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  • August 29, 2022 5 min read

    What Is the Reason Behind Massaging With Oil? What Type Of Oil Is Used Preferably? 

    Massage is used in spas and hospitals for therapeutic reasons. Not any oil can be used for massage; there are specific oils that can offer the job best.

    Having a massage is essential since it keeps your body calm and relaxed. Massage oil is soft, smooth, and light to glide on the skin to prevent friction during massaging. There are many massage oils on the market. Due to differences in choice and preference, people use different ones. One’s choice can also be based on the ingredients used in manufacturing the oil. Massage oils can have ingredients that a user can be allergic to. Therefore, choosing a massage oil that best suits your preference is essential. Herein is why you massage your body with oil and the preferred type of oil.

     Why you Should Massage

     Massaging enables the body and mind to relax. Massage oils should be used to prevent friction and make the oil glide on the skin. There are many reasons you should have a massage and include it routine so that you can connect with the body. While people are busy fixing their life due to tight schedules and limited time, they lose their self-connection.

     Massage has been increasingly offered along with standard treatment for treatments of different medical conditions. Massage has the following benefits;

     Improves Blood Circulation

     Good blood circulation helps nourish some important body organs and make them healthy. Massage also relieves body areas that were contested over time. According to Castro-Sánchez et al. (2011), a body massage improves blood circulation, which is essential for a healthy life. Massage can give you this by increasing alertness and energy.

     It Helps Lower The Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

     When your cortisol level is reduced, it regulates the blood pressure and thus reduces the heart rate, reducing blood pressure-related conditions. According to Supa’at et al. (2013),  a regular body massage can help reduce your blood pressure by limiting systolic and diastolic pressure, which are the top and bottom numbers on your blood pressure reading. Reduced blood pressure limits the chances of heart disease like stroke, heart attack, and kidney problems.

    Massage Can Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety and Increases Relaxation

    According to Samuel et al.(2021), massaging can enhance the relaxation of the body and mind. When you are stressed, all the body parts get affected because the mind will release an unhealthy amount of cortisol. This might result in low focus, moods, easy irritation, or weight gain. Studies show that body massage alleviates the side effects of stress, enhancing mental and bodily wellbeing.

     Massage Can Help to Reduce Anxiety and Improve General Mood

     Massage helps bring the mind back to the present and live the moment. Regular massage reduces the symptoms of anxiety and low mood and thus limits the chances of having depression. It can also help by increasing dopamine reducing anxiety attacks and distress.

     Helps to Reduce Muscle Pain, Tension, and Soreness

     You can increase your flexibility by having a regular massage. A massage is also good for people with chronic pain like arthritis. According to Gasibat & Suwehli (2017), massage relaxes the muscles, increases flexibility and general body posture, and reduces muscle tension and soreness. It also helps the circulation of nutrients around the body and makes injuries recover faster by increasing dopamine.

    There are other benefits associated with massage found by research, including; fighting insomnia caused by stress, reducing headaches, nerve pain, upper back pains, and some sports injuries. Apart from the health benefits and medical conditions, some people love massage since it brings comfort and connection.

     What to Expect During a Massage?        

    Before starting the massage session, your therapists will ask you if you have any symptoms, medical history, and why you are in for the massage. The therapists will explain the technique and type of massage used. During the session, you should be comfortable; if you are free to undress, it will be a choice or do so to the point you feel comfortable. There are times you can have a massage while having some tight clothes on.

    The massage therapists would evaluate some painful areas to know the amount of pressure to use. It is good to let your therapists know some of the ingredients you are allergic to for it to be easy to choose the massage oil.

    Depending on the type of massage you will be having, the massage will range from 10 to 90 minutes.

    How to Find a Massage Therapist

    You might consider being referred to a therapist. You can ask someone where to find a qualified and licensed one or your doctor. Feel free to ask the potential therapist questions before the massage. You can ask if they are certified and licensed, the number of sessions you will need, the cost, and if it can be covered by health insurance.

    Risks of Massage

    Massage can benefit most people; however, some people have conditions that limit their form of experiencing a massage. These conditions include; having deep vein thrombosis, fractures, severe thrombocytopenia, burns and wounds (fresh and healing), and people with bleeding disorders or on blood-thinning medications. Have an extensive discussion with your doctor in case you have these conditions and get the pros and cons of massage. Similarly, if you have unexplained pain, cancer, or are pregnant, consider consulting your doctor. 

    Some massages can leave you feeling slightly sore but should not be unbearable, and it should not take long before the end after a short time.

     Cons of Having a Massage

     It is Costly

    Although massage can be offered in available local places, the cost might limit you from getting the quality massage you need. Getting certified and qualified therapists can be expensive.

    Can Take Time

    Massage ranges from 10 to 90 minutes. This can interfere with your schedule.


    A massage is not limited to a specific kind of people unless you have medical conditions; however, everyone can walk into a spa or locally available massage parlor and get a regular massage. You can have the best experience in the comfort of your home by getting an electronic foot massager or chair. For your general wellbeing and health having a regular massage can be something to consider. There are many types of massage, such as deep tissue massage, trigger point, sports massage, reflexology, and prenatal massage. Get yourself a massage and get to enjoy a relaxed body and mind.


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