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  • August 20, 2022 5 min read


    CBD topical products have become popular due to their effectiveness. CBD offers a long-term natural solution to the skin. The hemp plant has various elements such as terpenes, flavonoids, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and cannabinol (CBD) which have various properties suitable for maintaining our general health and wellness.

     Some of the properties include anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial. The elements are also used in differentiating the types of CBD; full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate. There are various CBD topical products including hair and serum. But what is the difference between hair CBD and serum oil? Are they safe and legal for usage?

    Are CBD Topicals Legal?

    Hemp-based products were legalized in the USA by the 2018 Farm Bill. However, the Farm Bill gave mandates to the federal government to determine the legality of hemp-based products including hair and serum CBD. As a result, 15 states restricted the usage of CBD products within their regions. However, most states (35) legalized hemp-based products within their regions for both recreational and therapeutic use. Therefore, before traveling in any state with either CBD hair or serum oil, confirm the legality of hemp-based products within the state to be on the safe side of the law.

    Mead (2019) reported that CBD products were legalized by the 2018 Farm Bill because they are safe for usage. The hemp plant has various elements including THC, a psychoactive chemical compound. However, according to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD products were legalized because THC levels are below 0.3%, which is safer for consumption. The percentage is considered low and can’t trigger psychoactive effects like marijuana. Marijuana was not legalized by the 2018 Farm Bill because its THC levels exceed 2.5%.

    A Hair CBD

    Hair loss has become worrying to most people and everyone is looking for the most perfect solution to minimize hair loss. Although CBD seems to be among the top solution for reducing hair loss, it is not a fix-all. How is CBD helpful for hair loss? According to Dinh& Sinclair (2007), the main cause of hair loss is stress, poor sleeping patterns, and poor diet. According to Matran et al. (2009), CBD oil is believed to have Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 fatty acids suitable for improving hair growth. Adding CBD Oil Drops to your hair routine provides a natural solution and keeps the scalp and hair follicles moisturized. According to Booz George (2011),CBD oil is a suitable source of antioxidants convenient for free-hair loss radicals from the environment, keeping it healthy and strong.

    How To Use CBD Oil For Hair Loss

    There are various ways of taking CBD for hair loss including capsules, vapes, honey sticks, and various topicals such as conditioners and shampoos. Although there are various products, topical CBD is the best solution. Adding hemp seed oil must come in handy with CBD Oil Drops if you are looking for the most perfect solution. Hemp seed oil offers extra Omega fatty acids suitable for hair growth alongside proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Before applying CBD for hair growth, clean the hair thoroughly and allow it to dry. Removing other oils by washing your scalp removes the oil that hinders the penetration of CBD in the pores for perfect results. Notably, CBD topicals for hair are only suitable for scalp application.

    CBD Serum

    Unlike CBD for hair, the serum is designed for facial use only. Their role is to keep the skin moisturized and give it a better look that creates confidence and comfort. Skin issues are disturbing to most people and nearly everyone facing them is looking for the perfect solution that is also long-lasting. CBD has been noted to be suitable for improving the health of our skin, but it requires proper use for maximum effectiveness.

    How to Use CBD Serum

    CBD serum products are only effective for daily makeup if used appropriately. They are suitable for improving the skin’s appearance and keeping it healthy. Here is how to maximize the use of CBD serum to get the perfect results;

    Wash Your Hands and Face

    Before applying CBD serum, clean your hands thoroughly and dry them to avoid contamination by bacteria. Besides, cleaning your face is also important to remove other oils that might interfere with the penetration of CBD serum oil in your skin for maximum effectiveness. Allow the skin to dry properly before applying CBD serum. Repeat this every time you want to use CBD oil.

    Apply CBD serum to every part of the face using your fingertips. Apply some patches of CBD serum on the nose, forehead, and chin. Rub it using upwards motion around the face for maximum effect. However, this is only effective if the CBD serum oil is denser. On the contrary, if CBD Oil Drops serum is denser, place it in your hands and cover it for about 60 seconds to make it less dense for effective use. This improves the rate of absorption.

    How do I Determine the Best CBD Oil Serum For Hair?

    CBD oil for hair growth and serum can only be effective if it's of high quality. The most important thing to help you determine the best CBD oil for either use is the lab results. The COAs report helps you determine the potency and purity levels of CBD oil. Notably, avoid CBD Tincture that doesn’t have lab results. Confirming the potency levels will help you avoid overdosing unknowingly. Besides, CBD Tincture will only be effective if it is of high quality and void of contaminants. CBD Oil Tincture is likely to be contaminated during processing and extraction. The most effective way of extracting CBD is CO2. It minimizes contamination of the environment and end products. Confirm that CBD Oil Tincture is void of heavy metals and chemical solvents that might interfere with the effectiveness of CBD.


    Although CBD oil is noted to have various topical benefits, they are yet to be approved by the FDA. However, the existing research on the impact of CBD on our hair and skin has shown promising outcomes that need to be factored in. Currently, the only approved health benefit of CBD is for treating epilepsy. CBD oil for hair and serum can only be effective if used appropriately and if they are of good quality. Sublingual CBD Oil Drops for hair should only be applied on the scalp and serum on the face. However, before applying, wash your skin or scalp properly and allow it to dry before applying either of the products for maximum effect. This allows the opening of the pores by removing other oils that might have covered them, giving way for proper penetration of Sublingual CBD Oil Drops.


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