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  • August 23, 2022 4 min read

    What are Terpene Candles?

    The terpene candles play a vital role in the human body. These candles are infused with some cannabis components. Some things highlighted about the terpenes include; the health benefits, how to access them and what they are.   

    The terpene candles have started taking over the candle game. The terpene candles have allowed cannabis enthusiasts to continue enjoying themselves. With the terpene candles, they can still enjoy the scent and smell they are used to having by covering up and hiding the goodness of the weed. There is less stigmatization of cannabis in the modern world people are coming out and admitting to cannabis use. Modern society has started to get into it by accepting it all, and now the scent is the most sought fragrance. Terpene candles have a lot of benefits to the human body. They help one relax and unwind; they do not make one high but calm the mind.  

    What is a terpene candle?

    The terpene candles are just exactly as they sound. They are candles that are infused with some of the elements of cannabis. The distilled oil with terpenes from the plants mixed with the cannabis essential oil is meant to imitate the experience and feel the aura of smoking weed. At times, the terpene candles may have the scent of getting one high, but it is just an illusion created and won't seriously affect anyone.

    However, the candles are likely to produce some of the healing properties found in the terpenes. Additionally, once you light a candle in a smoking session, the combined effects of the terpene oils found in the candle and the THC being smoked may enhance the general experience.

    Terpene Candles for Aromatherapy

    While terpene will not have any psychoactive effect on anyone, they are in a position to have aromatherapeutic properties that have many advantages to the user (Pytel et al., 2021). Aromatherapy is a practice that involves inhaling essential oils to boost one's moods, relieve pain, increase energy, encourage relaxation, and so much more. The essential oils present in the terpene are known for their balancing properties on the body and mind.

    Some terpenes have different uses in the body. Some can act as stress relievers, relaxation, and mood elevation. One of the best terpenes with a beautiful aroma is the linalool terpene. It is the best when it comes to candle infusion. The terpene can also be found in the lavender plant and some spices. They are mostly known for the floral and clean scent that it gives out. They help in enhancing relaxation, reducing depression, and relieving anxiety (Pytel, et al., 2021).

    There is so much terpene for one to choose from in the cannabis plant. There is plenty of variety to experience when you plan to choose a terpene candle. Whether your preference is the woodsy or the floral scent, boosting the energy or relaxation feeling, there is always a terpene candle that is out there for you.

    How to Find the Terpene Candles  

    The availability of these candles depends on the preference and where they reside. There are plenty of great terpene candles that are found online. You can choose from the sites that sell terpene candles. They are very much available, especially if you want to get the ones with the aroma therapeutic effect without getting the scents of the terpenes.

    Benefits of Terpene Candles


    Buchbauer (1990) suggested that terpene candles are mostly known for their aromatherapy property. Anyone who has used the terpene candles can attest that it has always worked out for them. The terpene candles have even been adopted in various households because of the pleasant scent. It helps one to have a relaxed mind and body.

    Relieve Stress

    December suggested terpene candles play a vital role in relieving some people's stress, depression, and anxiety. It is one of the primary advantages of terpenes. Once the terpene candles are lit, you will notice the therapeutic effect. The aura in the surrounding is likely to change, and the feeling of depression, anxiety, and stress is likely blown away by the scent.

    Helps in the Sleeping Pattern and Reduces High Blood pressure

    According to Evans (2020), terpene candles are believed to regulate one's sleeping pattern. The scent it gives calms one's mind and makes one be relaxed and fall asleep easily. They also aid in making one lower their blood pressure. If your blood pressure has been high, you can always rely on terpene candles to relax and lower your high blood pressure.

    Relieving Pain and Anxiety

    The terpene candles are vital in relieving pain and anxiety (Woronuk et al., 2011). When one is depressed, they can use the terpene candles to calm their mind through the scent it gives out. This makes the body receptive to the fragrance, and one can enjoy the moment and take the stress away from them.

    Creates a Lovely Ambiance

    Most terpene candles help in creating a lovely ambiance in rooms. The scents emitted can make you rely on it for meditation and relaxation. Most times, the spas have made it a common feature during massage therapy because of the relaxing and calm moment that it gives their customers. During the massage, with the help of the terpene candles, one can have an out-the-world experience in a good way.


    Terpene candles have a lot of benefits to the human body. The candles help relax the mind and body by calming them down through the natural smell. They are also safe and natural, offering users no harm and side effects. Mostly it is believed that they can make a person high, but in the real sense, it does not. The terpene candles are great and mostly preferred by people who own spas. They are a common feature in massage parlors because of their calming effect and how they make one enjoy the moment they are in without any stress and anxiety. 


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