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  • August 27, 2022 5 min read

    What Makes the Best CBD Vape Juice?

    The health benefits arising with CBD are many, especially for CBD vape juice. Even when you don’t have health issues, vaping CBD may still be helpful. The product is non-psychoactive, so it cannot get you high. Blessing et al. (2015) can help ease your body and mind from general anxiety and stress. One important that causes some confusion is the right CBD product to vape. CBD vape juice is specifically designed for vaping and is miscible in water, unlike CBD oil that tinctures. CBD vape liquids are also used as tinctures, but one cannot use CBD oil to vape.

    CBD Vape Oil

    CBD vape oil is a general term that refers to any vape juice with CBD instead of nicotine. It is a misnomer considering that it does not contain any oil. Some CBD vape additives can mix with your existing flavors, and others are pre-mixed flavors. CBD occurs naturally on cannabis and Hemp plants and has proven to provide relief for a wide range of symptoms. CBD e-liquid is specifically formulated for vaping. The ingredients include VG, CBD, PG, and edible flavorings and can be taken orally.

    Can CBD Vape Oil Get Me High?

    Many CBD vape juice is formulated with CBD isolate that contains non-detectable levels of THC. They rarely contain any other cannabinoids apart from CBD itself. Some CBD vapes, like the full-spectrum CBD oil cartridges, are derived from raw hemp and usually contain small amounts of THC. CBD vapes containing 0.3%, which is the legal limit of THC, are considered non-psychoactive, so they cannot get you high. Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum vapes can offer additional benefits beyond cannabidiol for users okay with THC. They should not be confused with THC oil vapes that don't have THC, which can get high.

    How to Find the Best CBD e-liquid

    CBD e-liquids are becoming popular and appearing everywhere these days. You may have seen it sold at your local vape shop. It becomes challenging to know the legit. You can also take CBD vape juice sublingually. Put a few drops under the tongue and allow it to absorb for 30 seconds. There are many other ways of taking CBD, including CBD capsules and CBD pain creams.

    The Main Ingredients in CBD Vape Juice

    CBD vape juice contains three major components. One is the vegetable glycerin, a transparent and thick liquid with a mildly sweet flavor obtained from plants. It is the substance responsible for generating large clouds of smoke once you inhale it.

    Propylene glycol is another clear but not nearly as thick and non-toxic. It is produced artificially and is non-harmful. However, it does not add taste but helps enhance the other flavors or terpenes in the mix.

    Lastly, CBD is included in the mix, and it can be a CBD isolate. A broad-spectrum blend or a full combination will always double-check the ingredients of the vape oils to ensure they are clean and you know how much mg of CBD you will get.

    The Benefits of CBD Vape Juice

    The major advantage of CBD e-liquid is that it has the highest bioavailability among all its ways. Teitelbaum (2019) noted that the main benefit of using CBD and why people vape CBD is for anxiety and pain relief. It has also shown the potential to help in symptoms associated with Nausea, Insomnia, Seizures, Acne, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Neurodegenerative conditions, and Alzheimer’s.

    CBD vapes are a highly effective way of using cannabidiol, and it is legal as long as it contains less than 0.3 % THC. But a medical prescription is still required in some jurisdictions,

    Ways of Choosing the best CBD Vape Oils.

    Here are some of the factors to consider when selecting the ranking of the brand selection.

    Hemp Source

    It is one of the most important parts of the CBD manufacturing process. Top companies that produce the best CBD vape oils use locally sourced hemp.

    Extraction Process

    There are three types of extracting CBD products. The stems and leaves are crushed to remove the residue mixture in the first step. The solvent extraction process involves taking the hemp plant through a mixture, mostly ethanol, then boiling the solvent to leave the oil residue. The last common method is known as supercritical CO2 extraction. This process is usually the gold standard for CBD production.

    Manufacturing Standards

    Some third-party organizations vet companies based on manufacturing standards and the quality of their products. Such agencies test company products to ensure they are produced properly and contain what they are advertised. So, they only select the products and companies that have readily accessible third-party lab reports that ascertain the quality of ingredients and production. Companies that do not provide this information for the users are automatically excluded from the consideration.


    Potency refers to the overall strength of the mixture and is usually measured in milligrams per liter. In most cases, the product lists the potency on the label and the volume and quantity of the product. Potency is important because it shows the recommended dose that you should take.

    Brand Transparency

    It is very important to work with transparent companies about their CBD products, Supply chain, and production methods. So, make sure that you choose products for companies with reliable and transparent practices, company policies/information, and product labeling.

    Customer Review and Testimonials

    Customer reviews and testimonials encompass many things than the quality of the product. They also discuss how to interact with the company and the overall company experience. They also give insights into specific issues that the general product description may not give and a good indication of the public reputation.


    Always ensure that you take time and research any CBD product you purchase. It is more important, particularly to the CBD vape oils and vape pens. You can also use other CBD options like oil tinctures, capsules, gummies, and some water-soluble mixes to enjoy the real benefits of CBD.


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