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Chapped and dry lips are distracting and very much uncomfortable. While most lip balms are designed to improve moisture on the lips, they only offer temporary relief without doing so much. CBD products have become a popular trend because of the benefits they have. Some benefits include; moisturizing the lips, protecting them against sun damage, and promoting healthy anti-inflammatory functions.

CBD extract infused in a lip balm works to moisturize dry, broken, and damaged lips. CBD has anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties that help soothe dry and chapped lips. The CBD oil present in the CBD lip balm assists in moisturizing the lips and prevent them from being flaky or dry. This is possible through the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. As an antioxidant, CBD helps the skin by stabilizing free radicals and protecting the lips from being exposed to the free radicals. It also helps in reducing redness and irritation to the area surrounding the lips. This can be helpful, especially if one has cold sores or inflamed lips due to the dehydrated epidermis.

Benefits Of CBD Lip Balm

Protect Against Sun Damage

The lips are covered by a very thin top layer called the epidermis. It is sometimes difficult to protect the lips against the sun's harmful rays. The lips are therefore at a very high risk of being affected by the adverse effect of sun exposure. They may get negative effects such as cracking, premature aging, color pigmentation, and drying. Evans (2020) suggested that the antioxidants in the CBD can assist in revitalizing the lips that have been affected by the adverse effects of sun exposure. CBD extract is combined with hemp oil that is rich in omega 6 and 3 and abundant nutrients such as Vitamin A, D, and E that are mostly known for their ability to repair and heal damaged lips. 

Promotes Healthy Inflammatory Functions

The most talked-about benefit of CBD is the ability to promote and enhance inflammatory functions. This is mostly the reason why most people use CBD to relieve pain. According to Joshee et al.  (2019), CBD lip balm helps heal and repair inflamed lips. Chapped and dry lips become red and swollen and may at times give a sensational burning. The healing properties of CBD help to soothe chapped and dry lips, sun-exposed lips, and cold sores and calm the uncomfortable pain that is brought about by the healthy inflammatory functions.

Deeply Moisturizes

Kadu et al.  (2015) reported that the lips differ from the other body parts. They lack the glands that secrete oil to moisturize the skin. This means that the moisturizing function is left to oneself. Certain factors are responsible for making the lips soft and moisturized. Some of these factors include; genetics, diet, and the amount of water one take daily. Sometimes you may feel like you are checking every box but still not getting the desired results. CBD lip balm can be of great help with such a case. CBD assists in locking in moisture and making the lips hydrated. It is made up of natural and organic ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax that help moisturize the lips.

Improves Appearance And Plumpness

Everyone wishes to have beautiful and healthy lips. Having plum lips has become a new beauty trend in modern society. According to Hua (2013), CBD helps make someone have plump and healthy lips, especially when you plan to enhance their natural beauty without getting costly cosmetic injections. CBD oil in the lip balm helps seal moisture into the lips to enhance and improve appearance and plumpness.

Antibacterial Properties

Cimino et al.  (2021) found that the body has unstable cells and free radicals that may damage the healthy cells found in the body. CBD infused in the lip balm acts as a stabilizing agent. The CBD lip balm benefits the lips by stabilizing and neutralizing the free radicals, thus helping protect the lips. This effect is only possible due to the natural antibacterial properties found in the CBD by supporting the lips against irritation, bacteria, and infections.

Can CBD Lip Balm Make You High?

CBD is believed not to have the psychoactive compound THC, which makes one high. However, there may be traces of them. The traces can not make one high. They cannot go into the bloodstream and won't affect anyone or cause mind-altering effects. CBD is also a non-psychotropic compound, making it unable to make one high.

How Does CBD Lip Balm Work?

The CBD compound is first harvested from hemp in the concentrated form and then added to the lip balm formula that is highly moisturized. It works with some moisturized ingredients such as hemp seed oil, shea butter, or coconut oil. These ingredients help lock in moisture and hydrate the skin by forming a protective barrier on the lips. CBD does not need to be ingested or inhaled to be effective. The cannabinoid receptors found on the top layer part of the lips, the epidermis, interact with the CBD from the lip balm, and its effect will be powerful. The interaction may be minimal, but the effects will be powerful. The effects will only be felt in the area that has been applied the lip balm only.  You are guaranteed to feel some comfort.


There is nothing great or admirable about flaky, chapped, and dry lips. They are a complete turn-off.  Thanks to the almost gone stigma that surrounds products made from cannabis, manufacturers decided to come up with more products made from CBD because of their benefits on the lips. Whether you are used to drying and chapped lips due to cold or the area you live in, or your genetics, you are in a position to benefit from the use of CBD lip balm. The normal lip balm is likely to add moisture, but you will have to return to the dry and chapped lips for a while. CBD lip balm has a lot of benefits for the lips. They help lock in moisture and make the lips smooth, soft, and supple.    


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