August 24, 2022 5 min read


There Is nothing more relaxing than a hot oil massage on your body. Hot oil massage can improve blood circulation in your body and boost the texture of your skin. However, it also helps eliminate any harmful toxins in your body by improving the functioning of your internal organs. Generally, hot oil massage does not only benefit when done by a massage specialist. One can self-massage themselves in the comfort of their house and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. Once the hot oil is in contact with our body it helps us to integrate body and mind keeping us at peace with the surrounding environment. The process also facilitates self-confidence and helps boost self-awareness. Here are some benefits of hot oil massage.

Delays Follicle Miniaturization

The more you age the more specific hormones block your hair follicles weaken and shrink them. Ak (2019) explained that frequent use of hot oil massage on your head can help unclog your follicles. This can delay the process of miniaturization and help regenerate the process of hair growth. Generally, it maintains your hair and makes it stronger. Hot oil massage also helps to thicken your hair pores which in return increases your hair density.

Boost Hair Growth

Massaging your scalp severally with warm oil stimulates blood circulation in your head.  This process will lead to a better distribution of nutrients to your hair follicles. Generally, it can help nourish your hair and strengthen the hair follicles. Also, it can lead to faster hair growth giving healthier and stronger hair within a short period.

Protects Body From Infections

According to Moore (2019), warm massaging oil help to protect the body from infections like bacteria on the skin. Some of this massaging oil contains lauric acid and capric acid which are anti-microbial agents. However, these agents can help treat bacterial and fungal infections in the body. Principally when you massage the body with a warm massaging oil it assists the skin in getting rid of harmful bacteria that bread on it. When used continuously it may temporally heal damaged skin and give a glowing natural skin.

Diminishes Stretch Marks

Warowna et al. (2019) explained that warm massaging oil help to diminish the appearance of stretch marks. The oil is absorbed into the skin quickly and is one of the best moisturizers. Warm massaging oil is gradually a rich source of antioxidants that help to fight harmful free radicals. They also nourish the skin going deeper and help in smoothening it. Warm massaging oil is one of the safest and most natural ways of treating stretch marks.  It's easy to use compared to other oils. All you need to do is to massage the affected area with warm massaging oil before going to bed and any other time that you fill conducive. Then let the oil go down into your skin and show the desired results after a short period, you will notice that stretch marks are fading away and will increase your confidence better.

Protects Skin from Drying and Cracking

Mohiuddin (2019) explained that warm massaging oil offers intense hydration to the skin. This protects the skin from drying and cracking. However, when applied it helps prevents the moisture from the skin to escape. It can also smoothen a hard skin and make it more comfortable. Most of these warm massaging oils have been made with special ingredients that help protect the skin from any damage.

Promotes A Healthy Skin

Most massaging oils contain vitamin E which is known to have many benefits to the skin. Generally, it helps in keeping the skin nourished and makes it smoother than before. It also tends to soften the skin and make it healthier. Using it continuously can be more beneficial to your skin and can protect your skin from any illness or damage. Kannan (2022) explained that applying warm massage oil to your face can help in brightening it and make you look more appealing.

Anti-Aging Properties

Aging makes the skin lose its elasticity become more fragile and show some signs like sagging and wrinkles on the face. Worm massaging oil has some anti-aging properties which help in boosting collagen production in the body. It also helps in the regeneration of cells in the skin and fixing the damaged cells. This is the safest and cheaper way of fighting the signs of aging and making the skin taut. It also helps to fix the wrinkles on the face and make your face brighter. Warm massage oil can help remove the dark spots on your face and under the eyes making your face clearer.

Relaxes Your Senses

Warm massaging oil can help to relax your senses after a long day at work. It can relax tight muscles accumulated by stress and hard work done. Some of these massaging oil has a sweet scent that can calm your senses and help your mind function faster than normal. It can also help to induce sleep and make your night more pleasant. After a good massage with warm massage oil, you feel more relieved at work and make increase your concentration on what you do.

Hair Growth

For better hair growth, you can massage your hair with warm oil. However, massaging the scalp with warm oil addresses the root of the hair. This helps in strengthening the hair and making it softer. Principally if the root is strong then automatically the hair growth will be decent. Better hair growth also reduces dandruff in your hair encouraging cleaner hair.


Warm oil massage helps to improve blood circulation in the body. This is a great way to make the blood move through the congested areas in the body. However, it also helps in slowing down aging and prevent the appearance of wrinkle and dark spots on the face. Massaging oil help to balance vata dosha for those who suffer from dryness and digestive issues. They are also helpful in supporting sleep making you relax and release tension in the nerves. It may also help with issues like insomnia and other chronic illness.


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