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  • August 23, 2022 5 min read


    CBD candles are infused with CBD oil so that individuals may inhale their benefits. Read this article to know what CBD candles are, the benefits of CBD candles, and how to make a CBD candle.

    CBD (cannabidiol) candles are products of the cannabis sativa plant, also known as hemp or cannabis. The difference between hemp and marijuana is in the percentage of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which determines how psychoactive a substance will be; thus, marijuana has more THC than hemp. CBD is present in many things, but as a candle, it takes us back to the original use, inhalation, although in a different form. CBD candles are popular for their healing properties. To learn more about CBD candles, read on;

    What Are CBD Candles?

    Candles were originally meant for lighting, but industries have found more uses for candles, and CBD candles are one example of a different type of candle with time. Wallace et al. (2021) explained that inhaling CBD may seem like inhaling cannabis, but a CBD candle is not meant to be an alternative to smoking cannabis. The CBD candle is like an ordinary candle, except the CBD candle comes laced with CBD oil. CBD oil is extracted from the stalks, flowers, and leaves of cannabis. Still, it does not cause intoxication because it undergoes processes such as distillation and diluting. It is added to a wax mixture, and thus a CBD candle is created. GABARDO et al. (2017) explained that going through the distillation and diluting makes CBD candles perfect for aromatherapy.

    Benefits Of CBD Candles

    Below are some of the benefits of CBD candles;

    Younger (2019) explained that CBD's main ingredient in CDB candles relieves anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression.

    For The Aroma

    You may think that the CBD candle has the scent of marijuana. The CBD candles come in different aromas, including cannabidiol itself. They may be masked with the scent you like, as individuals can purchase a CBD candle in the scent that appeals the most to them. They may use the candle scent to mask a smell they do not like. The CBD scent may be very sweet, depending on one preference. When choosing the CBD scent, you should be careful as you would be when choosing the scent of a perfume or the cream you like.

    For Health Benefits

    The CBD candles are perfect for relaxation as CBD is an anti-anxiety, and it may come in handy when you are anxious or stressed. The candles will also help enhance your mood. When you inhale the CBD candle scent, your body will relax, and you may calm down as the scent can uplift your spirits.Ismail et al. (2018) explained that CBD candles are also good for reducing inflammation and pain management. The CBD controls and reduces the enzyme that deals with pain and can reduce discomfort. One can use CBD candles for aromatherapy, and there are CBD candles that also be used for a massage when they melt. When the candles melt and are used on the skin, it nourishes the skin because it absorbs the CBD, healing and nourishing properties. Gonzales (2021) explained that CBD candles could lower your blood pressure and improve your sleeping pattern. Women suffering from inflammation and menstrual cramps may feel better from inhaling CBD. You can get all the health benefits from CBD without ‘getting high ‘because CBD does not have psychoactive properties.

    How To Make A CBD Candle

    An individual needs;

    • Wax
    • Wick
    • Some CBD oils
    • 2 Steel containers
    • Thermometer
    • Pencils of chopsticks

    How to make the CBD candle

    Follow these steps keenly to make your perfect CBD candle;

    Step 1

    Measure the wax

    You first need to make sure that your working area is clean. You may protect the area with paper towels or a newspaper. Measure the wax you need for your candle. Fill the stainless container with the wax, then double it.

    Step 2

    Melt the wax

    Place the container on some source of fire while stirring it for 10-15 minutes until it melts completely.

    Step 3

    Add the CBD oil

    You will add CBD oil when the wax is in the molten state. Keep stirring as you pour the CBD oil so the contents may mix evenly. Pour as much CBD oil as you would like your candle to have.

    Step 4

    Attach the wick to the other container

    You have two containers. One is narrow, and the other is wide. The wider container has molten wax, and the narrower container does not have anything. Place the wick into the narrower container, and you can attach it at the bottom with super glue to stay put.

    Step 5

    Pour the molten wax into the narrower container.

    You will hold the wick while pouring the molten wax into the container. Do not pull the wick. Molten wax should be no more than 140 degrees. Use your thermometer to check. Make sure that the wick stays in place with chopsticks or pencils on the container, and the wick rests between them, probably stuck on them with superglue. The wick should stay so that it may dry with the wax.

    Step 6

    Add more wax

    When the wax has hardened, add more wax to it to seal any hole or crack. Then you will let it harden.

    Step 7

    Cut the wick

    Cut the wick from the pencils or chopsticks, and it should not be shorter than half an inch long. Your candle is now ready for use.


    CBD candles come infused with products that are beneficial to our health. The health problems that CBD oil is known to cure range from reducing seizures to treating insomnia and chronic pain. No wonder someone thought of adding CBD oil to a candle so that individuals can inhale the benefits as it lights. CBD candles can cause relaxation and reduce anxiety. The candles are also versatile in that they can be used for lighting, as a source of fragrance, and for massage. Individuals can infuse CBD candles with the scent they like to enjoy all its benefits while enjoying the fragrance.


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