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  • August 24, 2022 5 min read


    Body oil and CBD massage oil are unique in many ways but they also have many differences. However, the leading difference when comparing both of them is that CBD massage oil is known to be lighter and smoother while performing a massage.

    On the other hand, body oil is a little bit thicker and contains richer carrier oil that enhances its benefits more. Massage oil and body oil are a mixture of carrier oil and also essential oils. CBD massage oil is used during the massage and it contains essential oils which are beneficial for the skin and body in general. Body oil is known to be light, and nourishing, and also acts as a protective moisturizer that is absorbed inside the skin quickly. This blog will guide the user on the difference between body oil and CBD massage oil.

    What is CBD Massage Oil?

    CBD massage oil is a form of oil used during a massage. It’s made up of both base oils and essential oils which help in benefiting the skin better. Julia (2022) explained that it contains CBD which has been known for its relaxing abilities and promoting healthy skin during massage. A massage can be very disturbing and uncomfortable when a good massage oil is not used. By this, CBD massage oil has been made to make massage more comfortable and more relaxing for the body. Different kinds of CBD massage oil can be utilized for different forms of massage.

    According to Moore (2019), the major use of CBD massage oil is skin lubrication during a massage and reduces excess friction during massage. This provides an easier way to work through the skin surface and helps to make work easier for the massage therapist. Additionally, CBD massage oil should be a little bit denser compared with other oils to easily glide along the skin. It should also contain low viscosity to help reduce the friction and help it to move softly on the skin.

    CBD massage oil contains no THC which is the substance responsible for causing highness in people. Furthermore, CBD massage oil should be taken into the skin in a reasonable amount and given time for it to take effect. It should be absorbed in the skin too quickly because you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits. As Soleymanpour et al. (2021) explained, the idea concerning massage was made to be helpful to people battling stress or body pains. Hurd et al. (2019) argued that it has also been known to help reduce anxiety levels. Some CBD massage oil has been infused with ingredients with a sweet scent that be used alongside aroma therapy. CBD massage oil is able to promote the consumer’s overall health and improve one’s general well-being.

    What is Body Oil?

    This is an oil made to be applied to the body to protect the skin from damage or excess sunlight during the day. However, it has a lightweight and shielding moisturizer that quickly soaks up inside the skin. It also can nourish the skin and make it shinier. Generally, body oil is not mixed with both essential oils and water. It’s only made with pure oil and involves richly packed carrier oils that are beneficial to the skin and diffuse quickly inside the skin.

    Body oil soaks into the layers found on the upper part of the skin at a quick rate and increases the general skin’s quality. White-Chu et al. (2011) argued that body oil can be helpful to people with dry skin by moisturizing it and making it brighter. Body oil can keep the skin supple and silky making it look more vibrant. It’s also made with natural ingredients making it useful when you are in need of light massages. It’s simple to use because it does not need the help of a trained professional. It’s also not used for deep massages and might not work in the same way as massaging oil but it can slide more smoothly during your massages.

    Body oil is known to be an occlusive agent meaning that it can create a hydrophobic barrier between the skin organs to help keep moisture for long-lasting hydration. It also helps to prevent transdermal moisture loss and regulate the temperature of the skin depending on the environment. Body oil gives off a fantastic sun glow that can make your legs look nice and shiny. Some of these body oils have some added benefits including sun protection, ingrown hair prevention, and the ability to heal the skin.

    Difference between CBD Massage Oil and Body Oil

    CBD massage oil is infused with CBD and other essential oils. It’s mainly used during a massage. However, body oil is a thin, protective moisturizer that quickly soaks into the skin. Here are some of their differences.


    As noted earlier, the main function of CBD massage oil is to oil the skin and reduce friction that may occur during the massage. However, the main function of body oil is to hydrate the skin and make it look more vibrant.


    CBD massage oil takes time to be soaked into the skin so that the skin will be able to benefit from the CBD. However, body oil is absorbed into the skin faster and promotes healthy skin.


    CBD massage oil contains essential oils that can be beneficial to the body and the skin in general. Generally, body oil has richer carrier oils that can be able to protect the skin from damage.


    CBD massage oils are known to possess a lower viscosity to the body making it easy to massage. Body oil is known to have higher viscosity to the skin making it impossible to be used as massage.

    The Bottom Line

    CBD massage oil and body oils are known to have many benefits to the body but they are both different in many ways. CBD massage oil is lighter and it helps slide more smoothly during the massage. On the other hand, body oil contains richer oils that can promote good skin health. The principal function of these oils is to oil the skin and help reduce any friction that may take place during the massage. However, they can both be used to hydrate the skin and act as a lubricant. As we conclude we learn that CBD massage oil and body oil have a couple of differences but they almost have the same benefits to the skin. 


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