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  • August 19, 2022 5 min read

    What Is A CBD Massage Oil?

    CBD massage oil is important for recreational and therapeutic benefits. Read this article to know more about CBD, CBD massage oil, the types of CBD massage oil, and how to choose the best CBD massage oil.

    CBD was previously exclusively available as a smoked product. To feel the effects of CBD, you had to inhale it. The CBD industry has recognized that CBD can still be helpful when infused into products, given CBD's popularity. Currently, if you think of a form in which you'd like to consume CBD, the product is likely available in the market. CBD soaps, lotions, candles, oil, and more products are available, as explained by Evans (2020). CBD can also be found in massage oil. CBD massage oil may be used for recreation and therapeutic benefits. Read on to know more about CBD and CBD massage oil.

    What is CBD?

    Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a substance found in marijuana and hemp. The most common components of marijuana are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Hemp and marijuana are sometimes confused, but hemp lacks the euphoric qualities of THC, making it a better option than marijuana, which contains a higher amount of THC and is outlawed in some countries. CBD may be transported to almost any country on the globe. Grotenhermen & Russo (2002) issued the distinction between marijuana and hemp.

    What Is CBD Massage Oil?

    Massaging the skin involves kneading and rubbing the skin using the hands while gently applying some pressure. CBD massage oil is oil that has been infused with CBD and is used for massage so that the user may benefit from the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

    How Does CBD Massage Oil Work?
    CBD binds to receptors in the central nervous system involved in pain, memory, mood, and hunger regulation. When the massage oil is applied to the skin, the oils join the bloodstream, and the user experiences the benefits of using CBD massage oil.

    The Benefits Of Using CBD Massage Oil

    The benefits of CBD massage oil are related to the importance of CBD. The oil is a carrier, but the user has opted to use it because of the CBD.

    For Relaxation

    Passie et al. (2012) noted that CBD had been known to help the user relax from stress, depression, mood swings, and even panic attacks. The user will also benefit from the massage as it eases their muscles and relieves them.

    For The Management Of Pain And Inflammation

    CBD massage oil may be beneficial to the user as a painkiller or an anti-inflammatory because it stops the neurotransmitters from sending the pain and the inflammatory. CBD oil massage may be great alternative therapy for people suffering from chronic pain.

    For Sleeping Disorders

    The CBD massage oil may improve the user’s sleeping issues by eliminating the reasons that may cause the user not to sleep sufficiently. The reasons may include the stressors, the pains, and the inflammations.

    Types Of CBD Massage Oils

    You may think that massage oils are the same, but they are not the same, as explained by Brockway (2020).  Like every other CBD product, massage oils are placed in categories known as spectrums. The spectrum with the most cannabis components is the most effective. The users of the most effective CBD massage oil experience what is known as the “entourage effect, " meaning that the user benefits more from the group of components than they would from a spectrum with one chemical component only. The following are the main spectrums that a massage oil may belong to;

    Full-Spectrum Massage Oil

    The massage oil in the full spectrum is considered the most effective massage oil because it contains most of the cannabinoids and THC. The THC is, however, 0.3% or less. The full spectrum massage oil users experience the entourage effect because of the composition of several elements.

    The Broad Spectrum Massage Oil

    The massage oils in the broad spectrum are less effective than the massage oils in the full spectrum because they contain most of the chemical elements of cannabis but lack THC. The broad spectrum massage oil may lack THC, but it is still more effective than the massage oil in the CBD isolate spectrum.

    The CBD Isolate Massage Oil

    The CBD isolate massage oil is the purest CBD massage oil because it contains CBD only. The CBD isolate massage oil users won’t experience the entourage effect because the CBD massage oil lacks THC.

    How To Choose The Best CBD Massage Oil

    When you want to choose the best massage oil, below are the factors that you should consider;

    The Potency Of The CBD Massage Oil

    Potency means how strong a substance is for you. If you find two CBD massage oils and wonder which is more potent, then the CBD massage oil with the more CBD is, the more potent.


    The price of the massage oil can guide you on the best massage oil to buy. The prices of the CBD massage oils may not tell you how effective a CBD massage oil is because there are a variety of CBD massage oils in the market as the industries compete with each other while each of them is trying to outdo the others in pricing. However, like every other product, the lower the price, the less quality the product. The best massage oils tend to be pricier than the low-quality massage oils. But if you are sure about the massage oil you are purchasing, you may need to find other hints to be certain that it is the best massage oil.

    Consider The Manufacturer’ Reputation

    Some massage oil manufacturers have built a good reputation for themselves. When you find out the reputation of the manufacturer associated with CBD products, you may need to stick with them for all your CBD products because companies with a certain reputation seem to keep up with the reputation in all their products.

    The Reviews About The CBD Massage Oil

    The online shoppers of the CBD massage oil may need to read the reviews before purchasing the product online. Read the reviews to understand the challenges the users may have faced and the response they got from the company. The reviews will also give you some details about the product you want to buy. The reviews can guide you in buying the best CBD massage oil.


    CBD massage oils are a relief for people who may have wanted to use CBD, but the only available product was meant for inhalation, and therefore non-smokers were left out. When a user wants to relax, they may use any massage oil to avoid friction, but CBD massage is more beneficial because it ensures that the user can gain some medicinal values from the massage. The benefits of CBD massage oil go beyond a usual massage therapy as it may be used to help the user relax and manage physical pain and sleep disorders.


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