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CBD is gaining popularity due to its suggested health benefits. CBD is a useful element of the hemp plant that has been associated with various health benefits. CBD works alongside other elements such as terpenes, flavonoids, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) having different properties suitable for improving our health benefits.

Chemical compounds such as terpenes and flavonoids have antifungal and antibacterial properties tied to protect our health. Although THC is a psychoactive element, it has unique properties such as anti-inflammatory properties slinked to various benefits. One of the latest health benefits of CBD is for addressing eye problems. CBD has been infused in various eye products including creams and serums. However, the benefits are yet to be approved by the FDA, even though clinical attempts are showing promising results.

What is CBD

CBD is a chemical compound obtained from the hemp plant and cannabis sativa. It was legalized by the 2018 Farm Bill in the USA.  Raucci et al. (2020) suggested that after multiple clinical trials showed promising results including in treating epilepsy, it was approved by the FDA. There are various types of CBD, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. CBD products were legalized in most parts of the USA. The 2018 Farm Bill gave federal governments mandates to determine the legality of hemp-based products. As a result, 15 states restricted CBD products for both recreational and therapeutic use. However, 35 states have legalized CBD products.

Are CBD Eye Creams and Serums Safe?

Hemp-based products were considered safe for usage by the 2018 farm bill because their THC levels are below 0.3% more than marijuana. The safety of CBD eye cream and serum depends on the users and manufacturers. The manufacturers play a key role in applying the most appropriate methods of manufacturing to ensure they come up with safe and quality products that won't harm users. They are to assess the potency and purity levels to ensure CBD eye products are safe for consumption. Some brands have centralized labs for quality checks at every manufacturing stage. Most of the health benefits of CBD including eye treatment are yet to be approved by the FDA, they have no static dose. Therefore, it is the user's responsibility to use eye CBD creams and serums appropriately avoiding the possible side effects resulting from overdosing.

What is a CBD Eye Serum?

There are various CBD serums including for skin use which shouldn’t be confused with ones for the eyes because of various active ingredients suitable for each effectiveness. However, similar to eye serum, an eye CBD serum contains highly concentrated active ingredients for addressing specific concerns of the eye. It is designed with a unique texture and formula suitable for its usage. It is applied under the eye area. CBD eye serums are manufactured alongside other active ingredients to improve their performance because CBD only cannot address various eye issues perfectly and it is yet to be approved for any eye usage. CBD eye serum provides a suitable environment for hydration.

For appropriate use of CBD eye serum, dip the applicator in the serum and smooth it around the eyelid, temple, and eye. Repeat it three times, massaging the contours for self-care. Notably, if there is more serum leftover around the applied areas, use the applicator to remove it. However, you can use your finger to tap it on the skin for maximum use. Conduct the same procedure for the other eye every time you use depending on the daily routine as prescribed.

Why Should you use CBD Eye Serums?

Various reasons will interest you and make you land on CBD eye serum more than other products. Most CBD eye serums are clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and with hemp-based CBD. According to Thapa Dinesh et al. (2018), CBD anti-inflammatory properties work best for minimizing inflammation and maintaining hydration, which is the key cause of skin and eye problems. According to the research above, CBD reduces the dark circles around the eyes and enhances a tighter appearance of the skin giving your eyes a youthful look. The bugs under the eyes caused by inflammation give the eyes a tired and puffy look that you wouldn’t wish for.

Wang Ce et al. (2022) suggested that CBD has antioxidant properties. These properties might help promote the health of your eyes by also giving them a better appearance. The antioxidant properties minimize the wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. CBD serum or cream can apply for this benefit since it is a more natural and simpler solution.

CBD Eye Cream vs. serum

You might have encountered the word CBD serum and cream and maybe wondered which one will work best? Notably, CBD eye serums are more potent for eye treatment than the traditional comparison because they have a fluid that eases their absorption in the skin compared to the cream. The impact of CBD is delivered more rapidly even with low concentration because they are absorbed rapidly around the cells of the eyes.

Nel et al. (2021) reported that CBD eye creams are denser and some have low potency levels of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and niacinamide along with others. However, they are perfect for providing hydration because of their density, making them a perfect solution for the dark lines around the eyes. Their low rate of absorption provides a prolonged solution and is more targeted since the slow absorption gets to the root problem of the eyes.


CBD eye products should be used carefully like any eye product to avoid the possible side effects. They are also manufactured in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate to fulfill the different desires of CBD users. If you wish to benefit from other elements of the hemp plant such as terpenes and flavonoids, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD eye serum and cream would work. Alternatively, if you are only interested in the health benefits of CBD, isolate will work best. Notably, the eye benefits of CBD are yet to be approved by the FDA. However, multiple pieces of research show promising results in their trials. The quality of CBD serums and creams depends on their effectiveness. Confirm their potency and purity levels to ensure they are safe for usage. They should also be used responsibly to avoid the possible side effects. CBD eye serum delivers a rapid effect because they are less dense. However, their impact lasts shorter. CBD eye cream impact lasts longer because of its high density, slowing down absorption. However, the impact lasts longer.


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