August 27, 2022 4 min read

What Makes a Good CBD Vaporizer?                  

CBD Vaporizers are electrical gadgets that work by heating the contents like CBD flowers, raw hemp flowers, and cannabis wax, placed in the ceramic chamber. These cannabidiol products are heated to produce inhaled steam to cause a pleasure and relaxation effect. A Vaporizer is a healthy way to consume CBD as it produces pure vapor free from contaminants and smoke. In this article, you will learn the factors that make a good CBD Vaporizer, like Potency, Third-party Testing, Hemp source, Ingredients, and the Company’s Reputation.


According to Hill,  Le et al. (2020), Potency refers to how strong a CBD is. The strength depends on how many mg there is in an ml bottle. Most manufacturing companies often sell the tinctures using 300mg,600mg, and 1000mg. However, there are other quantities like 2000 and 4000mg. The CBD potencies can come in 15ml,30ml,50ml,60ml, or even more. A CBD extract containing 400mg will be half as strong as the same amount of CBD extracted containing 800mg. However, the potency will increase if you have a smaller bottle; if you have a 20ml bottle containing 400mg CBD, the potent will be twice as in a bottle of 40ml containing 400mg. So the strength or potency of CBD is calculated by dividing the amount of CBD in mg by the size of the bottle in ml. (CBD amount in mg) divided by (size of bottle in ml) =strength in mg/ml.

If the potency is below 5mg/ml, it is termed low strength.

If the potency is between 15-30 mg/ml, the CBD is termed to have medium strength.

If the potency is between 30-60 mg/ml, the CBD is termed to have high strength.

By calculating the amount of CBD in mg per ml, you will know the potency of the CBD.

Third-Party Testing

Another factor to Consider is Third-party Testing. CBD-based manufacturing companies opt for a Third-Party on their raw CBD   and finished CBD-based products. The lab needs to be ISO compliant lab. It means that the tests are final and guarantee quality CBD products. The raw CBD is tested for potency and to ensure it has no microbial, heavy metals, and solvents. The finished CBD-based products are tested for cannabidiols and potency. Once a company passes the third-party testing, it is given the ISO-compliant certificate to show that its products are approved to be let out in the market. If you want to buy a vaporizer, check whether the brand you want is from a third-party testing company. Check also if it has a certificate of analysis online.

Hemp source and Processing

Hazekamp  (2018) states that a  good vaporizer has a good source of hemp. A manufacturing company has to give details about the source of hemp they use to produce CBD-based products, from where it is grown, harvested, and processed into the vaporizer. The hemp is extracted from the cannabis plant using Carbon Dioxide (CO2) with liquid chromatography to eliminate THC. Hemp that is grown organically is known to give good CBD-based products. You can review and search if the company has a CGMPs certificate. CGMPs in full are Current Good Manufacturing Practices. It is a body that sets guidelines and rules to be followed by manufacturing companies to make quality products. If the vaporizer does not have details about the source of hemp used in producing it, then it is not really what you can go for.


You can find the ingredients listed in the product description or photo. You should also check the CBD used, as some may indicate the amount of CBD contained without indicating the CBD. A list of ingredients lets you know what you are dealing with, what your body can take in, and what harm. Research the ingredients used before deciding what vaporizer you want to try out.

Company’s Reputation

A manufacturing company's reputation is very important in selling its products. If you want to buy a vaporizer, research the company’s reputation. A company is said to have a good reputation if it has not received any warning letter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Food and Drug Administration is a body that sets standards on the quality of manufactured products before being let out on the market. A good reputation is gained over a long period of good quality products.  Do your research well before settling for the vaporizer you want.

Product Range and Pricing

A good CBD product should have a variety for you to choose from.  Wolf, Poklis et al. (2016) state that a quality vaporizer also comes in different ranges and flavors to find what suits you best. The price should be friendly and affordable. In choosing a good vaporizer, look for one that is relatively affordable to buy but of high quality, to get value for your money.


As the article shows, if you want the best out of your vaporizer, there are factors you need to put in place.  There are many sellers of vaporizers, and if you are not careful, you will likely end up with a poor-quality product. Make sure to search on the quality, ingredients, product range and pricing, hemp source, and processing involved in the processing of the vaporizer. It is important that you also search on the company’s reputation and if it carries out third-party testing. You can be guaranteed to buy a good quality vaporizer. With all these, If you want to use it for the first time, start it small, then gradually increase it to an optimal point that your body is comfortable with.


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