBD bath salts, remains a challenge because the FDA does not regulate non-prescription CBD oil.
    • If an individual’s skin is highly sensitive, one might suffer rashes and irritation with CBD bath salts and other topical CBD products.
    1. Studies are yet to confirm the effectiveness of CBD salts, and we can only hope that they are efficacious for the reasons they are used.

    How to Choose CBD Bath Salts

    With many CBD brands dealing in CBD bath salts and claiming to offer high-quality products, choosing CBD salts is not easy. No CBD product is the best, primarily because of lack of regulation. Focusing on the points below helps increase one's landing good CBD bath salts. Individuals need to;

    CBD Formulation

    One may want full- or broad-spectrum CBD bath salts to benefit from additional compounds in cannabis plants.

    Third-party Tests

    Brands that conduct 3rd party tests for their products tend to be more reputable.

    Hemp Source

    Work with CBD brands that source and process hemp locally.

    Organic and Natural Certification

    Focus on CBD brands that are certified organic and follow natural procedures.


    CBD bath salts are topical CBD products with CBD oil and Epsom salts as key ingredients. One benefits from them by letting them dissolve in warm water and soaking in the water for about 20 minutes. Studies show that CBD Tincture may reduce inflammation and lower the risks of skin disorders, and one might expect these benefits in CBD bath salts, although more studies are needed to uphold the claims.


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